Philip Morris Sets New Track Record at Langley Speedway in Season Opener

Philip Morris powers down the backstretch of Larry King Law's Langley Speedway during second practice on March 31, 2018. He would later set a new track record.

Philip Morris powers down the backstretch of Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway during second practice on March 31, 2018. He would later set a new track record.

Hampton, VA – As we approached the end of the off-season the talk was repave at Langley Speedway. Problems with the asphalt patch done a couple of years ago had social media buzzing there would be a repave of the corners. Following the spring Day of Destruction, it happened. Then came the talks of speeds and track records. Then Philip Morris tested on a Thursday putting down laps quicker than the official track record. When the sun started to set over Langley Speedway and “The King of Late Model Racing” hit the speedway for his official timed laps, all bets were off.

Morris clicked off a 15.095-second lap around the .395-mile oval to not only claim the pole for the first of two 75-lap twins but officially took the track record away from Hampton, VA native Nick Smith. The lap put down my Morris was an average of 94.203 MPH and we caught up with as qualifying wrapped up.

“The track was great,” Morris said after qualifying. “It was amazing, whoever paved this thing knew what they were doing because it is just as smooth as can be. All you other Late Model guys that aren’t here, shame on you. This was a lot of fun, I have qualified at places like Texas, Vegas, and Bristol – where you hold your breath – and this was really nice you are able to drive it really deep in the corner and get in the gas really soon. It felt like a D-shape track then cause your wide open all the way to the wall and back to the bottom. It was great to check this off our list because we don’t usually qualify well here.”

All the talk going into opening night came after Morris unofficially broke the track record in a private test session the Thursday prior. We asked Morris if that played into anything going into the weekend.

“All my guys will tell you I don’t pay much attention to social media,” Morris went on to say. “Matter of fact I don’t even look at social media so the only way I hear about it is if my crew tells me about it and they know I don’t want to hear it. We are going to treat this year like we are fresh. I have young guys on this team and I am going to take that fresh mindset and don’t have any bad habits and come out here and do good in the points.”

With eighteen plus cars here this weekend we do have a full field in the eyes of NASCAR so there will be at least an eight car invert for race two. We asked Morris if he has any concern should he walk away with the victory in race one.

“You have to be,” Morris commented on the invert. “That’s the only thing bad, with the new track you have a lot of tire rubber that’s peeling off and it goes up to the second groove and if we do get the win in the first one its going to put us outside row four for the second one and its like a gravel road out there. I have a lot of experience with going way to fast on gravel roads and they have always got me turned around. I am hoping that they clean the track off, they have been talking about doing that between the races. I think we got a pretty fast car and if we can get single file we can get back up front. My main concern is saving some tires in the first race.”

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Taylor Waste Services Late Model Stock Care Feature 1 Line-Up

  1. #01 Philip Morris
  2. #57 Justin Carroll
  3. #02 C.E. Falk
  4. #12 Nick Smith
  5. #6 Ruben Garcia
  6. #97 Greg Edwards
  7. #03 Brenden Queen
  8. #77 Conner Hall
  9. #19 Cameron Bowen
  10. #2 Ryan Vargas
  11. #55 Mark Wertz
  12. #24 Colin Garrett
  13. #4 Anthony Alfredo
  14. #50 Garrett Bunch
  15. #8 Tyler Hughes
  16. #26 Danny Edwards Jr.
  17. #4 Chase Cabre
  18. #98 Nicholas Sanchez
  19. #75 Logan Jones
  20. #41 Woody Howard
  21. #94 Cody Carlton
  22. #25 Craig Eastep
  23. #9 Rodney Boyd
  24. #88 Thomas Marks
  25. #92 Casey Wyatt

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