Logan Roberson Slides Carson Ferguson with Two Laps Remaining to Score the $3000 FASTRAK Prelude to the World Championship victory; Thomas, Shelton and Bradley also pick Up Wins

Jamacia, VA –Logan Roberson of Waynesboro, VA got by Carson Ferguson of Charlotte, NC with two laps, executing a perfect slide job for the lead. Roberson would go on to score the win in the Northern Neck Chevrolet Prelude to the World Championship at Virginia Motor Speedway. Roberson made two attempts to get by Ferguson before finally pulling off the slide job to take the lead. Once out front he was able to hold Ferguson at bay for the victory.

“Racing with my friend Carson (Ferguson) was a blast, I hated getting into him for the win. We thrashed really hard after hot laps to get this car to where we think we have a really good car for the World Championship,” commented Roberson in WhosYourDriver.org victory lane.

Rounding out the top five were Carson Ferguson, Corey Almond, Justin Williams and Walker Arthur.

In other action Christian Thomas of Wake Forest, NC made his long trip pay off with a flag to flag Budweiser Modified victory; in the Truckin Thunder Sportsman Tim Shelton of Fredericksburg, VA wired the field for the win, and in the Collision One Limited Stock Car 25 lap feature Cory Bradley of Hopewell, VA scored his third win of the season.

Michael Brown and Dillon Brown led the field to green with Michael Brown taking the top spot on the drop of the green flag. On the next lap Kyle Hardy would work his way into second, getting past Dillon Brown in turn 3. On lap 4 Brown and Hardy got together racing for the lead entering turn 4 ending Hardy’s night. On the restart Carson Ferguson rocketed to the lead with Brown heading to the infield with mechanical issues.

Behind Ferguson, Justin Williams, Walker Arthur, Matt Long, Logan Roberson and Corey Almond all battled for second through six. On lap 27 Roberson began working on Williams for second when caution would fly for a stopped Dale Hollidge. On the restart Roberson got inside Williams for second and on the next circuit Almond got by Williams for third.

On lap 34 Roberson closed in on Ferguson and began to pressure him for the lead. At the same time Justin Williams and Corey Almond began their battle for third. On lap 37 Roberson made a move to get inside Ferguson in turn 3, Roberson was able to complete the slide job and take over the top spot. Just as that happened Almond got inside Williams for the last time to take third as Roberson went on to score the $3000 victory over Ferguson. Walker Arthur would round out the top five.

Christian Thomas of Wake Forest, NC made the long trip to Virginia Motor Speedway well worth the drive leading flag to flag to score the Budweiser Modified victory. Ryan Toole and Thomas led the twenty-two car field to green with Thomas grabbing the lead off turn 2 followed by Hunter McClendon in second. McClendon tried several times to get inside Thomas for the lead only to be held at bay. Austin Holcombe made a late dash to the front, getting to third with five to go. With Thomas in control and heading to the checkers for the win, Holcombe got under McClendon out of turn four with McClendon holding off Holcombe for second with Ryan Toole and David Parker rounding out the top five.

Tim Shelton of Fredericksburg, VA charged from his fifth place starting position to take the lead from Brett Adkins and went on to score an easy win. Behind him the action for 2nd and fourth was hot and heavy. But no one could close in on Shelton as he went on to score the win with Brett Adkins, Tyler Shipp, Chase Burrow and Joe Weiss rounding out the top five.

Cory Bradley of Hopewell, VA outdueled Trent Clemans and James Givens to score the win in the Collision One Limited Stock Car 25 lap feature. Bradley would get the lead on the drop of the green flag and then hold off several challenges by Clemans going on to lead flag to flag for his third win of the season. Rounding out the top five were Randy Hutchens, James Givens, Chris Champion and Jay Seward.

The speedway will take the weekend of August 31st off and return to racing on Saturday, September 7t to host Collision One Limited Stock Championship Night featuring the Victory Lap Pro Late Model, Truckin Thunder Sportsman, Budweiser Modified and Collision On Limited Stock Car divisions in Dirt Series Championship weekly racing action. Champions in all four divisions will be crowned.

Competitor gates for Saturday, September 7th will open at 3pm with spectator gates opening at 5pm. On track activities will begin at 6:30pm with hot laps.

Adult tickets are just $12; seniors (60+) $10; military $8; students 13 – 17 years old $6; and children 12 and under free. Pit passes, regardless of age, will be $25. All tickets will be sold the day of the event.

Bill Sawyer’s Virginia Motor Speedway is a ½ mile dirt oval track is located on U.S. Route 17, eight miles north of Saluda, VA and 25 miles south of Tappahannock, VA in Jamaica, VA. The speedway is just a short drive from Richmond, Fredericksburg, Southern Maryland and the Hampton Roads area.

Race fans can go to www.vamotorspeedway.com to view the complete schedule Virginia Motor Speedway’s 2019 season, find detailed event information, get the latest news, and get complete ticket and camping information. In addition, fans can get social with Virginia Motor Speedway by following @vamotorspeedway on Twitter, clicking “Like” at www.facebook.com/VaMotorSpeedway and on www.youtube.com/VaMotorSpeedway.




FASTRAK PRELUDE TO THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP (40 Laps): 1. 17R-Logan Roberson [4]; 2. 00-Carson Ferguson [5]; 3. 7A-Corey Almond [7]; 4. 2W-Justin Williams [12]; 5. 87-Walker Arthur [13]; 6. 6-Dillon Brown [2]; 7. 55-Matt Long [6]; 8. 30-Tyler Bare [14]; 9. 11D-Banjo Duke [11]; 10. 22-Nick Schlager [23]; 11. 01-Matt Glanden [20]; 12. 71-Davis Lipscombe [15]; 13. 2-Frankie Beard [21]; 14. 09-Brad Rigdon [24]; 15. 6J-Jacob Brown [8]; 16. 101-Forrest Trent [16]; 17. 0-Dale Hollidge [18]; 18. 32-Michael Brown [1]; 19. 79-Kyle Hardy [3]; 20. 22E-Russell Erwin [19]; 21. 18E-Ethan Wilson [22]; 22. 2G-Ron Geehring [17]; 23. 14C-Chuck Bowie [10]; 24. 11-David Smith [9]

B Feature 1 (12 Laps – Top 3 Transfer)

  1. 2G-Ron Geehring [2]; 2. 22E-Russell Erwin [3]; 3. 2-Frankie Beard [13]; 4. 03-Garrett Paugh [4]; 5. 99-Samuel Bryant [7]; 6. 17-Zach Blackwell [1]; 7. 11C-Trevor Collins [11]; 8. 92-Nick Davis [9]; 9. 7R-Cameron Ramsey [10]; 10. 8-Jeremy Pilkerton [8]; 11. T27-Andrew Durham [12]; 12. 40-Brent Bordeaux [14]; 13. 22-Nick Schlager [6]; 14. 80-Joey Love [5]

B Feature 2 (12 Laps – Top 3 Transfer):

  1. 0-Dale Hollidge [3]; 2. 01-Matt Glanden [1]; 3. 18E-Ethan Wilson [9]; 4. 09-Brad Rigdon [5]; 5. 100-Troy Williams [6]; 6. K2-John Over [14]; 7. 8P-Joe Pete [10]; 8. 28-Carl Vaughan [12]; 9. 5*-Vaughan Haywood [11]; 10. 18-Jamie Sutphin [4]; 11. 24-Kenny Moreland [7]; 12. 25-Jonathan Raley [2]; 13. 38-Nick Love [8]; (DNS) 2*-Jared Powell

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