Tommy Jackson Jr. Wins Saturday Night Legends Portions of The Classic; Collects Bounty on Dillion Spain

Tommy Jackson Jr. celebrates in Southern National Motorsports Park victory lane Saturday night. (Justin Kern/

Lucama, NC – The words Dillion Spain, Winner, and Southern National Motorsports Park are something that has been said countless times over the year(s). So much so that track owner/promoter Michael Diaz placed a bounty over him to anyone one able to beat him. Tommy Jackson Jr. did just that in Saturday night’s 30-lap feature.

It was clear from the drop of the green flag Saturday night that Jackson and Spain were the class of the field again. Spain earned yet another pole award during group qualifying earlier in the afternoon while Jackson lined up to his outside. He was able to jump out to an early lead with Jackson in tow. In all honesty, it looked as if it were going to be yet another Spain win at Southern National but Tommy Jackson Jr. had other plans just past the halfway point of the race.

Jackson mounted his charge to the top spot and was able to take the lead from Spain just on the other side of halfway. Spain, however, did not make it easy on the young Virginia driver and took the lead back just before the field was slowed for a caution. The field was let loose one final time with ten laps to go and that was when Jackson capitalized. Passing Spain for the lead, and ultimately the race win, bringing Will Bristle along with him.

“It was great to get a big win like that against a stacked field,” Jackson told The Weekly Racer. “The car was good off the trailer and overall I felt like we had the best car all weekend on the long runs. We weren’t able to capitalize Friday [Dillion Spain Back Behind the Wheel; Dillion Spain Back in Victory Lane] with the race being caution filled but I was confident after that race we had a winning piece for Saturday if we stayed on top of the track conditions and got a decent starting spot for the race.”

The 2017 season has not been kind to Jackson and crew, as bad luck seemed to follow him from track to track. That is not to say that the Poquoson, Virginia driver was unable to find victory lane throughout the season, things just did not come easy. Winning the Saturday night feature and collecting the bounty that was placed on Spain was a perfect way to end the season for Jackson,

“We got close to winning this race last year,” Jackson said. “After finishing a close second we circled this year’s event as our top priority to win this season and in the end, I think the best car came out on top.”

Results of the Legends will remain UNOFFICIAL as The Weekly Racer has learned that parts were confiscated from the second and third place finishing cars during post-race technical inspection. The part, as we are learning, has been banned from Legends racing for a few years now. It was confirmed by one of the INEX officials from Southern National that the parts were taken from Bristle and Spain’s cars and are just waiting for the track to make the final decision on what will happen to the finishing order. We will update you here if/when these results are official.


 UNOFFICIAL INEX Legends Results;

  1. #87 Tommy Jackson Jr.; 30
  2. #91 Will Bristle; 30
  3. #7 Dillion Spain; 30
  4. #83 Caleb Day; 30
  5. #5 Alec Webb; 30
  6. #24 Mason Diaz; 30
  7. #81 Lee Jordan; 30
  8. #11 Chris Stancil; 30
  9. #82 Caleb Heady; 30
  10. #88 Zach Brown; 30
  11. #14 Conner Jones; 30
  12. #880 Ryan Center; 30
  13. #18b Emily Day; 30
  14. #63 Josh Kurtz; 29
  15. #10 Justin Mitchell; 18

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