Philip Morris Wins Another Langley Speedway Pole; Track Officials Introduce New Tire Rule for Late Model Division

Hampton, VA – Philip Morris, who has been on fire throughout the Mid-Atlantic this season, flexed his muscles yet again at Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway ahead of the Mosquito Joe & ERA Relator’s twin 75-lap features.

Morris laid down a 15.541-second lap (91.500 MPH) to take the pole for the first of two races and only really needed one lap to do so. Mark Wertz, Brenden Queen, Danny Edwards Jr., and Connor Hall will lead the field to green. Drivers will not only be fighting for finishing positions and max points but they will also have to be mindful of the eight-car invert that will set the field for the second race of the evening.

Some notable drivers not in attendance this weekend is Nick Smith, Woody Howard. Cameron Bowan and Terry Carroll both with motor issues keeping them sidelined this week. Casey Wyatt took a hard hit during second practice that all but destroyed his race car and he will not be able to compete tonight.

In addition, teams have been introduced to a new tire rule they must follow during twin features. To take away any confusion about what is flat and what is not, teams will not be able to change tires if they are over a certain pressure. For the left side tires, they must be under 10 PSI to change; right side tires must be under 20 PSI before they are allowed to change. If you change a tire at all throughout the event you will no longer be eligible for the free pass or the cone.

Furthermore, all teams must take and check in two tires to the tire officials to be approved as spares throughout the night. If you go through your spares, officials will come to the team’s pit boxes to look at approving more spares. If a team makes a tire change between the two races they must stay nose first in their pit stall till the field takes the green. At that point, they are allowed to back out and crews to change the tire(s). Once pit service is complete the driver can return to the race – as mentioned before that car will no longer be free pass or cone eligible.

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Late Model Stock Car Starting Line-up;

  1. #01 Philip Morris
  2. #55 Mark Wertz
  3. #03 Brenden Queen
  4. #26 Danny Edwards Jr.
  5. #77 Connor Hall
  6. #97 Greg Edwards
  7. #11 Jeff Oakley
  8. #91 Justin Carroll
  9. #4 Timmy Phipps
  10. #11 Paul Green
  11. #25 Craig Eastep
  12. #9 Rodney Boyd
  13. #88 Thomas Marks

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