Casey: Post Qualifying Who To Watch

Lee Pulliam

Currently sitting second in the VA Triple Crown standings Pulliam spent most of his on track time inside of the top ten in speed. Pulliam is one of those drivers that can climb out of the car for half a season and jump right back in the seat and win a big race. His fifth place qualifying effort will certainly help his chances come race time tonight. Make sure to keep your eyes on the No. 5 Kiker Tree Services machine for all 200 laps. You may be seeing it land in victory.


Bobby McMarty

McCarty kind of came out of no where a few years back when he worked his way into Dale Lemonds Victory Lane back in 2017 when he won the prestigious Hampton Heat 200. From there on, the words Victory Lane & Bobby McCarty have started to become synonymous. Currently leading the Cars Tour Late Model Stock standings with two wins McCarty will roll off tonight in the third postion and with at least 50-laps less on his tires. We would be silly not to take the odds on McCarty.


Peyton Sellers

A former Xfinity Series driver, NWAAS National & State Champion, Peyton Sellers has once again has proven why he is one of the best in the business. Peyton will take the green flag from the fifth postiion later tonight which could be the best thing to help him earn his first ValleyStar Credit Union 300 win and keep the iconic Grandfather Clock here in Danville.


CE Falk

The defending race winner is someone you always have to keep an eye on. Whether they forced their way into victory lane or had luck on their side once you get a taste of victory lane thats all you want. Falk, a staple at Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway before moving to Charlotte, has won the most Hampton Heat’s (3) in the histroy of the event along with NWAAS Regional championships before switching over to the current divisions. Falk did not have the qualifying effort that we thought he was going to have, however, he is locked into the show with his twentith place qualifying spot.


Josh Berry

Obviously picked in no particular order following last nights track record breaking qualifying performance Josh Berry comes into this race with a little bit of a chip on his shoulder in our opinion. After dominating most of the race last year and having the lead taken away from him on one of the strangest calls we have ever heard then an unfortunate accident, Berry’s hopes of a victory last year fell a little more that fifty laps short. Berry currently trails McCarty in the CARS Tour points standings but has collected three victories this year. We dont want to jynx him and his team but this year looks pretty good for Berry to take home his first clock. 



Justin “Toast” Carroll

He he’s hot he is hot. When he’s not… he is still pretty good. Carroll had a great run in the opening leg of the VA Tripple Crown till an cluster on the front stretch took him out of the running. Even though he elected not to compete in the Hampton Heat 200 Carroll has picked up a few wins at Ace. Carroll will roll off tonights 200-lap feature from the 10th position. As long as he can keep his nose clean and tires under him he could be a factor!


Dark Horse

Matt Waltz

Yup, you are reading this right. Matt Waltz is on our list because Matt Waltz is here at Martinsville competeting for a Grandfather Clock and a place in history. He hasnt been behind the wheel of a race car in a little while but is still one hell of a driver. Hopefully he can knock the dust of his gloves and wheel the car to the front. He will have a little bit of an uphill battle today has his 39th place qualifying position forces him to roll off 10th in the first heat race. As long as he can keep the nosr clean and not fall back from his starting position he will at least make the show.


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