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Eyes In The Sky | Josh Williams: A Two Sport Athlete


**So I really have to admit here, I have been on the fritz here about how I wanted to go about doing these two different series. I was worried that while running the driver series it would interfere or take away the allure for this particular series. When talking with a friend of mine he advised me that it’s probably just better to keep going with content because as our off-season approaches more and more fans turn there attention to the NFL. I finally sat down and looked at a bunch of different interview outlines and decided to try a little something different. I want to try to give each new spotter we talk to something special, something they can call their own. So without further delay, I want to bring you the newest installment of our Eye’s in the Skies series. I would also like to apologize for taking so long**


Story1The Weekly Racer: So first off I would really like to thank you for taking some time and taking this interview, tell us a little bit about your self.

Josh Williams: I am from Martinsville, Virginia. Grew up about two miles away from the track there. Born September 16th, 1988, I graduated from Magna Vista High School in 2006. Took a few classes at Patrick Henry community college while starting my pro golf career after high school.

TWR: Wait a minute, so you became a pro golfer right out of high school? You have to tell us more about that!

JW: I played full time professionally after high school on the mini tours for 5 years. Won over 10 professional events including the Carolina pro golf tour tour championship. Kind of have my golf to thank for starting my spotting career because it led me to relationships with drivers and that’s how I got started with Scott Speed. We played golf all the time and I started spotting basically to get paid to come on the road and play golf with him when we weren’t at the track.

TWR: So really your golf career helped kick start your NASCAR career?

JW:Well yea pretty much. I started spotting because Scott needed someone to spot for him after he separated from Redbull and we were good friends. He asked me to do it so I could give him golf lessons basically while we weren’t at the track.

TWR: That’s actually pretty awesome, did you ever really think that might have been a turning point in your career?

JW:You know at first it was just something part time and I never really looked at is as a career. It was my first time spotting anything bigger than an Allison legacy series car, and it was the night race at Bristol too!

TWR: Speaking of cars you have spotted for, what are some other series you have spotted for?

JW: I’ve spotted in the Allison legacy series, all of the top nascar series (Cup, Nationwide, Trucks, K&N). I’ve spotted full time for Scott Speed with Leavine Family Racing in Cup (95 car). Full time this year for Michael McDowell in the 95 cup car, also full time in the Nationwide series for TJ Bell and now this year for Jeffrey Earnhardt. Also a few on & off races for some drivers like AJ Allmendinger, J.J. Yeley, Mike Wallace, Reed Sorenson, Blake Koch, Brennan Newberry, Regan Smith, Tim George Jr, Josh Wise, Mike Bliss.

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Eyes in the Sky | Jesse Vaughan Introduces A New Series To The Page

SpotterTower2A few weeks ago I started getting this idea of what it was like to spot for some hot shot race team. Every so often I will find myself watching a race and saying what I think their spotter is or should be telling them. This past weekend while at Richmond the final laps had me really questioning what it was like to be a spotter! The final six or so laps the top four were either side-by-side, nose to tail or so worried about making their cars extremely wide all while going 120+ mph working their way around a three-quarter mile racetrack. I could only imagine what radio traffic was like. Spotters are a special kind a person to a race team. These guys or girls are responsible for watching everything that goes on around you and I feel that in a local racing series these guys don’t get the credit in which I feel they deserve. 

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