The 602 Tour Puts on a Show at ECMS Along with the Mischa Sell Memorial

Robersonville, NC — The 602 Super Limited Tour made a stop at the tight and technical East Carolina Motor Speedway for their 4th race of the year. Along with the 75 lap 602 Tour race the track also played host to the 6th Annual Mischa Sell Memorial Race.

In group qualifying for the tour race Andrew Durham ran the fastest time of 15.907 to grab on the pole. He went on to roll a two for an invert so Jimmie Brewer would lead the field to the green.

Right off the bat the tricky exit of turn two claimed Blake Shupe before a lap was even completed. Once the race got under way Brewer showed a lot of speed but Durham would never fall back too far. Rock Harris sat in third waiting for something up front to happen for him to capitalize on and move up. Twenty five laps in and the leaders were already up to the fifth place car. While battling through that lapped traffic Durham took the lead on lap-31 after Brewer was slowed down. After putting the fourth place car a lap down on lap-45 the caution came out for Kirk Sheets spinning out of turn-4 and his radiator dumped everything it had on the track.

The damage done to Harris’ ride late in the race.

On the restart Durham and Harris stayed in the low line with Brewer choosing to go high. Coming back to complete the first green flap lap Harris makes it three wide and takes the lead into turn one. Brewer gave Harris a couple shots from his bumper as the leader kept it glued to the bottom of the track. This kept going on along with Brewer pushing Durham to his limits as he tried to take second place back. With under five to go Durham pushed too hard and ended up wrecking Harris giving him a lot of right side damage. Harris was sent to the rear and Durham kept his position but Rock was able to take the cone and start up front. Durham held on to the win with Harris not far behind him in second and the drivers talked it out before the interviews, which is always good to see.

Andrew Durham in Victory Lane at East Carolina Motor Speedway after winning the 4th 602 event of the year.

Mischa Sell Memorial

Nine limited late models entered the 6th Annual Mischa Sell Memorial race. East Carolina regulars Louis White, Wesley Johnson, and Kenneth Mercer decided to take a stab at it along with the great limited driver Ross “Boo Boo” Dalton.

In qualifying White won the pole running a 15.418 second lap, Johnson ran a 15.503 for second, and rounding out the top-3 was Maddy Ryan running a 15.545.

Maddy Ryan didn’t waste much time trying to grab second place from Johnson six laps in but she couldn’t complete the move. A few laps later she tries to keep Dalton behind her but gets bumped and falls back to sixth. With this going on behind them White and Johnson run away pretty quickly and Dylan Ward found himself up to third place.

Forty-one laps in and Dalton got by Ward for third place as White found another gear and started pulling away from Johnson. The field started to get really stretched out at this point but have no fear, some REAL debris was on track and that yellow flag flew in the air. They restarted the race with White and Dalton on the front row but they would be under the caution again for Jac Creed hitting the wall in turn-4.

All the drivers took the same spots for the restart and Dalton again fell into second place for a few laps until Johnson was able to grab the position back. Right behind them Maddy had worked her way up to fourth after passing Kenneth Mercer with 36 laps to go. Five laps later Johnson made it up to White’s bumper and they ran close for the next 11 laps until Johnson grabbed the lead. At this point White looked to have nothing left and Dalton started creeping closer to him but could never fully close the gap.

Wesley Johnson takes the checkers with a huge gap over White to win the 6th annual race.

Wesley Johnson in victory lane for the 6th Annual Mischa Sell Memorial Race.

602 Tour Finishing Order
1. Andrew Durham
2. Rock Harris
3. Robbie Brewer
4. Jac Creed
5. Melvin Langley
6. Richard Trotter
7. Wesley Thompson
8. Kirk Sheets
9. Blake Shupe

MSMR Finishing Order
1. Wesley Johnson
2. Louis White
3. Ross Dalton
4. Maddy Ryan
5. Dylan Ward
6. Kenneth Mercer
7. Wayne Goss
8. Melvin Langley (DNF)
9. Jac Creed (DNF)

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