Casey Kern – Editor/Videographer

Casey Kern ~
Age: 30
Birthplace: Hampton, VA
Office Assistant – Riverside Medical Group
Pit Sign in & Ticket Sales at Langley Speedway



To say that my life pretty much revolves around cars would be an understatement, I have two jobs, one with a car dealership, the other with our local race track, Langley Speedway, and I have a family full of racing enthusiasts. This will be my second year working for the racetrack and I have to say, it’s definitely the more exciting job! Especially now that I’ve made so many new friends at the track, there’s never a dull moment on any of my Saturday nights!

My husband has been talking about wanting to do some writing for a blog for a very long time but if you know anything about him, then you know his grammar and comma usage are downright horrible. Sorry babe, but you know it’s true. So to be able to help him out on this blog of his is really something special!

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