Young Guns Connor Hall and Brenden Queen Split Twin Races at Langley Speedway

Hampton, VA – In a stacked field of 18 Late Model Stock Cars, Greg Edwards of Poquoson, VA, put up a time of 15.729 to capture his first pole of the season. Brenden Queen, Danny Edwards Jr, Peyton Sellers, and Connor Hall rounded out the starting five for the first of two 70-lap races of the night.

Once the green flag flew, Greg Edwards got out to an early lead over Chesapeake native Brenden Queen, and brother Danny Edwards Jr. Danny ended up battling Queen for the second position and getting around him as problems began to develop for Queen who was freight trained on the bottom groove before settling back into the ninth position. From there, Queen would drop to the rear of the field and pull his car to pit road with issues under the hood. The issue would put an early end to his chances of victory in the first race.

Looking back towards the front, Greg Edwards kept a solid lead over brother Danny Edwards as the battle for fifth between Peyton Sellers, Nick Sanchez and Terry Carroll began to heat up.

The first caution of the night came out on lap 14 as Craig Eastep took a spin coming out of turn two. On the following restart, Rodney Boyd, Cameron Bowen, Duane Shreeves, and Rick Gdovic all got into a big wreck going into turn two. This incident would end Shreeves, Gdovic, and Bowen’s night for the first race, while Boyd was able to continue.

Green flag would fly and Edwards took off to another lead as the battle for third began to heat up between Hall and Sanchez. Danny would follow in behind Greg but just couldn’t quite get to his bumper to make a move.

Lap 20 came on the scoreboard and your top five were Greg Edwards, Danny Edwards, Conor Hall, Nick Sanchez, and Justin Carroll. After Hall made his was past Sanchez, he had made his way to Danny’s back bumper in no time resulting in a heated side by side, back and forth battle for second position.

Throughout the field, battles were being created everywhere. Zach Lightfoot, Thomas Marks, and Peyton Sellers began to battle for the eighth position for multiple laps leading to Sellers getting the spot. Hall set his eyes on Greg as he gradually began to close the gap for the lead. Lap traffic became a big factor as they were giving Greg no help and allowing Hall to make a move. As lap 51 went up in lights we saw Connor Hall finally take the lead after getting past Greg. Danny began to battle Greg for second which allowed Hall to pull away from the field. With clean air in front of Hall, it was smooth sailing to the checkered flag. Hall picked up his second consecutive win of the season as Greg Edwards, Danny Edwards, Nick Sanchez, and Justin Carroll rounded out your top five finishers.

With the NASCAR rules, on twin nights the top eight from the first race are inverted, this put Rev Racing’s Brooke Storer on the pole for twin number two. Terry Carroll, Peyton Sellers, Justin Carroll, and Nick Sanchez were your starting five.

Once the green flag flew it would be Terry Carroll who jumped out to the early lead followed by his son, Justin. Storer was quickly shuffled back through the field, finally finding a place in eighth. Sanchez would battle Sellers for position eventually giving a little nudge and took third, Danny Edwards Jr would follow right behind him. Sellers would also fall victim to the second groove, and if you know Langley, you know that’s not where you want to be unless your name is Matt Waltz. Sellers finally found a spot to get back down to the inside lane but, unfortunately, it would be eighth position.

Justin Carrol took the lead from dad Terry and immediately put some distance between him and the field. Sanchez putting on an impressive debut at Langley looked to get past Terry for second as well. Just twelve laps in and after starting last due to issues in the first race, Brenden Queen had made his way all the way up to the third position. Just like Sellers, Terry got stuck on the outside line and fell back into seventh position.

Just shy of halfway and Queen had closed the gap and was all over the leaders back bumper giving him a nudge and taking the lead. Queen then had his work cut out for him As the started to catch lap traffic already. Luckily they made it easy for Queen to get by and build a gap between him and Justin who would immediately have focus his attention on Sanchez but before he could make a move a caution would fly. Reason for the caution was contact between Lightfoot and Storer. Lightfoot would spin in turn three.

On the restart, Queen took off as Justin fell back into second and, winner of race number one, Hall took third. Hall then looked to take second, however, Justin did no go without a fight on the outside line. This battle allowed Queen to build a few car length lead over the field and also allowed Greg to make his way into the battle for second. Sanchez also wanted part of the battle as he ended up taking second from everyone. This had allowed Queen a half a straightaway lead over Sanchez with just ten laps to go.

Hall had a mirror full of Greg Edwards front bumper as he did everything he could to hold onto the third position. Justin Carroll also had his hands full with Danny, Sellers, and Terry all wanting the fifth position. Greg still throwing everything he had at Halls back bumper but Hall would not budge and held onto third.

The white flag flew for Queen as he was hoping for no trouble between now and turn four. Greg finally was able to make the last lap pass on Hall for third after multiple laps of battle. The checkered flag flew and it was Brenden “Butterbean” Queen picking up his first ever Late Model series win at Langley Speedway. Nick Sanchez, Greg Edwards, Connor Hall, and Peyton Sellers round out the top five finishers.


Taylor Waster Service Late Models Race 1 OFFICIAL Results:

  1. #77 Connor Hall; 70
  2. #21 Greg Edwards; 70
  3. #26 Danny Edwards Jr; 70
  4. #98 Nick Sanchez; 70
  5. #91 Justin Carroll; 70
  6. #26s Peyton Sellers; 70
  7. #90 Terry Carroll; 70
  8. #9s Brooke Storer; 69
  9. #7 Zach Lightfoot; 69
  10. #88m Thomas Marks; 69
  11. #25 Craig Eastep; 69
  12. #9 Rodney Boyd; 69
  13. #2 Gracie Trotter; 69
  14. #10 Maddy Ryan; 69
  15. #19 Cameron Bowen; 13
  16. #71 Rick Gdovic; 13
  17. #4 Duane Shreeves; 13
  18. #03 Brenden Queen; 7

Taylor Waster Service Late Models Race 2 OFFICIAL Results:

  1. #03 Brenden Queen; 70
  2. #98 Nick Sanchez; 70
  3. #21 Greg Edwards; 70
  4. #77 Connor Hall; 70
  5. #26s Peyton Sellers; 70
  6. #91 Justin Carroll; 70
  7. #90 Terry Carroll; 70
  8. #26 Danny Edwards Jr; 70
  9. #88m Thomas Marks; 70
  10. #2 Gracie Trotter; 70
  11. #25 Craig Eastep; 70
  12. #71 Rick Gdovic; 70
  13. #9s Brooke Storer; 69
  14. #9 Rodney Boyd; 69
  15. #19 Cameron Bowen; 69
  16. #10 Maddy Ryan; 68
  17. #7 Zach Lightfoot; 58

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