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Greg Edwards Cruises and C.E. Falk Battles Late to Split Wins

HAMPTON, VA – Nineteen NWAAS Late Models came out to Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway for twin 66 lap races. Jeff Shiflett and C.E. Falk both made their first trips of the season to the 4/10th-mile track and late model rookie Cody Carlton made his debut after grabbing a legends win last weekend.

A handful of drivers showed some quick times during practice through the afternoon, but four-time champion Falk was the only one to dip down into the fifteen-second bracket once qualifying rolled around running a 15.958. Points leader Greg Edwards was less than a tenth off his pace to sit on the outside.

Falk jumped out to the lead early but it didn’t take long for Edwards to get to his bumper and slide by on the inside and Nick Smith followed along. Falk continued falling back as Connor Hall got around him and started applying pressure to Smith getting around him on lap-23. Halfway through it was still Edwards out front then Hall, Smith, Falk, and Matt Waltz. A few laps later Waltz was able to get by Falk after being blocked earlier by a slower car. Without a caution in the first race Waltz could only get up to second place and Greg cruised to another win early on in the season. Further on back his brother Danny finished eighth which put him on the pole for the second race with NASCAR’s new mandatory eight car minimum invert.

Danny led the first five laps until a caution came out for Maddy Ryan spinning out, Terry Carroll had some cosmetic damage from the incident. On the restart, Falk took the outside and made it work after going side by side for a lap before taking the lead. A lap after taking the lead a big wreck happened in turn four with Thomas Marks receiving the most damage and ending his night early. Just three laps later another caution for a wreck involving Greg Edwards, Nick Smith, and Casey Wyatt. Edwards radiator busted open and his night would end and Nick Smith was able to continue with heavy damage on his right side.

A few laps were run at full speed with Falk stretching his lead a little until Carlton went around. On the ensuing restart, Justin T Carroll made it three wide and made contact with Hall putting them both to the rear of the field. After that restart Waltz was able to put some pressure on Falk while Hall quickly moved through the field getting up to sixth place. When the leaders got into lapped traffic Falk was able to get through clean while Waltz was slowed down by Maddy, eventually nudging the rear bumper to hard and making another caution on the track.

Getting towards the end of the race things were getting a bit crazy, with second through fourth going three-wide a couple times all for one position. But this was slowed down by a caution brought out by Casey Wyatt. After having a rough start to the year Mark Wertz worked his way into second after the restart but Falk was able to jump out to a decent lead. But the cautions were not done yet as Dean Shiflett lost control of his car after some contact with the 10 car setting up a late race restart. Wertz took the outside and was able to lead a lap but Falk was able to clear him and get his 50th career win at Langley Speedway.


C.E. Falk in Dale Lemonds Victory Lane

After the race, there was some confusion by the 10 team and heavy contact was made with the driver of the 03, destroying the body of the left side of his car. Thankfully both drivers were not injured as it was a pretty hard hit.

Late Model Results – Race 1

  1. Greg Edwards
  2. Matt Waltz
  3. Connor Hall
  4. Nick Smith
  5. Justin T Carroll
  6. C.E. Falk
  7. Mark Wertz
  8. Danny Edwards Jr
  9. Justin S Carroll
  10. Terry Carroll
  11. Brenden Queen
  12. Dean Shiflett
  13. Casey Wyatt
  14. Craig Eastep
  15. Cameron Bowen
  16. Jeff Shiflett -1
  17. Maddy Ryan -2
  18. Cody Carlton -14
  19. Thomas Marks -38


Late Model Results – Race 2

  1. C.E. Falk
  2. Mark Wertz
  3. Danny Edwards Jr
  4. Connor Hall
  5. Matthew Waltz
  6. Justin T Carroll
  7. Casey Wyatt
  8. Terry Carroll
  9. Brenden Queen
  10. Justin S Carroll
  11. Maddy Ryan
  12. Dean Shiflett
  13. Jeff Shiflett
  14. Nick Smith -11
  15. Cody Carlton -29
  16. Craig Eastep -51
  17. Greg Edwards -56
  18. Cameron Bowen -59
  19. Thomas Marks -59

Dodson Holds off Young Guns for Feature Win

MIDLOTHIAN, VA – The officials at Southside Speedway announced that this year they would run two 75 lap late model races instead of only their normal 40 lap features. With a strong car count so far in the year, the increased laps proved to be exciting in the first long distance race of the year.

Mason Bailey set fast time in practifying with a quick 14.836-second lap with Chris Dodson and Grayson Cullather both running a 14.927, Grayson would get the spot for running the lap first. The pole setter pulled a four on the invert putting Alex Brock on the pole to start the feature.

Brock would lead the first three laps until the caution flew for Sonny Allen and Lane Janosik spinning out while trying to get around the slow car of Chris Savage. Howie Disavino would get some damage to the left side of his car trying to avoid the accident.

Dodson opted to go high on the restart and it paid off for him quickly as he took the lead on the restart. Cullather got bumped by Bugs Hairfield and would slip back to sixth. Once Bugs got by Grayson he quickly chased down Mason Bailey and put himself into third place. At this point, he was running faster laps than Dodson and Brock. By the 27th lap, everyone was stretched out aside from the top-3. About ten laps later Eddie Johnson started knocking on the door of Bailey but the 2016 modified champion is able to fend him off.

The leaders started approaching heavy traffic with twenty-five laps to go and Brock was still keeping up with Dodson. Brock’s best chance would happen through traffic but Dodson would fend him off with a little bit of contact. A little farther back Cullather gets Bailey completely sideways and Bailey was able to save it coming off of turn-2, with Mason slowed down Johnson is able to slide by him.

With ten laps remaining Janosik runs hard into Allen and they start wrecking, Bugs is able to slow down quick enough to avoid ending his night. Unfortunately while under caution Bugs blew a hose off his radiator and had to end his night. The track went under the red flag as the cleanup crew tried to clean up what seemed to be more than just water on the track, possibly some oil too from the hot motor.

Getting the green flag all the cars make it through the slick entrance of turn-1 as the drying agent flew all over. Dodson kept control of the lead but rode high through turn-4 and Cullather tried to apply some pressure. Caution would fly again on lap-68, this time for Johnson getting hard into Brad Davis.

The green flew for the last time and Brock looked to dive hard into the corner but it turned out that he had a tire go down and didn’t have much control of the car. Brad Davis got his front end tore off but the rivets held it strong alongside his car, he was black flagged and did not come down the pits resulting in a penalized finishing position. Dodson ended up cruising to the win by a half second over Mason Bailey.


Late Model Results

  1. Chris Dodson
  2. Mason Bailey
  3. Grayson Cullather
  4. J.D. Eversole
  5. Eddie Johnson
  6. Andrew Dean
  7. Sonny Allen
  8. Brad Davis
  9. Lane Janosik -1
  10. Michael Sutphin -2
  11. Alex Brock -4
  12. Bugs Hairfield -10
  13. John Crews III -37
  14. Howie Disavino -49
  15. Raymond Pittman III -67
  16. Chris Savage -71
  17. Daniel Thomas DNS

Tyler Matthews Takes the Checkers in Physical Late Model Feature

Robersonville, NC  ̶̶  Eight NWAAS late models came to the high banked 3/8 mile oval in Southeastern North Carolina for a 50 lap feature. Thomas Burbage set the fast time in qualifying with a 15.088 second lap and defending NC and ECMS champ Tyler Matthews qualified second with a 15.207 second lap.

Burbage would lead until eleven laps in when Matthews passes Burbage up as he seemed to struggle and was falling backwards. Wesley Johnson wound up in second place but couldn’t gain any ground on Matthews. At lap-25 a competition caution was thrown and Burbage would set up behind Matthews for the restart.

Burbage runs Matthews hard into the corner shoving him up high and causing mayhem behind him coming out of two. Louis White ended up rear end first in the turn-3 wall after already wrecking in almost the same spot earlier in the day and Wesley Johnson had a flat tire and stopped on the front straight to not damage the track or car.

After a brief red flag period to get the cars off the track safely the race restarted with Burbage out front, Matthews in second, and Jeff Shifflett trying to get by Tyler. Farther back Johnson was coming through the small field quickly after getting a new tire mounted on his machine. On lap-42 Ryan Haddock spun out and set up a restart that most could have predicted would be crazy.

Matthews falls in behind Burbage and dumps him going into turn-1, payback for earlier in the race. Burbage turns it around and starts going BACKWARDS on the race track in an attempt to wreck Matthews on the front stretch after the caution is out. He gets sent to the end of the longest line and Matthews keeps his position. Burbage made quick work of everyone in front of him and finished second behind Matthews, and then he tried wrecking him again after the race was finished. Matthews took the longest Kuliwicki victory lap I’ve ever personally seen and ended up nose first towards Burbage. In victory lane Burbage was visibly upset but track promoter John Vick was able to calm him down eventually. Wesley Johnson was able to finish third after having his tire go flat and starting at the rear.

Street Stocks

Mike Cooper qualified on the pole with a 16.534 second lap. As the green flag flew Travis Roberson made quick work of Cooper passing him on the outside and jumping out to a second and a half lead. James Horner gets by Scott Lawrence on lap-10 for fourth position and by lap-15 the field was stretched thin. Lawrence came down pit road to end his race on lap-22 and two laps later Horner also has some problems that ended his day. Roberson cruised the rest of the way to take the checkers.

USAC Speed2 Eastern Midgets

Nine USAC midgets came together for a very fast and entertaining 35 lap feature. Brandley Riethmeyer ran a quick 15.067 second lap to grab the pole over two time 2017 winner George Kurtz. Riethmeyer led until lap-19 when Chris Lamb worked his way from starting fourth to take the lead passing Kurtz and Jessica Bean in the process. Lamb would cruise to the win with Kurtz and Bean finishing second and third.
Late Model Results

1. Tyler Matthews
2. Thomas Burbage
3. Wesley Johnson
4. Jeff Shifflett
5. Ryan Haddock
6. Travis Roberson
7. Chris Perry
8. Louis White

Nick Smith Wins Thrilling Late Model Feature at Langley Speedway

#12 Nick Smith rolls through turn three of Langley Speedway during practice. (Justin Kern/

Hampton, VA – Seventeen Late Model Stock Cars made the trip to Langley Speedway this weekend for the Performance Plus night with 100-laps on deck. Greg Edwards, who already has two wins on the season, was the fastest in qualifying earlier in the chilly afternoon. Posting a lap of 15.974 (89.02 mph) seconds, just .003 seconds faster than Matt Waltz who would start to his outside. Danny Edwards, Jr., Connor Hall and Justin T. Carroll would round out the top five starters.

Greg Edwards jumped out to an early lead when the green flag was displayed to the field with Matt Waltz in tow. The front two cars wasted no time in putting distance between them and the rest of the field. Behind them, however, there was racing on just about every inch of the speedway. Timothy Peters, who was in town shaking the car down ahead of the Hampton Heat, was mixing it up with the Langley Speedway regulars. One car that was impressive early was the #77 of Connor Hall who backed up his fourth place start until a late race altercation took him out of the race.

The first of nine lead changes came on lap twenty-four when Matt Waltz got around Edwards. Once the two-car was clear, Waltz immediately opened a five car gap on himself and Edwards. Meanwhile, behind the leader, some incredible racing was taking place from the tenth position on back with drivers like Casey Wyatt, Dean Shiflett, Terry Carroll and even Timothy Peters who fell off the pace early.

The first of five cautions came on lap 40 after Cameron Bowen went for a little spin in turn two. Bowen did not appear to have any help from what we could see and did a good job of keeping it off of anything. The caution would set up the first restart of the evening and boy was it a good one. Matt Waltz and Connor hall elected to stay down low for the green and ended up just about three wide in one. Waltz would spend the next few laps trying to fend off the hard charging Connor Hall. However, Connor would muscle his way around Waltz to take the lead on lap 43 and lead the next nineteen circuits before being challenged by Nick Smith.

Multiple battles for positions took place behind the leaders with Matt Waltz trying to hang on for dear life. It looked like the heat cycle from that caution period was not good for the tires on his machine. He would have a roller coaster of a night and eventually finish ninth even after a spin under yellow and leading the race with less than twenty laps to go.The field would be slowed four separate times within the last twenty laps of the race. Two of those cautions found the 97 of Greg Edwards involved in them. The first came on lap 81 right after the second restart of the evening. Peters,

The field would be slowed four separate times within the last twenty laps of the race. Two of those cautions found the 97 of Greg Edwards involved in them. The first came on lap 81 right after the second restart of the evening. Peters, Queen, and Edwards sailed it off into turn one all but three wide. Peters car looked like it pushed up into Queen a little bit which sent Queen into Edwards and ultimately sent him around. Luckily for Edwards, he was able to keep it off the wall and off the other competitors. The fourth and fifth caution of the night came on laps 89 and 91 respectfully setting up one epic finish.

Nick Smith and Matt Waltz would start side by side on the final restart. Matt got a great start and looked to clear Smith for the race win. However, Nick would catch the rear bumper of Matt and gave him a shot in turn three. Waltz got out of the racing groove and was freight trained towards the back of the top ten. Not sure if Waltz had an issue with a tire after the contact or was just stuck in the top groove.

Peters, who at one point was as far back as 10th on the field, was now running second with a mirror full of Terry Carroll, Brenden Queen, and Greg Edwards. Terry Carroll almost had massive problems coming off turn four coming to the white flag. His car was all but sideways with Justin T. Carroll under him. Luckily for the Williamsburg driver, he was able to save the car and only lose positions on the racetrack.

Nick Smith would hang onto the lead to win his first race of the 2017 season at Langley Speedway. Timothy Peters, Justin T. Carroll, Greg Edwards, and Terry Carroll would round out the top five.



Eric Schaffer was the fastest of the six cars that showed up to earn himself the pole in his birthday. Michael Waters, running the #36 Saturn, started to Schaffer’s outside. Five of the six cars took the green flag for their 25-lap feature, Brandon Wood was unable to answer the bell when his car had a dead battery.

Schaffer took off early to lead several laps before Waters reeled him and took the lead. Once Waters got around the three of Schaffer that was all she wrote for the rest of the caution free race. Michael Perkins, Tillman Heuer, Tommy Gildea rounded out the rest of the field.

Langley Speedway will be back in action next weekend May 13th as the NASCAR Whelen Modified tour roll into town. Grand Stocks, Super Trucks, Legends and Bando’s will also be in action that night.


Taylor Waste Services OFFICIAL Late Model Results; 

  1. #12 Nick Smith; 100
  2. #12p Timothy Peters; 100
  3. #57 Justin T Carroll; 100
  4. #97 Greg Edwards; 100
  5. #90 Terry Carroll; 100
  6. #03 Brenden Queen; 100
  7. #19 Cameron Bowen; 100
  8. #12s Dean Shiflett; 100
  9. #2 Matt Waltz; 100
  10. 10 #91 Justin S Carroll; 100
  11. 11 #55 Mark Wertz; 100
  12. #10 Maddy Ryan; 100
  13. #26 Danny Edwards Jr; 99
  14. #25 Craig Eastep; 99
  15. #88 Thomas Marks; 91
  16. #77 Connor Hall; 83
  17. #92 Casey Wyatt; 68


Carroll’s Automotive UCAR Results;

  1. #36 Michael Waters; 25
  2. #3 Eric Schaffer; 25
  3. #57 Mike Perkins; 25
  4. #14 Tillman Heuer; 25
  5. #28 Tommy Gildea; 25

Doug Barnes, Jr. Steals Victory on a Green, White, Checkered Finish Friday Night at Dominion

Thornburg, VA – With the NASCAR boys and girls in the capital of the Commonwealth this weekend, some tracks throughout the state will be quite this weekend. Dominion Raceway in Thornburg, however, decided to just move their program up one night and run on Friday. With a full evening of events for the family planned the highlight of the night, 75-laps in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series.

Tyler Hughes, coming into the weekend with two wins on the season already, qualified on the pole during the late evening’s group qualifying session with a 15.394-second lap, an average of 93.543 mph. Jeff Oakley, Brenden Queen, Logan Jones and Timmy Phipps rounded out the fastest five cars on in the fourteen car field.

When it was time to go racing it looked like Tyler Hughes was going to be the car to beat jumping out to an early lead. This left Jeff Oakley and Brenden Queen, who made his Dominion Raceway debut this weekend, to battle for the second position. Oakley would soon clear Queen and start too real in the leader. Took just nine laps for Oakley to catch and pass Hughes or the lead and immediately start to create a gap between him and the field.

Michael Hardin and Doug Barnes, who both qualified outside of the top five, had already worked there way up into the mix battling for position. Both drivers starting the race much deeper than we have seen them in the past wasted no time in making up the time. The field was slowed for the first time on lap 18 after Logan Jones went for a spin down in turn four. He and Barnes were racing very hard and may have made contact, which caused the spin. Jones was able to drive away from the scene but needed to go down pit road to the attention of his crew with a flat right rear tire.

Once the action got back green the drivers went back to work. One driver, Michael Hardin in particular, looked like he was shot out of a cannon and had the nitrous working because lap-by-lap he tracked down Jeff Oakley and eventually made the pass on lap 62 to take the lead. Meanwhile, behind them, Doug Barnes had really turned the wick up and passed the 03 of Queen – who eventually retired from the race with an oil leak from the power plant of his machine. Barnes also tracked down the machine of Tyler Hughes and put on a great battle for third.The race would be slowed once more for several cars putting off smoke from behind the cars. Officials brought the cars down pit road to the attention of their crews. This set up one of the tightest restarts I have seen in a few years at a Saturday night short track race. Hardin was able to clear the field out of two but Doug Barnes stayed hot in his tracks. The race would be slowed one final time setting up the green, white, checkered when Cameron Burke, battling Oakley for fourth, gets into turn one a little

The race would be slowed once more for several cars putting off smoke from behind the cars. Officials brought the cars down pit road to the attention of their crews. This set up one of the tightest restarts I have seen in a few years at a Saturday night short track race. Hardin was able to clear the field out of two but Doug Barnes stayed hot in his tracks. The race would be slowed one final time setting up the green, white, checkered when Cameron Burke, battling Oakley for fourth, gets into turn one a little too hot and made contact with Oakley spinning both of them out. Burke was able to keep his position, as race control did not see it was intentional while Oakley had to restart at the tail end of the line.

Michael Hardin elected to stay down low for the final restart while Barnes elected to take his chances on the outside line, which proved to be the right call. Being able to keep the car wound up coming off the corners Barnes had the better run by maybe a half car at the stripe as the field came to take the white flag. Michael Hardin gave it one last shot as they two dove into one. It was a drag race down the backstretch with Dough Barnes outside of Michael Hardin. Barnes, hanging it out on the outside came off three in what looked like a four-wheel drift. Somehow kept the car semi-straight and beat Hardin to the line by just a tenth of a second. Hughes, Burke, and Ganoe would round out the top five.



1.#88 Doug Barnes, Jr.; 83
2. #7 Michael Hardin; 83
3. #8 Tyler Hughes; 83
4. #82B Cameron Burke; 83
5. #83 Mike Ganoe; 83
6. #4 Timmy Phipps; 83
7. #11 Jeff Oakley; 83
8. #07 Richard Storm; 83
9. #19 Cameron Bowen; 80
10. #03 Brenden Queen; 62
11. #77 Logan Jones; 62
12. #55 Robert Bruce; 44
13. #56 Doug Liberman; 24
14. #13 Tyler Daniels; 18

Mason Bailey Earns First Late Model Victory at Southside Speedway

Mason Bailey and crew celebrates in victory lane with family and crew after collecting his first Late Model victory. (Justin Kern/

Midlothian, VA – Sometimes the fastest car does not always win the race. We see this week in and week out from local short tracks to the top tiers of NASCAR. This was not the case this past Friday night as Southside got in their second race of the 2017 season before most of the rain moved into the region. Mason Bailey, competing in his first full season in a Late Model after winning the Modified championship the year prior, set the fastest time of the night in qualifying. The only driver to post a time in the fourteen second bracket, Bailey qualified on the pole with a 14.955 second lap – an average of 80.233 mph around the all but flat .333-mile oval.

After drawing the number three pill Bailey was forced to give the pole over to Grayson Cullather, another young gun in the Late Model community in Richmond, VA. Eddie Johnson, who was a little more than a tenth slower than Bailey, was able to keep his second outside pole starting position when the race went green. He was followed by Daniel Thomas and Mike Payne – to make up the rest of the starting five.

When it was time to go green flag racing it appeared that the three car invert was going to work out well for Cullather. After taking a full lap to clear Johnson Grayson was able to get into a solid rhythm and focus on hitting his marks and clicking off laps. Cullather was able to put a little bit of distance on the field as Bailey worked his way around Johnson for second. Just as he started to reel in the rear bumper of the 22 we were slowed by the nights one and only caution to bunch up the field. Just as Hairfield and Ashworth pulled their cars down pit road and nose first into their stalls, Disavino went for a spin out of four.

Once the track was clear and the line-up was complete race control displayed the cone to the field on the front stretch. For those who may not be familiar with a “Cone Restart” it is very simple – a cone is placed on the track and those drivers on the lead lap and not involved in the caution are able to pick the high or low line. That being said, a car running six can be the first car to take the cone and will restart in the second position. Grayson Cullather and Eddie Johnson both elected to stay down on the bottom while Mason Bailey and Chris Dodson elected to go to the top.

Once the green flag was displayed from flagman Jody Adkins Cullather and Bailey sailed their machines down into turn one, hard! Bailey was able to get the car to stick and take the top spot as they came out of turn two and would be the new leader on lap twenty. Shortly after both Johnson and Dodson were able to get by Cullalther forcing him back to the fourth position. The restart also seemed to help both Alex Brock and J.D. Eversole who were able to take the fifth and sixth postions on the track respectfully.

Mason Bailey was not concerned with any of that however as he settled into a nice rhythm and started to put some distance on the two cars behind him. What made matters even better for the rookie was when Eddie and Chris started racing hard for the second spot. This really allowed Bailey to build up a good lead and take the checkered flag with no pressure. Eddie Johnson was able to hold off Dodson for second while Grayson Cullather and Alex Brock rounded out the top five – very similar results from opening night.

“We unloaded really quick and were top of the board in the first practice on hold tires,” Bailey said after the race. “The car felt really good. We made just a little bit of changes and picked up some more and we were fastest second round and qualified on the pole by a decent amount.”

When the race started Bailey was able to get to the second position pretty quick and track down the leader and start planning his move. Not that Bailey needed the caution to catch the rear bumper of Cullather it sure made things easier and set up the only restart of the race that allowed Bailey to use that outside to his advantage.

“We were going to go to the inside on that restart but I kind of like the outside,” Bailey explained. “In a situation like that the outside always works out for us and I just sent it in there. Now, I wont say it stuck but it stuck just enough to get a nose on him. From there on were able to open a decent lead and get the win.”

We asked Bailey if he felt the caution helped him get around Cullather for the win or if it was just something that was going to happen. He certainly gave credit to Cullather for driving a good race just cited he thinks he had the better car this weekend.

“We felt pretty good then the rain hit,” Bailey said. “I was scared it was going to just kill the track and we were going to lose any advantage we had. I do think that was the case but track position really helped us. We fell in line behind Grayson there who drove a nice race but I just think we had a little bit better of a car. The caution certainly helped us get back up to him and gave us a chance to get around him rather than having to work for it. Right before that caution came out though I was playing around with my line and think I really found something and was catching him a little bit.”


Trevor Stinson found himself in victory lane at the conclusion of the 25-lap UCAR feature that went green right after the track was dry. Joshua Thomas was the fastest car earlier in the afternoon however, posting a lap of 16.937 seconds – or an average of just over 70 mph. He was forced however, to give the pole position up to Ethan Ayers – driving the opening night winning car – who qualified third.

Ayers took that advantage and ran with it as he was the leader as they completed lap one. Stinson and Thomas were not going to let him get away to easy and it was an amazing three way battle for the lead while they drove away from the rest of the field. It wasn’t until lap eighteen of the total twenty-five laps that Stinson was able to make his way around the #87 of Ethan Ayers with the help of some contact. Nothing to bad just enough to get Ayers out of shape. Once Stinson was able to get into clean air that was all he needed to create a big gap to Ayers and Thomas who were battling for that second position down to the closing laps. Thomas was able to gain the advantage and would finish second to Stinson. Alex Ayers and Jamie Hite would round out the top five.

Southside Speedway will be back in action on May 12th. All scouts and scout leaders in FULL UNIFORM will get in FREE! Two parents per scout receive a $2 ticket discount. Front gates open at 6:00 p.m. Qualifying starts at 6:00 p.m. and racing gets underway at 7:30 p.m.



Late Model OFFICIAL Results;

1.#05 Mason Bailey; 40
2. #43 Eddie Johnson; 40
3. #0 Chris Dodson; 40
4. #22 Grayson Cullather; 40
5. #9 Alex Brock; 40
6. #98 J.D. Eversole; 40
7. #99 Daniel Thomas; 40
8. #79 Lane Janosik; 40
9. #42 Mike Payne; 40
10. #55 Howie Disavino; 40
11. #26 John Crews III; 40
12. #67 Cole Walker; 40
13. #25 Michael Sutphin; 39
14. #20 Sonny Allen; 29
15. #89 Matt Ashworth; 19
16. #04 Bugs Hairfield; 18



1.#10 Trevor Stinson; 25
2. #72 Joshua Thomas; 25
3. #87 Ethan Ayers; 25
4. #96 Alex Ayers; 25
5. #12 Jamie Hite; 25
6. #13 Beejay Anderson; 25
7. #16 Thomas Stinson; 25
8. #04 Korey Lawson; 25
9. #1 Mike Frayser; 24
10. #3 Zachary Lindsey; 24
11. #58 Hunter Waldrop; 24
12. #51 Dillon Devenney; 9
13. #97 Richard Sisco; DNF

Greg Edwards and Matt Waltz Grab the Checkers in Twin 66-lap Features

Greg Edwards picked up right where he left off two weeks ago in the season opener. Recording the fastest lap in qualifying to earn the pole in race one. (Justin Kern/

Hampton, VA – After taking a week off at Langley Speedway the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series late models returned to action at the 4/10th-mile track for their second and third races of the year. To celebrate the 66th year of operation at the historic track they will run twin 66 lap races throughout the year.

In qualifying Greg Edwards sat on the pole after putting down a 15.950-second lap, Matt Waltz ran a 15.975 to set on the outside of the first row. The top eight cars all qualified within a tenth of a second of each other.

Greg Edwards picked up where his team left off on the opener and had the dominant car the entire first race. Early on he was able to jump out to a big lead and held on to it through to the checkers. Nick Smith tried to catch him but could never ever close the gap. Connor Hall started seventh and was able to spend most of the race up in the third position until Justin T. Carroll out of Hickory, NC got by him in the closing laps of the race. Danny Edwards Jr finished fifth with Terry Carroll pressuring him on the last lap for a good finish.

Going into the second race the fans of Langley got their first experience with the new NASCAR rule, making a mandatory invert for any divisions that are part of the national and state point systems. The NWAAS late models are in Division-1 so they have to do at least an eight car invert. Race Director Shayne Laws said that Langley will only do the eight cars for the twin races, other tracks may use a higher invert though.

Brenden Queen lead the field to the green flag since he finished in 8th for the first race and had Waltz to his outside. The drivers were too eager on the first attempt though and jumped the start. Waltz got around Butterbean on the outside and got out to a quick lead. By lap fifteen, Waltz had a two second lead over the new second place runner Hall and Greg Edwards was up to fifth after starting eighth. Just over halfway through Greg was up to third place and the best racing on the track was happening between Terry Carroll, Maddie Crane, and Macy Causey who were all battling for sixth through eighth with the Rev Racing teammates slipping by him.

Just a few laps later and the caution came out for Macy getting around in turn three and coming to a stop on the track. For the restart, Greg decides to try the high line and it paid off for one position to get him into second. Mark Wertz who struggled in the first race made some good changes and worked his way up to fifth as a late caution set up a sprint to the finish. Wertz went high and cemented a second place finish running the high line as Matt Waltz went on to his win.


Super Streets

Over in the always entertaining Super Street division, Landon Abbott looked like he would make it two wins in a row after sitting on the pole for the forty lap race. Abbott jumped out to a quick lead until lap thirty-two when he started burning fluids, by lap thirty-six he was black flagged as his entire cockpit was filled with thick smoke and the caution came out to check for fluids and to get him safely to pit road. Randy Akers inherited the lead for the restart with Bill Eaker falling in behind him and Sammy Gaita taking the cone for the outside lane. They go three wide into turn-1 with Gaita pulling ahead temporarily. The white flag flies in the air as Akers and Gaita are side by side and Sammy is able to win the race clean on the outside by .016 seconds.

Late Models – Race 1

1.#97 Greg Edwards
2. #12 Nick Smith
3. #57 Justin T. Carroll
4. #77 Connor Hall
5. #26 Danny Edwards Jr
6. #90 Terry Carroll
7. #2 Matt Waltz
8. #03 Brenden Queen
9. #33 Macy Causey
10. #78 Maddie Crane
11. #55 Mark Wertz
12. #19 Cameron Bowen
13. #92 Casey Wyatt
14. #25 Craig Eastep
15. #91 Justin S. Carroll
16. #88 Thomas Marks

Late Models – Race 2

1.#2 Matt Waltz
2. #55 Mark Wertz
3. #77 Connor Hall
4. #97 Greg Edwards
5. #57 Justin T. Carroll
6. #78 Maddie Crane
7. #19 Cameron Bowen
8. #92 Casey Wyatt
9. #91 Justin S. Carroll
10. #33 Macy Causey
11. #90 Terry Carroll
12. #25 Craig Eastep
13. #03 Brenden Queen
14. #12 Nick Smith
15. #26 Danny Edwards Jr

Victory Lane Photo Credit – John Long

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