Johnathan Findley Claims First Career CARS Tour Win

Jonathan Findley earned his first career Solid Rock Carriers CARS Tour win on Saturday night at Dominion Raceway in Spotsylvania Virginia in the Radley Chevrolet 125. (Photo: CARS Tour Facebook)

Thornburg, VA – The CARS Late Model Stock Tour came into town for the Radley Automotive 125 and they brought plenty of excitement with them. Jonathan Findley found victory lane to score his first career CARS Tour win and was extremely emotional in victory lane.

Jonathan Shafer set fast time with a lap time of 15.074. Corey Heim started on the outside pole and the first part of the race would be the Shafer and Heim show as they separated themselves from the field. Bobby McCarty was making his way through the field and had moved into the top five when he encountered the dreaded right-front tire issue that plagued many teams Saturday night. Series points leader Jared Fryar found the top spot at the halfway mark with Layne Riggs right behind him battling from his eleventh qualifying spot. Then as fate would have it for the front runners, Fryar slowed on the speedway with a right-front tire issue. During the caution, Riggs had to come down pit road with a right front tire down.

The next few restarts saw more carnage to cars restarting in the top six. Jonathan Findley took the lead with 45 laps remaining and would not be denied a visit to victory lane. There was a four-way photo finish for spots second through fifth that had to be confirmed by race control. Hometown hero Mini Tyrell was credited with second place for his best career finish in the series with Brandon Pierce coming home third.

The Virginia Racers Late Model Challenge took to the track for 35 laps for the seventh race of their season and Landon Pembleton picked up his second win of the season. Pembleton set fast time in qualifying with a lap of 15.968. After a six-car redraw, JD Eversole led the field to green. Points leader Davey Callihan took the lead on lap one with a strong jump on the outside.

After a couple of quick cautions, Pembleton would take advantage of the restart cone. On the restart, Callihan would jump out and Pembleton would tuck in behind him. Eight laps later Pembleton would work his way under the Callihan machine and would take over the top spot with twenty-five laps remaining. Pembleton made easy work of lap traffic and had a substantial lead over the rest of the field. There was a good battle between the top two in points, Callihan and Lightfoot for the third position in the closing laps.

Pembleton would take advantage of a straightaway lead with five laps to go and would not be denied another trip to victory lane.


CARS Tour Unofficial Results;
  1. Jonathan Findley
  2. Mini Tyrell
  3. Brandon Pierce
  4. Jonathan Shafer
  5. Layne Riggs
  6. Jared Fryar
  7. Justin Johnson
  8. Connor Mosack
  9. Matt Cox
  10. Jessica Cann
  11. Bobby McCarty
  12. Grayson Cullather
  13. Chad McCumbee
  14. Sammy Smith
  15. Corey Heim
  16. Tyler Mathews
  17. Nolan Pope
  18. Craig Moore
  19. Ronald Hill
  20. Logan Jones
Virginia Racer LM Challenge Unofficial Results;
  1. Landon Pembleton
  2. Cole Bruce
  3. Zach Lightfoot
  4. Davey Callihan
  5. Eddie Slagle
  6. Bradley Kilby
  7. JD Eversole
  8. Ryan Rector
  9. Andrew Condrey
  10. Keith Carpenter
  11. Robert Almay
  12. Robb Almay
  13. Andrew Lang
  14. Richard Storm
  15. Reid Murphy

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