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Chris Hopkins Dominates Southside 75-lap Feature from the Pole; Dan Rogers Continues Grand Stock Domination

Chris Hopkins celebrates in victory lane after dominating the 75-lap feature at Southside Speedway on July 20, 2018. (Justin Kern/

Midlothian, VA – It was pure domination Friday night in one of the longest Late Model Stock Car races of the season at Southside Speedway. Hopkins jumped out to the early lead from the start of the race and never looked back. Never having to worry about a caution Hopkins went flag-to-flag for the win.

Southside Speedway and Late Model Stock veteran Bugs Hairfield won the pole and the bonus point that comes with it earlier in the afternoon with a lap of 14.936-seconds (80.335 MPH). Howie Disavino, Chris Dodson, Eddie Johnson, and Chris Hopkins were the fastest five qualifiers. However, per the Southside rulebook, up to six cars could be inverted for the start of the feature. Hairfield was given the honor to reach into the magical bag to pull the pill – he would pull a five.

Hopkins took full advantage of the invert, as anyone would, and speed off into turn one with the lead going virtually unchallenged through the entire feature setting a rather blistering pace. Behind him, however, the wick had certainly been turned up as Hairfield attempted to work his way through the rather stout top five in hopes to get back to the lead. His efforts, though at times were amazing to watch as he battled Eddie Johnson side-by-side for a handful of laps, were only good to get him as high as second before the car went away from him and he started falling back.

Howie Disavino had yet another stand out night at the place coined the toughest short track in the south. Disavino never fell outside of the top five finding himself racing some of the best in the business when it comes to Southside. Chris Dodson – winner of the first 75-lap feature on the season – finished fourth while Bugs Hairfield rounded out the top five finishers.

Another young driver who had a rather impressive night was the No. 22 of Grayson Cullather. After spending most of the 2018 season running in the CARS Response Energy Tour, Cullather found himself back at his home track this weekend on the heels of the 10th annual Hampton Heat 200 being postponed. Cullather would start at the rear of the fourteen-car field and drove back up to sixth when the checkered flag flew.

The results for the Late Model race were still unofficial at the time we left the speedway. We were informed that results would be made official come Tuesday. The Weekly Racer will make sure to let everyone know when that happens.

Dan Rogers picked up win number six in the Grand Stocks in seven tries after starting shot fun on the field. Fans witnessed exciting racing throughout the rest of the field as everyone was not afraid to do a little rubbing and leaning on each other.

The UCAR feature, scheduled for 25-laps, was cut short after a medical emergency in the infield brought the field to the red flag with Trevor Stinson leading. Race control decided it was best to at least postpone the rest of the race to allow safety personnel plenty of time to do their work and transport the team member to a local hospital. We will also keep you updated as to what will happen to that race as they had not yet made it to halfway.


Late Model Stock Car UNOFFICIAL Results;

  1. #88 Chris Hopkins; 75
  2. #43 Eddie Johnson; 75
  3. #55 Howie Disavino; 75
  4. #0 Chris Dodson; 75
  5. #04 Bugs Hairfield; 75
  6. #22B Grayson Cullather; 75
  7. #05 Mason Bailey; 75
  8. #22 Justin Martz; 75
  9. #79 Lane Janosik; 75
  10. #25 Michael Sutphin; 75
  11. #24 Chris Johnson; 75
  12. #90 John Goin; 75
  13. #20 Sonny Allen; 74
  14. #18 Brad Davis; 74

10th Annual Hampton Heat 200 POSTPONED Due to Weather

Hampton, VA — News was just released this morning prior to the scheduled practice and media day at Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway that the 10th running of the prestigious Hampton Heat 200 will be postponed. With rain moving into the area around 2:00 AM local time, and chances of rain increasing up to 90% throughout the morning and afternoon, Mother Nature has forced the hands of track owners and officials to pull the plug early on the event.

“This decision was not an easy one since it is the first time we have ever delayed the event in its 10 year history,” Chuck Hall said in the news release. “While we would like to try tomorrow, we have to consider the teams and fans traveling from long distances and make the call far enough in advance to prevent them from making an unneeded trip. An updated race day schedule for the Hampton Heat will be released in the coming days. All tickets purchased in advance for the Hampton Heat will be honored at our next race or at the Hampton Heat 200 on August 18th. We look forward to celebrating the 10th running of this event and hosting everyone in four weeks.”

The Weekly Racer’s coverage of this event will still continue as planned with LIVE Race Day coverage on our Twitter feed. Make sure to stay tuned to the tracks Facebook page or ours for updates on the event.



About Hampton Heat

Started in 2007, the Hampton Heat has become one of late model racing’s most prestigious races featuring the Mid-Atlantic’s best drivers all racing for the $10,000 check that is awarded to the winner. The Hampton Heat is also the second leg in the Virginia Triple Crown with the first leg being at South Boston Speedway and the final leg taking place at Martinsville Speedway.

About Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway

Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway is the home for NASCAR racing in Hampton Roads. From its modest opening in 1950 as a dirt track with few amenities to today’s paved showplace, Langley has proven itself to be one of the premier NASCAR Hometracks in the country and is one of the original members of the NASCAR Whelen All American Series. To learn more visit langley-speedway.comor call 757-865-RACE.

Philip Morris Wins Fifth Langley Speedway Race; Danny Edwards Jr. Snaps Morris Win Streak in Second Feature

Danny Edwards works through turn two earlier in the season at Langley Speedway during afternoon practice. (Justin Kern/

Hampton, VA – With the final weekend before on deck before the prestigious Hampton Heat 200 fifteen Late Model Stock Cars were on hand for twin 75-lap features. Philip Morris, coming off a second-place finish in the opening leg of the Virginia Triple Crown rolled into town and collected yet another pole win earlier in the afternoon laying down a 15.639-second (90.927 MPH) lap. Danny Edwards Jr., Greg Edwards, Brenden Queen, and Garrett Bunch rounded out the fastest five starters.

It was clear from the drop of the green flag that Philip Morris and Danny Edwards Jr. were going to be in a league of their own. Within the first handful of laps, the two had built a full straightaway lead over the fifteen-car field. Greg Edwards, however, did not get the start to the race he would have hoped for as he found himself running second to last just fourteen laps in. As Morris and Danny Edwards pulled away fans in the stands witnessed some great battles as Mark Wertz, who rolled off tenth, worked his way through the field and eventually up to third.

The proverbial wick was turned up between the top two drivers with a little over twenty-five laps to go. Danny Edwards, who had been stalking Philip Morris all race, was finally able to make his move – on the outside nonetheless. The two would battle door-to-door for about ten laps before Edwards could clear the No. 01 and take sole possession of the lead. That lead would not last long, however, has Morris regrouped running behind Danny, retaking the lead on lap 58 and eventually going on to take the race win. Danny Edwards Jr., Mark Wertz, Garrett Bunch, Brenden Queen were the top five. Justin T. Carroll, Justin S. Carroll, and Greg Edwards were sixth through eighth.

A standard eight-car invert was in-store for race number two, handing the front row to Greg Edwards and Justin S. Carroll. It did not take long for things to get wild, per usual, for race number two. Mark Wertz ran into mechanical issues from the start coming by the start-finish line spitting and sputtering. He would eventually come to a stop in turn three and need assistance off the racing surface. Once Wertz was clear and the green flag was displayed Greg Edwards was able to go back to what he does best at Langley Speedway – leading the race.

The race was slowed a few more times as the feature went on as various cars were caught up in wrecks or ran into other issues. One of those drivers happened to be Danny Edwards Jr. Electing to come down pit road during the long caution fearing he had a track bar mount break crews actually found just four pounds of air in the left rear tire. They were able to get the tire changed – which actually made him ineligible for the cone and free pass for the rest of the night – and sent him back on his way. Another driver with issues later on was the No. 01 of Philip Morris. After electing to start in the rear of race two for max bonus points in the NWAAS National Points hunt, Morris found himself in a precarious position in turn two after he spun out working his way through the field. He would eventually come down pit road to the attention of his crew as well as Langley Speedway officials. After giving the car two, three, and four looks over he returned to the racing surface for a handful of laps before parking it citing suspension issues.

With the help of some cautions and cone restarts Danny Edwards was able to work his way back through the field and track down his younger brother and eventually pass him. After that it was lights out, Danny Edwards cruised to his second victory of the season. Greg Edwards, Justin S. Carroll, Connor Hall, and Brenden Queen rounded out the top five finishers.

Dustin Mullins picked up another victory in the 25-lap Harris Truck Shop Super Truck feature while Paul Lubno and Robbie Parker – filling in for Sammy Gaita – put on a heck of a show in the Pepsi Grandstock 40-lap feature. Paul Lubno coming away with the win. Charlie Bryant crossed over divisions from UCAR’s to have some more fun and found himself in victory lane at the conclusion of the 30-lap Bojangles Enduro feature.


Taylor Waster Services Late Models Race 1 Official Results;

  1. #01 Philip Morris; 75
  2. #26 Danny Edwards Jr.; 75
  3. #55 Mark Wertz; 75
  4. #50 Garrett Bunch; 75
  5. #03 Brenden Queen; 75
  6. #57 Justin T. Carroll; 75
  7. #91 Justin S. Carroll; 75
  8. #97 Greg Edwards; 75
  9. #22 Grayson Cullather; 75
  10. #77 Connor Hall; 75
  11. #75 Logan Jones; 75
  12. #88 Thomas Marks; 75
  13. #90 Terry Carroll; 74
  14. #25 Craig Eastep; 42
  15. #4 Duane Shreeves; 13


Taylor Waster Services Late Models Race 2 Official Results;

  1. #26 Danny Edwards; 75
  2. #97 Greg Edwards; 75
  3. #91 Justin S. Carroll; 75
  4. #77 Connor Hall; 75
  5. #03 Brenden Queen; 75
  6. #90 Terry Carroll; 75
  7. #57 Justin T. Carroll; 75
  8. #88 Thomas Marks; 75
  9. #75 Logan Jones; 70
  10. #01 Philip Morris; 58
  11. #22 Grayson Cullather; 54
  12. #50 Garrett Bunch; 35
  13. #25 Craig Eastep; 17
  14. #55 Mark Wertz; DNF

Philip Morris Earns Pole for First of Two 75-lap Features on Larry King Law Night

Photo: Justin Kern/

Hampton, VA – The man is on a mission in 2018 and this weekends mission is to remain undefeated in the Late Model division at Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway. Coming off of a very close second place finish in the opening round of the 2018 Virginia Triple Crown, Morris made the trip back out to Langley this weekend hunting more victories as well as notes for the upcoming Hampton Heat.

With much cooler temperatures in the Hampton Roads area than the last couple of weeks and plenty of cloud cover, Morris was able to lay down a 15.639-second (90.927 MPH) to secure yet another pole award. He will lead Danny Edwards Jr., Greg Edwards, Brenden Queen – who had transponder issues during qualifying for those who might be watching Race Monitor but was scored by hand in the tower – and Garret Bunch to the green flag.

This weekends races will be the final weekend on the books for teams to build their notebooks heading into the prestigious 200-lap, $10,000 to win the race and the second leg to the Triple Crown. Make sure to follow us on our Twitter feed for LIVE lap-by-lap coverage for both NWAAS Late Model features and the INEX Legends feature.


Here is tonight’s race line-up:

  • Cycle City Corp. Bando – 15
  • Taylor Waste Service Late Models – 75
  • Harris Truck Shop Super Truck – 25
  • Cycle City Corp. Legends – 25
  • Pepsi Grand Stock – 40
  • Taylor Waste Service Late Models – 75
  • Bojangles Enduros – 30


Taylor Waste Service Late Model Qualifying Results:

  1. #01 Philip Morris; 15.639
  2. #26 Danny Edwards Jr.; 15.681
  3. #97 Greg Edwards; 15.709
  4. #03 Brenden Queen; 15.730
  5. #50 Garret Bunch; 15.731
  6. #57 Justin T. Carroll; 15.755
  7. #22 Grayson Cullather; 15.793
  8. #77 Connor Hall; 15.825
  9. #91 Justin S. Carroll; 15.876
  10. #55 Mark Wertz; 15.926
  11. #75 Logan Jones; 15.980
  12. #90 Terry Carroll; 16.003
  13. #4 Duane Shreeves; 16.024
  14. #88 Thomas Marks; 16.155
  15. #25 Craig Eastep; 16.157

Peyton Sellers Edges Philip Morris for Thunder Road Harley-Davidson 200 Win

📸 – Twitter: @sellers_racing

SOUTH BOSTON, VA – Peyton Sellers scored his second win of the season at South Boston Speedway Saturday night and did it in a stirring fashion in the track’s biggest NASCAR Late Model Stock Car race of the season.

The Danville, Virginia resident fended off Philip Morris in a 17-lap sprint to the finish that followed the last of the race’s seven caution periods to win the Thunder Road Harley-Davidson NASCAR Late Model 200. Sellers’ win was worth a total of $8,000. He picked up $6,500 for winning the race, scored a $1,000 prize from Sparks Oil Company for winning the pole and earned another $500 prize from Sparks Oil Company for leading the most laps.

Saturday night’s win was the second of the season for Sellers at the .4-mile oval. It was the first win for Sellers in South Boston Speedway’s premier mid-summer classic that serves as the first leg of the Virginia Late Model Triple Crown. The Hampton Heat at Langley Speedway later this month and the ValleyStar Credit Union 300 at Martinsville Speedway in late September comprise the other two legs. The driver with the best average finish in the three races earns a $10,000 prize at the conclusion of the race at Martinsville Speedway.

Morris, who entered the race having won six of the season’s first eight races at South Boston Speedway, finished second .064-second or about two car lengths behind Sellers. Tyler Hughes of Cordova, Md. Finished third, just over a second behind Sellers, with one-time South Boston Speedway winner Brandon Pierce of Oak Ridge, North Carolina and Bobby McCarty of Summerfield, North Carolina rounding out the top five finishers.

C.E. Falk, Woody Howard of Chesapeake, Virginia, Justin Carroll, Mike Looney of Catawba, Virginia and Tim Phipps of Tracy’s Landing, Maryland rounded out the top ten finishers in the 35-car field.

Sellers led four times for a total of 129 laps in the race that saw the lead swap hands 10 times among six different drivers. Morris led twice for a total of 25 laps. Eight of the lead changes occurred in the first half of the race.

Sellers caught two big breaks during the race, the first coming when he pitted on lap 53 during a caution period to have his team change a flat right rear tire. He raced his way back to sixth place by the mid-race break and restarted the race from fourth place after Morris, the halfway leader, drew a nine for the inverted restart, meaning the top nine drivers at the halfway break would be inverted for the start of the second half of the race.

He needed only three laps after the restart of the race to take the top spot. Once in front, Sellers never relinquished the lead, fending off challenges from Hughes and Morris to secure the win.



Jessica Dana, who wowed South Boston Speedway fans by winning a Limited Sportsman Division race at South Boston Speedway on June 16, did it again Saturday night, this time, winning South Boston Speedway’s longest and richest Limited Sportsman Division race of the season.

Dana, of Mooresville, North Carolina, muscled her way past Trey Crews of Halifax, Virginia on the 47th lap and edged Crews by .825-second to win Saturday night’s 75-lap race. With the win, Dana became the first female driver to win the track’s biggest Limited Sportsman Division race of the season.

Karl Budzevski of Montvale, Virginia, Jacob Borst and Daniel Moss of Danville, Virginia rounded out the top five finishers in the 12-car field.



Greg Autry of South Boston, Virginia grabbed the lead on the opening lap and sped to victory Saturday night in the 40-lap Budweiser Pure Stock Division race. Saturday night marked the third time that the two-time former South Boston Speedway Budweiser Pure Stock Division champion has won the division’s longest and richest race of the season at South Boston Speedway.

Jarrett Milam of Keeling, Virginia finished second 1.195-second behind Autry with Jordan Pickrel of Keeling, Virginia, Kenny Mills of Alton, Virginia and division points leader Daniel Shelton of Hurt, Virginia rounding out the top five finishers.



Cameron Jarrell of Amelia, Virginia made it a perfect three-for three Saturday night, winning the 20-lap race for the Budweiser Hornets Division.

The win in the season’s biggest race for the division’s competitors gives him wins in all three of the races run in the division to date this season.

Defending division champion Tyler Crute of Alton, Virginia finished second with Kevin Currin of Chase City, Virginia, Kenny Daniel of Sutherlin, Virginia and Joey Clay of Halifax, Virginia rounded out the top five finishers.

Jarrell led twice for a total of 16 laps in the race that saw t he lead change hands four times among four drivers.



NASCAR racing action returns to South Boston Speedway on Saturday, July 14 with the running of the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center NASCAR Late Model Twin 75s racing program.

Twin 75-lap races for the NASCAR Whelen All American Series Late Model Stock Car Division competitors will headline the six-race card that starts at 7 p.m. The night’s action will also include twin 25-lap races for the Limited Sportsman Division, a 30-lap race for the Budweiser Pure Stock Division and a 15-lap race for the Hornets Division.

Registration and pit gates open at 2 p.m., practice runs from 4 p.m. until 5 p.m. Grandstand gates will open at 5:30 p.m. and qualifying starts at 6 p.m. The first race gets the green flag at 7 p.m.

Admission is $10 for adults. Kids ages 12 and under are admitted free when accompanied by a paying adult.

For additional information about the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center NASCAR Late Model Twin 75s racing program or any other events at South Boston Speedway, please visit the speedway’s website at or telephone the speedway at 434-572-4947 or 1-877-440-1540.

Danny Edwards Returns to Langley Speedway Victory Lane; Justin Carroll Scores Emotional First Career Win in Second Feature

Justin Carroll celebrates in Victory Lane on the heels of his first career Late Model victory. (Photo: Jim Arend)

Hampton, VA – Danny Edwards Jr. was the man to beat earlier in the afternoon at Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway when posted the fastest time during qualifying. Matter of fact, it was an all Edwards front row after Danny’s 15.670-second (90.747 MPH) lap was 0.001 seconds faster to steal the top spot from his brother Greg. Tyler Hughes – making his return to Langley Speedway in 2018 – overcame ignition issues on pit road to qualify third. Connor Hall and Brenden Queen rounded out the fastest five starters.

As usual, with twin features, the most exciting portion of the first race was on the initial start as drivers fought for real estate. Danny Edwards Jr., however, wanted nothing to do with any of that and drove away with the lead. Behind him, it was a full-on battle for position with Queen ultimately taking the second position while Nick Smith, Connor Hall, and Mark Wertz all worked to get around Tyler Hughes. Once everyone got settled down and settled into position, it was smooth sailing up front and no one had anything for Danny. The victory was Edwards first of 2018 and also his first since 2015. Connor Hall would cross the stripe in the second position followed by Brenden Queen, Mark Wertz, Justin Carroll, Tyler Hughes, Greg Edwards, and Nick Smith.

“The guys on this race team have been working awfully hard,” Edwards said in victory lane. “Putting a lot of time in the shop trying to figure things out after the big wreck we had at the Hamlin event. That was a good run for us, ironic to win on this Father’s Day weekend, this is the first time I’ve won that my father wasn’t here with me. Been a bit of a dry spell, hopefully, will get some more.”

Per the NASCAR rulebook, when a facility runs twins features, no less than eight cars will be inverted for the second race. As mentioned above, this should have benefited Nick Smith the most. However, a tire change between races would send him to the rear of the field moving the entire inside row up one. This allowed Tyler Hughes to start on the pole and an exciting race number two was ready to go.

Greg Edwards, however, looked to have other plans for the race as he powered his way to the lead down the backstretch using the outside groove. Behind them, it was a different story and a completely different feel to the race as guys were a bit more aggressive this go around. As everyone fought for their piece of the track last weeks winner Mark Wertz was able to catch and drive past Edwards to take the race lead on lap nine and opened up a rather large lead rather quickly.

Next car in the field that was on the move up was Williamsburg native Justin Carroll. With thirty laps completed Carroll was able to run down and passed Greg for the second position and set his sights on the race lead. Thomas Marks had done the same with Tyler Hughes leaving him to deal with the likes of Nick Smith and that is when things got ugly. Smith and Hughes were racing hard for position when the two made contact going through turn three. Both drivers nights were over after their cars received rather extensive damage and neither two happy with each other.

The caution allowed for the field to catch up to Wertz, who was enjoying over a two-second lead at the time and give drivers the ability to take the cone, which Justin Carroll did. When the green was displayed again Wertz did an amazing job taking over the lead while Carroll fell in line and on the hunt. With eleven laps to go Carroll was finally able to make the pass to take the lead. Carroll would go on to lead those final eleven laps en route to his first career Late Model Stock victory.

“This is unreal, man,” Carroll said after the win. “I’ve never won a race before, this is crazy and it’s Father’s Day. I’d like to thank my dad, my crew, this is unreal. I just did the same thing every lap, my crew chief has been preaching to me all year to save my stuff. We’ve been close every week here, close in the K&N car, man this is unreal!”

 Eleven Super Trucks, a season-high, took the green flag for their 25-lap feature. Dustin Mullins continued to show speed in qualifying when he took the pole position and ran off with the lead when the green flag was displayed. Jacob Carr would again get off to a slow start before settling in and running down the leader. With only three laps to go, Carr would get around Mullins and drive to his first victory of the year. Keith Wheeler, Rick Poust, and Ryan Huff completed the top five.


Taylor Waste Services Late Models Race 1 OFFICIAL Results;

  1. #26 Danny Edwards; 75
  2. #77 Connor Hall; 75
  3. #03 Brenden Queen; 75
  4. #55 Mark Wertz; 75
  5. #91 Justin Carroll; 75
  6. #8 Tyler Hughes; 75
  7. #97 Greg Edwards; 75
  8. #12 Nick Smith; 75
  9. #4 Duane Shreeves; 75
  10. #25 Craig Eastep; 75
  11. #75 Logan Jones; 75
  12. #9 Rodney Boyd; 75
  13. #16 Chris Flowers; 74
  14. #20 Shawn Balluzzo; 9
  15. #88 Thomas Marks; DNS


Taylor Waste Services Late Models Race 2 OFFICIAL Results;

  1. #91 Justin Carroll; 75
  2. #55 Mark Wertz; 75
  3. #77 Connor Hall; 75
  4. #88 Thomas Marks; 75
  5. #97 Greg Edwards; 75
  6. #26e Danny Edwards Jr; 75
  7. #75 Logan Jones; 75
  8. #03 Brenden Queen; 75
  9. #4s Duane Shreeves; 74
  10. #9 Rodney Boyd; 70
  11. #8 Tyler Hughes; 36
  12. #12s Nick Smith; 36
  13. #25 Craig Eastep; 36
  14. #16f Chris Flowers; 21
  15. #20 Shawn Balluzzo; 9

Nick Smith & Mark Wertz Split Smithfield Food Twin Bill at Langley Speedway

Nick Smith wins race one on Smithfield Food Night.

Hampton, VA ­­– Conner Hall from Hampton, VA was the man to beat early in the afternoon at Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Late Model division. After being forced to take several weeks off due to various rainouts, Hall clocked in 15.645-second lap (90.892 MPH) to earn his first pole award of the year. Nick Smith, Danny Edwards Jr., Brenden Queen, Mark Wertz completed the fastest five cars.Per usual, when you have twin features on the evening the first race is rather calm. Drivers tend to do a lot of riding, plenty of room is given by all, and we all go into the

Per usual, when you have twin features on the evening the first race is rather calm. Drivers tend to do a lot of riding, plenty of room is given by all, and we all go into the eight car invert happy – race one was no different this weekend at Langley Speedway. Hall and Smith would spend the first lap door-to-door battling for the top spot, however, it would be Conner leading the first four of the 75-lap feature. Nick Smith would mount a charge the following lap and take the lead from Conner on lap five a drive away from the rest of the field and crews to victory.

Behind them, however, witnessed some amazing racing between some of the young guns and seasoned veterans of the sport. The biggest shock of the first race came on lap 49 when pole sitter Conner Hall went up in smoke to bring out the races first and only caution. On the ensuing restart, Nick Smith made quick work of the field and powered back into the lead over Danny Edwards Jr., Mark Wertz, Danny Edwards, Justin Carroll, Brenden Queen, Thomas Marks, and Rodney Boyd completed the top eight.

“This race means so much to me,” Smith said after the race in victory lane. “We worked our butts off, I didn’t know if we had a win in us. I thought, the hard work is going to pay off and it did so will see what happens in this second race. What else can I say, great race and glad to be back in Victory Lane.”

Following the NASCAR rule book the top eight cars were inverted for the second feature giving Rodney Boyd the pole, Thomas Marks lined up to his outside. Mark Wertz, who was supposed to roll off sixth, elected to start from the rear. Conner Hall was able to get his back up car to the track and unloaded to also start in the rear. Shawn Balluzzo, who was making his return to Late Model racing after more than a decade, was unable to answer the bell after transmission issues plagued him in the first race.

At the drop of the green flag Chesapeake native, Brenden Queen was quick to the throttle and dove under Boyd into turn one to take the lead. Justin Carroll would follow him into the second position with the Edwards brothers hot on their tails. There was plenty of racing to watch from the front of the field – Queen & Carroll working to hold off Greg Edwards, Mark Wertz rocketing through the field, as well as Cameron Bowen flexing his muscles after overheating issues in race one.

The first of two lead changes took place on lap 28 when Greg Edwards finally got around Queen after battling door-to-door for a handful of laps. Mark Wertz made the pass soon after on Queen, who started to fall backwards after his car tightened up.

It was just past the halfway point of the race when Wertz got around Greg Edwards for the lead and fully mashed the “Check Out Button” and eventually opening up more than a straightaway lead. Behind that, however, saw some very exciting and intense racing between Brenden Queen, Justin Carroll, Cameron Bowan, and Danny Edwards Jr trading more than their fair share of “paint.”

Several cars fell off the pace later in the race. Pole sitter Conner Hall was one of them after deciding to park the backup car after contact with another racer and not wanting to damage the car, Nick Smith also pulled off early with issues. The first and only caution in the second race came with just under five laps to go after a scary moment in turn two. Thomas Marks lost a right front tire right in front of Greg Edwards, Justin Carroll, and Cameron Bowen. Luckily everyone stayed off of each other, Marks stayed off the wall and was able to limp his machine back down pit road.

After the field was bunched back up, drivers either took the cone or didn’t, the race was resumed with two Langley Speedway vets Mark Wertz and Greg Edwards on the front row. Edwards, making one last attempt at the lead, pinched Wertz down to the apron going into the corner but did not have enough to get the double nickel down and Wertz powered back to the lead out of two and the eventual race win. Justin Carroll took full advantage of the restart falling into the second position, however would lose the spot to Greg before the end of the race. Danny Edwards Jr., and Brenden Queen would complete the top five finishers.

The victory marked win number 100 for the Chesapeake native who announced earlier this year that 2018 will be his last year of full-time racing.

“We’ve been testing a lot, lots of shop time, the guys been busting their butts,” Wertz said in victory lane. “We learned a little bit, I knew we had a pretty good car in the first race, we were just one adjustment away. I knew those last three laps were gonna be rough, I was not going to be denied, we were either going to wreck em or win. This is number one hundred for me and I’ve spent thirty years trying to get em.”

 In other divisions, Danny Millard was able to get around Aaron Leach in the closing laps of the Hampton Roads Kart Club Wing Champ Kart race to take the win. Sean Calway was deemed the winner of the very physical Super Street feature after Dale Paro, who was first to take the checkered flag, was disqualified due to a carburetor issue. Adam Florian picked up another victory in the Pro Six series to remain undefeated and Mike Joyner grabbed another win in the Bojangle’s Enduro nightcap.

Racing will return to Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway next weekend for a Fathers Day special – twin Late Model features along with Modifieds, Grand Stocks, Super Trucks, Legends, Bando’s, and Enduro’s.


Taylor Waste Services Late Model Race 1 OFFICIAL Results;

  1. #12 Nick Smith; 75
  2. #26 Danny Edwards Jr.; 75
  3. #55 Mark Wertz; 75
  4. #97 Greg Edwards; 75
  5. #91 Justin Carroll; 75
  6. #03 Brenden Queen; 75
  7. #88 Thomas Marks; 75
  8. #9 Rodney Boyd; 75
  9. #25 Craig Eastep; 75
  10. #16 Chris Flowers; 75
  11. #75 Logan Jones; 75
  12. #77 Conner Hall; 49
  13. #20 Shawn Balluzzo; 44
  14. #4 Duane Shreeves; 37
  15. #19 Cameron Bowen; 14


Taylor Waste Services Late Model Race 2 OFFICIAL Results;

  1. #55 Mark Wertz; 75
  2. #97 Greg Edwards; 75
  3. #91 Justin Carroll; 75
  4. #26 Danny Edwards Jr.; 75
  5. #03 Brenden Queen; 75
  6. #25 Craig Eastep; 75
  7. #19 Cameron Bowen; 75
  8. #9 Rodney Boyd; 75
  9. #16 Chris Flowers; 74
  10. #75 Logan Jones; 74
  11. #88 Thomas Marks; 70
  12. #12 Nick Smith; 59
  13. #77 Conner Hall; 44
  14. #4 Duane Shreeves; 6
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