Greg Edwards Returns to Dale Lemonds Victory Lane at Langley Speedway; Tim Wilson Doubles in Twin Grand Stock Features

Greg Edwards celebrates in Dale Lemonds Victory Lane at Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway. (Charlie Alexander/King Charles Photography)

Hampton, VA– After picking up his first win of the season, Greg Edwards looked to continue his momentum into the 100-lap feature. He did just that by capturing the pole position over brother Danny Edwards Jr. Justin Carroll, Brenden Queen, and Connor Hall rounded out the top five starters.

The green flag would fly and the field of thirteen Late Models went two by two into turns one and two. Pole sitter Greg Edwards took the lead heading down the backstretch with his older brother Danny Edwards right behind him. Third place starter Justin Carroll had a handful of Connor Hall already as they battled for third place. Greg had already put a small gap between him and Danny as he battled Carroll and Hall for the position. Ten laps into the feature Justin made his move on Danny, moving him up the track to take second away. Hall looked to follow in Justin’s tracks but the veteran took to the bottom of the track away. With all the battling for second, Greg had built a half a straightaway lead already over the field. A quarter of the way through the feature and Danny returned the favor moving Justin up the track to set up a side by side battle with Hall right on both drivers bumpers wait long for one to make a mistake.

Greg started to catch lap traffic as Danny began to put some space between him and Hall. Justin was still looking for every opportunity to get past Hall. With thirty-five laps in the books Justin dove to the inside of Hall in turn three driving up to his door down the front stretch and clearing him into turn one. Hall pulled a crossover maneuver on the backstretch and took the inside right back from Justin. Meanwhile, Greg worked a full straightaway lead over Danny. Justin and Hall’s battle finally ended after ten laps of swapping positions and door-to-door racing when Justin pulled ahead. Further through the field, Zach Lightfoot looked to hold off Thomas Marks for seventh but Marks was just too strong.

Halfway through the feature, the top five drivers were Greg Edwards, Danny Edwards, Justin Carroll, Connor Hall, and Brenden Queen. With the help of some lap traffic, Queen was not only able to catch Hall but battle him for the fourth position. However, the lapped machine of Mulligan did not play too kind to Queen as she held him up for two laps causing Queen to lose ground on Hall. Greg Edwards also ran into problems with lap traffic as Zach Lightfoot got in the way of Greg going into turn one causing Greg to make contact with him. After being caught up in lap traffic, Queen was able to catch Hall for the fourth position and took it right from him. The first and only caution came on lap 96 after Madyson Mulligan and Rodney Boyd made contact sending Boyd through the grass in turn two. Boyd wasn’t too pleased with the contact as he showed displeasure with Mulligan under caution.

With the cone rule, the top four cars lined up side by side for the restart. Green flag flew and the field drove into turn one side by side. Greg jumped out in front out of turn two with Danny stuck on the outside of Justin. Going into turn three Queen stuck his right front to the inside of Justin to cause a quick three wide situation with Danny coming out of it in second, Justin third and Queen sticking to fourth. White flag flew and Terry Carroll made a last lap attempt to gain position and took sixth away from Thomas Marks. Checkered flag flew and Greg Edwards picked up his second straight win of the season. Danny, Justin, Queen and Hall were the only cars on the lead lap and were your top five finishers.


Taylor Waste Services Late Model Stock Car Results;

  1. #21 Greg Edwards; 100
  2. #26 Danny Edwards; 100
  3. #91 Justin Carroll; 100
  4. #03 Brenden Queen; 100
  5. #77 Connor Hall; 100
  6. #90 Terry Carroll; 99
  7. #88 Thomas Marks; 99
  8. #7 Zach Lightfoot; 99
  9. #4 Duane Shreeves; 99
  10. #2 Gracie Trotter; 99
  11. #9 Rodney Boyd; 98
  12. #10 Madyson Mulligan; 98
  13. #25 Craig Eastep; 9


Tim Wilson Doubles Down in Pepsi Grand Stock Twins

Tim Wilson grabbed the pole for the first 25-lap feature of the night with Jimmy Adkins lining up with him on the front row. Sammy Gaita, Paul Lubno, and Michael Waters rounded out the rest of the top five. Once the green flag flew it wasn’t long until the first caution of the night came out. Sammy Gaita and Jimmy Adkins made contact in turn two, causing Gaita to go for a spin on lap one. On the restart, a caution would instantly be displayed as race control said the leader, Tim Wilson, jumped the start. Green flag flew and this time Wilson had a clean start and took the lead out of turn two. Dale Nichols was blacked flag for having a fuel leak. The third caution of the evening would come out for Nichols who spun in turn four on lap six.

Green flag flew and Wilson got a great start and took off again. Lubno continued to battle Adkins for second allowing Wilson to continue to pull away. After the early spin, Gaita got to the back bumper of Waters on lap 13 and made the pass for the fourth position. After battling Adkins for second, Lubno finally made the pass on lap 19 and set his sights on Wilson. Lubno wouldn’t have enough time as the checkered flag flew and Tim Wilson picked up his first win of the season. Paul Lubno, Jimmy Adkins, Sammy Gaita and Michael Waters were your top five finishers.

With NASCAR rules, the top eight finishers from the first twin must be inverted for the second twin. With only eight cars showing up, the whole field switched around. This putting rookie Amanda Satterly on the pole with Matt Morgan starting second, Dale Nichols third, Michael Waters fourth and Sammy Gaita fifth.

With one to go until the start of the race, Satterly dropped to the back of the field. As the green flag was displayed the field went two-by-two for the first two laps. Nichols would fall all the way to seventh after inheriting the lead from Satterly. Kevin Morgan eventually took the lead on the outside showing the way for the first four laps. That was until Lubno took it from him. Lubno wouldn’t hold the lead long either as Wilson charged through the field to take the lead on lap seven.

Jimmy Adkins would also take the position from Lubno on lap seven moving Lubno to third. Gaita and Waters continued their battle from the first race as they battled for fourth position once again. Gaita would get the spot but was way loose out of turn four giving Waters a chance to peak his nose to the inside. Gaita though, was able to hold the position over Waters. Lap 15 and Wilson had a slim lead over Adkins and Lubno as they all continued to battle for position. Lubno did all he could do but Adkins had a strong car coming out of all turns and was able to pull away from Lubno. Checkered flag flew once again for Tim Wilson as he double downed the twin races. Jimmy Adkins, Paul Lubno, Sammy Gaita and Michael Waters were your top five once again.

At the conclusion of the evening, NASCAR officials deemed the No. 17 of Wilson and #14 of Lubno’s drive shafts to be too short resulting in a disqualification from both features. Race Director Shayne Laws informed TWR Tuesday afternoon that both drivers finishes have been reinstated.


Twin #1 Results

  1. #17 Tim Wilson; 25
  2. #14 Paul Lubno; 25
  3. #29 Jimmy Adkins; 25
  4. #24 Sammy Gaita; 25
  5. #2 Michael Waters; 25
  6. #8 Dale Nichols; 25
  7. #1 Kevin Morgan; 23
  8. #51 Amanda Satterly; 23


Twin #2 Results

  1. #17 Tim Wilson; 25
  2. # 14 Paul Lubno; 25
  3. #29 Jimmy Adkins; 25
  4. #24 Sammy Gaita; 25
  5. #2 Michael Waters; 25
  6. #1 Kevin Morgan; 25
  7. #8 Dale Nichols; 25
  8. #51 Amanda Satterly; 22

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