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Dominion Raceway to Kick-Off Virginia Race Week with the W.O. Grubb 150

Thornburg, VA – Dominon Raceway announced on Tuesday evening that Hermie Sadler will be the MC for the night of the W.O. Grubb 150 that will help kick off the Richmond race weekend for the second year in a row.

Along with the special MC some out of town drivers will be running for the big prize along with state and national NASCAR points that could decide both the state and national titles. Lee Pulliam is fighting for his fourth NASCAR Whelen All-American Series title, which would tie him up with Phillip Morris for most national titles in the series, where he has a one point lead over Trevor Huddleston out of California. Morris has a sizable lead in the state race over Peyton Sellers who is also on the entry list and has a few DR wins on the season already.

The 150-lap race will be one of the biggest winning purses in the region for late model racing giving the winner $10,000 for taking the checkers. As an added bonus, anyone who enters the W.O. Grubb 150 who also runs The Big 1 will qualify to win an extra $2,000 if they win the second 150-lap race. Both races will have no competition cautions or a break and all caution laps will count.

To help fill the line-up out on the night the INEX Legends and Bandos will run again after taking a break for a couple race weekends along with the UCARs and Dominion Stocks. The pre-race ceremonies look to start off at 6:55 with the green flag flying at 7:00 PM.


Preliminary Entry List
#01 Sergio Pena
#01 Phillip Morris
#03 Brenden Queen
#4 Timmy Phipps
#5 Lee Pulliam
#5 Billy Morris
#7 Michael Hardin
#07 Richard Storm
#8 Tyler Hughes
#11 Jeff Oakley
#12 Nick Smith
#16 Chandler Sherman
#17 Scott Puryear
#24 Colin Garrett
#24 Chris Johnson
#25 Robert Bruce
#26 Peyton Sellers
#51 Ray Terczak
#57 Eddie Johnson
#77 Logan Jones
#82 Mike Ganoe
#82 Cameron Burke
#83 Matt Bowling
#88 Doug Barnes

The 602 Tour Puts on a Show at ECMS Along with the Mischa Sell Memorial

Robersonville, NC — The 602 Super Limited Tour made a stop at the tight and technical East Carolina Motor Speedway for their 4th race of the year. Along with the 75 lap 602 Tour race the track also played host to the 6th Annual Mischa Sell Memorial Race.

In group qualifying for the tour race Andrew Durham ran the fastest time of 15.907 to grab on the pole. He went on to roll a two for an invert so Jimmie Brewer would lead the field to the green.

Right off the bat the tricky exit of turn two claimed Blake Shupe before a lap was even completed. Once the race got under way Brewer showed a lot of speed but Durham would never fall back too far. Rock Harris sat in third waiting for something up front to happen for him to capitalize on and move up. Twenty five laps in and the leaders were already up to the fifth place car. While battling through that lapped traffic Durham took the lead on lap-31 after Brewer was slowed down. After putting the fourth place car a lap down on lap-45 the caution came out for Kirk Sheets spinning out of turn-4 and his radiator dumped everything it had on the track.

The damage done to Harris’ ride late in the race.

On the restart Durham and Harris stayed in the low line with Brewer choosing to go high. Coming back to complete the first green flap lap Harris makes it three wide and takes the lead into turn one. Brewer gave Harris a couple shots from his bumper as the leader kept it glued to the bottom of the track. This kept going on along with Brewer pushing Durham to his limits as he tried to take second place back. With under five to go Durham pushed too hard and ended up wrecking Harris giving him a lot of right side damage. Harris was sent to the rear and Durham kept his position but Rock was able to take the cone and start up front. Durham held on to the win with Harris not far behind him in second and the drivers talked it out before the interviews, which is always good to see.

Andrew Durham in Victory Lane at East Carolina Motor Speedway after winning the 4th 602 event of the year.

Mischa Sell Memorial

Nine limited late models entered the 6th Annual Mischa Sell Memorial race. East Carolina regulars Louis White, Wesley Johnson, and Kenneth Mercer decided to take a stab at it along with the great limited driver Ross “Boo Boo” Dalton.

In qualifying White won the pole running a 15.418 second lap, Johnson ran a 15.503 for second, and rounding out the top-3 was Maddy Ryan running a 15.545.

Maddy Ryan didn’t waste much time trying to grab second place from Johnson six laps in but she couldn’t complete the move. A few laps later she tries to keep Dalton behind her but gets bumped and falls back to sixth. With this going on behind them White and Johnson run away pretty quickly and Dylan Ward found himself up to third place.

Forty-one laps in and Dalton got by Ward for third place as White found another gear and started pulling away from Johnson. The field started to get really stretched out at this point but have no fear, some REAL debris was on track and that yellow flag flew in the air. They restarted the race with White and Dalton on the front row but they would be under the caution again for Jac Creed hitting the wall in turn-4.

All the drivers took the same spots for the restart and Dalton again fell into second place for a few laps until Johnson was able to grab the position back. Right behind them Maddy had worked her way up to fourth after passing Kenneth Mercer with 36 laps to go. Five laps later Johnson made it up to White’s bumper and they ran close for the next 11 laps until Johnson grabbed the lead. At this point White looked to have nothing left and Dalton started creeping closer to him but could never fully close the gap.

Wesley Johnson takes the checkers with a huge gap over White to win the 6th annual race.

Wesley Johnson in victory lane for the 6th Annual Mischa Sell Memorial Race.

602 Tour Finishing Order
1. Andrew Durham
2. Rock Harris
3. Robbie Brewer
4. Jac Creed
5. Melvin Langley
6. Richard Trotter
7. Wesley Thompson
8. Kirk Sheets
9. Blake Shupe

MSMR Finishing Order
1. Wesley Johnson
2. Louis White
3. Ross Dalton
4. Maddy Ryan
5. Dylan Ward
6. Kenneth Mercer
7. Wayne Goss
8. Melvin Langley (DNF)
9. Jac Creed (DNF)

Rodney Boyd Bounces Back for Twin Wins

Hampton, VA – After a couple tough outings for Rodney Boyd bounced back on Saturday claiming the pole for the first twin race of the night in the Pepsi Grand Stock divison. He ran a 18.177 second lap to beat out Tommy Sweeney’s 18.316 who was looking for his fourth in a row.

Right off the bat Sweeney’s night started rough getting stuck on the high line and fell to fourth within a couple laps. Meanwhile Boyd ran out to a second lead over Mark Frye. With nine laps to go Frye started reeling in Boyd while in turn-3 Tim Wilson spins out, but he was able to get it rolling again with no caution thrown.

With five laps to go Frye caught Boyd and made contact with the leader and was sent to the rear of the field with the call from the tower saying he was driving too agressively, Boyd also went to the rear for being involved. On the restart Paul Lubno went low as the leader and Sweeney went high but it didn’t work out for him. Boyd wasted no time getting back up front and under Lubno for the lead. With Boyd coming to the checkers Shawn Scovel and Wilson spun out down the back stretch.

Race Two

After the invert Kevin Morgan started on the pole with Frye’s substitute driver Brandon Hinson to his outside. Two laps in and they were three wide down the back stretch as the faster cars started coming through the field. A lap later Wilson body slams against Boyd to take over fourth place. Caution would fly with a scary incident involving Sweeney, his driveshaft came apart and at first it looked like it may have come through his floor board. Fortunately it had just hit the floor har enough to dislodge the onboard extinguisher which shot into his arm, leaving the driver sore but no broken bones.

On the restart Lubno kept the lead as Wilson fell to second place and started to come under pressure from Boyd. Boyd got by quickly and started going after Lubno with eleven laps to go in the race. Boyd made the pass on the inside for the lead with Hinson not wasting any time to get by Lubno for second. With under five laps to go Hinson ran out of time to try and take the checkers and Boyd got his second win of the night and his fifth of the season. With the updated points he sit backs nine points from Sweeney who is in the lead.


Race 1 Results

  1. Rodney Boyd
  2. Paul Lubno
  3. Tommy Sweeney
  4. Tim Wilson
  5. Shawn Scovel
  6. Jonathan White -1
  7. Mark Frye -2
  8. Kevin Morgan -7

Race 2 Results

  1. Rodney Boyd
  2. Brandon Hinson
  3. Paul Lubno
  4. Kevin Morgan
  5. Shawn Scovel
  6. Jonathan White -5
  7. Tim Wilson -8
  8. Tommy Sweeney -14


Victory Lane Photo Credit – King Charles Photography

Tommy Jackson Jr and Bradley Kilby Pick up INEX Wins

Hampton, VA – Tommy Jackson Jr. has returned to his winning ways after a rough start to the season, wrecking two cars on two different opening nights. He qualified on the pole for the 25 lap feature running a 18.134 to beat out Spencer Saunders. Through the race the two battled nose to tail the entire 25 laps with Saunders able to apply some nudges to Jackson in the closing laps but not able to get by the fast 87 car. The win is his second in a row at Langley Speedway. Down in victory lane Tommy talked about the tight racing with Saunders, “Me and Spencer were team mates a couple years ago so its a lot of fun running really competitive with him like that, he’s had great cars. I was a little loose during the race but it was good enough and it was really good in the long runs.”

Bradley Kilby in Victory Lane – Credit: John Long

In the Bandoleros, Autumn Weaver ran fastest time in group qualifying with a 21.696 to beat out the other seven cars in the session. After taking the green she went three wide with Bradley Kilby going down low and Cole Bruce on her high side. Kilby and Weaver win out on the exchange and Bruce falls back to Jacob Putnam. The top-6 from this point ran side by side for the opening three laps with Kilby edging Weaver to the line and after fifth and sixth sorted their positions the top-4 ran side by side for another five laps. Bradley defended the bottom line well with Weaver closing in with just a few laps left and is able to hold on to the win.

Twin Races Equals Twin Wins for Balluzzo and Sweeney

Hampton, VA The IMCA style Larry King Law Modifieds returned to Langley Speedway for another night of twin racing around the historic track. Points leader Shawn Balluzzo missed out on the pole to the driver who’s right behind him. Matt Carter ran a 16.784 to Shawn’s 16.901 to lead the field to the green flag.

Off the start Carter cleared Balluzzo easily and after a couple laps he had a few cars between him and the second place runner. Matt held him off for much of the race but on the twenty-first lap Balluzzo is able to get by him as they went through some lapped traffic. Shawn cruised to the win in the first mod race of the night after that. Farther back Andrew Fortin was able to get into third passing Matt Slye and Bobby Gery after starting last moved up to 8th, he had problems with the car through practices and was not able to qualify.

With that finish he moved to the pole for the second race start and Balluzzo opted to start on the rear for his bonus national points if he can win. Gery, still battling mechanical problems, let the field go so nothing bad would happen. Jamie Sample took the lead on the first lap and then Bubba Johnston took over on the second lap while the field shuffled behind them. Sample led again on the sixth lap and Balluzzo was making his way up to sixth place. The caution would fly as Donnie Holston made contact with Gery causing him to spin out.

On the restart Balluzzo stayed low moving himself into third place and wasted no time getting into second position. On the 18th lap Shawn got by Sample for the lead and Danny Harrell was able to move into second as Sample started falling off a bit. With a big lead Balluzzo grabbed his second win of the night, 7th on the season, and the extra national points.


Pepsi Grand Stocks

Tommy Sweeney in Victory Lane – CREDIT: John Long

In the Pepsi Grand Stocks Rodney Boyd ran the fast time of a 18.401 after having a rough last outing. Tommy Sweeney, who has three wins on the season, missed out on the pole by .022. The two drivers have some history from this year but the start of the race went off with no troubles. Five laps in and Sweeney was still almost glued to Boyd’s bumper and a couple laps Sweeney started giving him some bumps, and on lap-8 it was good enough to get Boyd loose and Tommy took the lead. Paul Lubno and Mark Frye weren’t far behind and started putting on a lot of pressure to Boyd. Lubno gave Frye a good door to door slap to Frye and beat him to the line but couldn’t get by him. Frye eventually got around Boyd on the high line to take second place. With two to go Johnathon White shoves Tom Wilson up the track for 5th while Sweeney cruises to his fourth win.

Shawn Scovel finished 8th so he has the gift of the invert pole for the second race. With only nine cars in the field Sweeney tried his luck falling back to ninth for extra points. Two laps in and and Sweeney was up to fifth already while Wilson passed Scovel for the lead. Just six laps into the race and Tommy was into third with Scovel in front of him after Boyd nudged him out of the way for second. Fifteen laps in and Sweeney gets under Boyd for the lead and Frye sneaks by as well. Boyd made a last ditch effort to move Frye coming to the finish but he stays in third while Sweeney sweeps the night and snags his fifth win.


The 9th Annual Hampton Heat Was Anything but Predictable

Hampton, VA – When Bobby McCarty took the checkered flag on Saturday night everyone was a bit surprised. With some of the greats in the region participating in the race like Philip Morris, Peyton Sellers, CE Falk, and Greg Edwards the young driver flew under the radar.

CE Falk dominated 95% of the race, looking like he was gonna grab his fourth Hampton Heat win. However, with a race full of late cautions, Falk’s machine looked to struggle on restarts. Nick Smith, Brenden “Butterbean” Queen, and Bobby McCarty were there waiting for a slip-up, though. Butterbean was able to get his best finish at Langley Speedway finishing second in the 200-lap race, showing lots of discipline in the first half controlling his tire wear and keeping the car clean. Earlier in the day before the race, Brenden mentioned on our podcast that they switched to the Ford crate engine for the long race thinking it would help with tire wear and he definitely had a lot of cars left as the race wound down climbing from 8th to his finishing position.

Justin T. Carroll also made his return for the trophy race after taking a race weekend off to run in the CARS Tour and picked up a solid 5th place finish. He didn’t fall off that much missing the one race in track points. Looking through the rest of the field Casey Wyatt was able to finish 8th, possibly a turning point for the 92.9 The Wave Chevrolet as they have been a little off this season with keeping up the track changes when Langley sat idle for a year. The father and son team of Justin S. Carroll and Terry Carroll seemed to struggle early on but both made some good adjustments and were able to finish nineth and tenth.

Cody Carlton, who made his Late Model debut earlier this year, finished sevententh in the thirty-one car field in his first Hampton Heat. The rookie, however, was the last car on the lead lap when the checkered flag waved. Grayson Cullather, who is the 2016 Southside Speedway Rookie of the Year – where they run mainly 40 lap races – was able to hold on for 143 laps before parking his machine after spinning out. Macy Causey, who has been running primarily at Dominion Raceway when not running with Rev, came to Langley in her #33 Rev Racing machine. She was having a good run early on but ended up totaling the front end of her car after hard contact with the inside pit wall after racing with Terry Carroll. The other young lady in the field, Maddy Ryan, had to check out just 19 laps in to the race after suffering some broken front end components.

Some of the Langley veterans didn’t have much luck yet again as the race was won by an “out of towner.” Greg Edwards, Danny Edwards Jr, and Matt Waltz all had to park early. Danny and Matt both had front end damage from seperate incidents and decided to save the cars for another day while Greg got caught up in the Langley version of the big one involving six cars.

In the end McCarty was able to make the moves to propel him to the win in his first race at the historic track, and the fifth time in six races that an out of towner has won the prestigious event. To put that in perspective Morris just got his first win a couple weeks ago. His team mate, Timothy Peters, also had a great recovery after losing the entire right side of his car and picking up a seventh place finish.

The Taylor Waste Services Late Models return to regular racing this weekend, July 29th, 2017, for twin 66-lap features, Matt Waltz will start the night with an eight point lead over Greg Edwards as he looks for his first track championship. The Super Streets, Super Trucks, UCAR, HRKC Wing Karts, and Enduro’s will also have features.

Tommy Sweeney Grabs Another Win in the Grand Stocks; Travis Wall Gets His First Win in 2017 for Pro Six

Hampton, VA – Tommy Sweeney ran a fast time of 18.501 in the group qualifying session for the Pepsi Grand Stocks at Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway. Starting on his outside was Rodney Boyd off the pace by just over a tenth of a second. Altogether seven cars took time for their 40 lap feature.

Off the start Boyd had troubles quickly falling back through the field leaving second place open for Paul Lubno. Five laps in Lubno was close enough to give Sweeney bump on his rear bumper grabbing first place early on. A couple laps later and Mark Frye put some pressure on Boyd to take over third place and Rodney pitted a couple laps later to have his crew tend to his hurting car.

On lap-16 Boyd came back out on the track right behind Sweeney who he had problems with on the last weekend they raced. He got pretty close to tagging him a couple times before parking it for the rest of the race. While all that was going on Tim Wilson managed to take third place from Frye at the halfway mark.

With eleven laps to go Sweeney made his move past Lubno for the lead while Wilson and Frye also dive in to each other. Frye would slam bodies a little with Lubno pushing him into the fourth spot. With five laps to go Sweeney had a one-second lead over second place and was able to cruise easily in the closing laps to his second win in three races. With three wins on the year now and the points lead things are looking good for the #11 team.

Pro Six Feature

Travis Wall sat on top of group qualifying with a 17.747 just barely edging out Adam Florian who ran a 17.766. Wall led green to checkered for his first win in the Riverside Paper Pro Six division on the season. Bobby Hall made it up to third past JB Sipe before having some troubles with his car and having to park it with 6 laps remaining. With those troubles and only four races remaining Florian will have a big points lead over second place.


Grand Stock Results

  1. Tommy Sweeney
  2. Mark Frye
  3. Tim Wilson
  4. Paul Lubno
  5. Kevin Morgan
  6. Jonathan White -1
  7. Rodney Boyd -21

Pro Six Results

  1. Travis Wall
  2. Adam Florian
  3. JB Sipe
  4. Jordan Wood
  5. Tyler McLaughlin -1
  6. Debbie Biesecker -1
  7. Bobby Hall -6
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