Jonathan Davenport celebrates in WhosYourDriver.org victory lane Saturday, April 14th at Virginia Motor Speedway (Photo courtesy of Ultimate Super Late Models website)

JAMAICA, VA – The Ultimate Super Late Model Series Southeast Region made their return to Virginia Motor Speedway Saturday, April 14th for the annual Aaron’s “King Of The Commonwealth” where the Series saw 56 competitors sign in all trying to capture a $20,000 payday.

The event was also a bonus race for the Ultimate BOB, Ultimate Northeast, and Ultimate Mid-Ohio Valley Regions. Holding off a final lap challenge from Scott Bloomquist; Jonathan Davenport of Blairsville; Georgia went flag to flag Saturday night at Virginia Motor Speedway to take home a $20,000 payday with the Ultimate Super Late Model Series.

Scott Bloomquist, Chris Madden, Tim McCreadie, and Brandon Overton rounded out the top five finishers. Scott Bloomquist set fast time in qualifying with a time of 17.156 seconds to earn the Davis Diesel Service fast qualifier award. Heat race winners included Scott Bloomquist, Jonathan Davenport, Chris Madden, Jason Colvert, Austin Hubbard, and Tyler Millwood. Consolation race winners included Tyler Erb and Tyler Bare.

The Ultimate Super Late Model Series Southeast Region will be back in action again on Saturday, April 21st as the Series will travel to Woodstock, Georgia to Dixie Speedway for a $4,000 to win event and on Sunday, April 22nd the Series will travel to Rome, Georgia to Rome Speedway for a $4,000 to win event.



  1. Jonathan Davenport
  2. Scott Bloomquist
  3. Chris Madden
  4. Tim McCreadie
  5. Brandon Overton
  6. Austin Hubbard
  7. Greg Satterlee
  8. Jason Covert
  9. Kyle Hardy
  10. Tyler Millwood
  11. Hudson ONeal
  12. Chris Ferguson
  13. Rick Eckert
  14. Tyler Bare
  15. Mason Zeigler
  16. Bobby Pierce
  17. Jeff Smith
  18. Dennis Franklin
  19. Walker Arthur
  20. Andy Anderson
  21. GR Smith
  22. Tyler Erb
  23. Zack Mitchell
  24. Ross Bailes


Davis Diesel Service Fast Qualifier: Scott Bloomquist 17.156

Feature Winner: Jonathan Davenport

Hard Charger: McCreadie & Overton, Both Advanced 11 Spots

Heat 1 Winner: Scott Bloomquist
Heat 2 Winner: Jonathan Davenport
Heat 3 Winner: Chris Madden
Heat 4 Winner: Jason Colvert
Heat 5 Winner: Austin Hubbard
Heat 6 Winner: Tyler Millwood
B-Main 1 Winner: Tyler Erb
B-Main 2 Winner: Tyler Bare
Provisional: Dennis Franklin / Zack Mitchell


Heat 1 – Top 3 Transfer To Feature

1) Scott Bloomquist: 2) Rick Eckert; 3) Gregg Satterlee; 4) Amanda Whaley; 5) Tyler Erb; 6) Jared Miley; 7) Justin Williams; 8) Spencer Liggon; 9) Zack Mitchell


Heat 2 – Top 3 Transfer To Feature

1) Jonathan Davenport; 2) Chris Ferguson; 3) Ross Bailes; 4) Tyler Bare; 5; Hudson ONeal; 6) Nick Davis; 7) Donald Bradsher; 8) Dale Hollidge; 9) Jeff Mathews; 10) Tyler Emory


Heat 3 – Top 3 Transfer To Feature

1) Chris Madden; 2) Bobby Pierce; 3) Tim McCreadie; 4) Ross Robinson; 5) Walker Arthur; 6) Joey Coulter; 7) Kyle Lear; 8) Ivendent Lloyd; 9) Kirk Baker


Heat 4 – Top 3 Transfer To Feature

1) Jason Covert; 2) Kyle Hardy; 3) Brandon Overton; 4) Jimmy Latham, 5) Gary Stuhler; 6) Jeep Van Wormer; 7) Kelly Lee; 8) Cla Knight; 9) Reese Masiello


Heat 5 – Top 3 Transfer To Feature

1) Austin Hubbard; 2) Jeff Smith; 3) GR Smith; 4) Brent Larson; 5) Dustin Mitchell; 6) Jason Miller; 7) Matthew Nance; 8) Trever Feathers; 9) Kyle Bronson


Heat 6 – Top 3 Transfer To Feature

1) Tyler Millwood; 2) Andy Anderson; 3) Mason Zeigler; 4) Matt Cosner; 5) Ryan Montgomery; 6) Rick Elliott; 7) Kenny Moreland; 8) Dennis Franklin; 9) Zack Dohm


B-Main 1 – Top 2 Transfer To Feature

1) Tyler Erb; 2) Walker Arthur; 3) Ross Robinson; 4) Brent Larson; 5) Ivendent Lloyd; 6) Jared Miley; 7) Amanda Whaley; 8) Kyle Lear; 9) Kirk Baker; 10) Dustin Mitchell; 11) Trever Feathers; 12) Spencer Liggon; 13) Jason Miller; 14) Joey Coulter


B-Main 2 – Top 2 Transfer To Feature

1) Tyler Bare; 2) Hudson ONeal; 3) Matt Cosner; 4) Rick Elliott; 5) Kenny Moreland; 6) Donald Bradsher; 7) Gary Stuhler; 8) Kyle Bronson; 9) Cla Kight; 10) Dale Hollidge; 11) Jeff Mathews; 12) Jimmy Latham; 13) Ryan Montgomery; 14) Jeep Van Wormer; 15) Kelly Lee; 16) Tyler Emory; 17) Nick Davis


For more information on the ULTIMATE Super Late Model Series visit http://www.ultimatesupers.com or call (864) 871-1442. ULTIMATE Supers are also on Twitter at @ULTIMATESupers Instagram @ULTIMATE_Supers and on Facebook at Ultimate Super Late Model Series.

The ULTIMATE Super Late Model Series would like to recognize their series partners for the 2018 season which include: American Racer, Hoosier Race Tires, VP Race Fuels, PPM Racing Products, Arizona Sport Shirts, DirtonDirt.com, Cruise With the Champions, Big A’s Custom Graphics, AR Bodies, Five Star Race Bodies, Schaeffer’s Racing Oil and Lubricants, RockAuto.com, Simpson, Davis Diesel Service, Rugged Radios, and Thomas Clarke Performance Web Design.

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