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Saunders Fourth Place Finish Good Enough for Second INEX Legends Title at Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway.

Hampton, VA – Spencer Saunders, of Carrollton, Virginia, entered the final night of the season at Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway as the Cycle City Corp Legends points leader by just three points over Newport News native, Brian May. Cody Carlton, Zach Lightfoot, and Colby Flowers found themselves in the top five but just too far out of reach with just one race to go. Every position in the final 25-lap feature of the year was going to be critical for both.

Tommy Jackson Jr., who started the 2017 campaign on the wrong side of the bad luck bar, turned things around mid-summer as he collected the win in the INEX National Qualifier during the 9th Annual Hampton Heat sat on the pole with a sub eighteen-second lap. Carlton would qualify second followed by Brian May and Spencer Saunders. Carlton would take the lead away from Jackson for a few laps but Jackson was not going to be denied on this night. He would go on to pick up the win. Running a conservative race and crossing the line in fourth was enough for Saunders to clinch his second division championship.

We caught up with Spencer this past week to talk with him about his season and his second championship of his Legends career. 2017 was no cakewalk by any means either. With the speedway opening back up the Legends field saw a massive increase in competitors from previous years, making the win that much sweeter for Saunders.

“I think we average all the races out and the average car count was about fourteen cars,” Saunders told The Weekly Racer. “It means a lot to me because I didn’t just beat one or two other cars for the title. I mean we had four or five guys who could easily win week in and week and out. It means a lot to us to say that this year, we were the cream of the crop.”

The success this season, however, did not come easy for Saunders and his family. In fact, the last race they ran at Langley before the season opened this year was back in 2014 – a race he won as a matter of fact. With car counts dwindling in the Legend series, Saunders was faced with the tough decision to run at other tracks.

“We traveled a bunch to places like Shenandoah and Kenly in 2015,” Saunders explained. “Langley just didn’t have the car we were looking to run against. In 2016 we ran at Shenandoah and went to Nationals in Connecticut and got wrecked up there but nothing full time by any means. After that, we bought a brand new car and brand new everything. I told everyone at the start of the year, everything about this car is brand new besides the seat and the driver. I was hoping to myself that we didn’t need a new one of those.”

Saunders went on to tell The Weekly Racer that taking that time off last year really took the pressure off of him and team. They came into 2017 completely stress-free and not even planning to run for points, just glad to be back home. That all changed when he picked up his first win of the season.

“Things changed when we got that win,” Saunders went on to say. “I think that win put us in a tie with Brian May for the lead. After that happened Dad and I basically agreed that somebody was going to have to take it from us if they wanted it more than we did.”

With the 2017 season coming to a close Saunders might look towards Kenly, North Carolina for one final race this season at the annual Thanksgiving Classic with a couple of random races in-between as long as things plan out, however, nothing is set in stone just yet for them.


2017 Final INEX Legends Points:

1 Spencer Saunders 7 242
2 Brian May 22 240
3 Cody Carlton 94 222
4 Zach Lightfoot (R) 7L 204
5 Tommy Jackson, Jr. 87 187
6 Colby Flowers 33 182
7 Jaime Price 8 179
8 Ryan Center 88 170
9 Devon Courtney 17 153
10 David Brandt 31 153
11 Chris Hayes 4 147
12 Lane McKee 21 133
13 Ryan Matthews 51 76
14 Matt Dail 07 68
15 Woody Howard 14 67
16 Whitt Seay 5 64
17 Matt Kurz 2 56
18 Dillon Spain 72 37
19 Carter Wood 31w 33
20 Brandon Johnson 76 31
21 Clayton Parrish 19 29
22 Sparky West 99 26
23 Mason Diaz 24 25
24 Daniel Sylvestri 97 21
25 Pat Squillante 65 16
26 Josh Kirks 63 14
27 Zack Wells 66 12

Landon Abbott Holds on for Super Street Title and Shawn Balluzzo Captures 9th Mod Championship

Hampton, VA – Landon Abbott came in to the final race of the season in the Old Skoll Video Games Super Streets with a one point lead over Randy Akers and 40 laps to decide the champion. In qualifying Akers was able to grab the pole running a 19.049 second lap, beating out Abbott by .075 of second. Sammy Gaita, who still had a shot because of the big car count, was .002 second behind Abbott.

On the start Akers cleared Abbott off of turn-2 and Sean Calway made a big move going from fifth to second. Abbott had a dreadful start falling all the way back to eighth by the time the lap was finished. It took him about ten laps to get back into a good groove and start his way through the field.

At the front of the field Gaita was tired of running third and started letting Calway know he was the faster car of the two. Twenty-one laps in and he gives Calway a lot of bumper and claims the second place spot. Eight laps later the caution comes out for Chris Hott spun around on the back stretch and the spread out field would be brought together now.

With the race restarting Abbott made it three wide into turn-1 and the rest of the field was pretty aggressive too. Just one lap was complete as Gordon Weeks ended up in the grass and the caution flew again, but not before Sammy Gaita took the lead from Akers.

Abbott took the high side on the next restart putting himself in position to win the title. Landon got the position on the restart but not before some bumping from Akers and Bill Eaker, leading to another caution with Eaker sustaining some damage. On the final restart they went three wide for third place and Akers fell way back with just a few laps to go. Sammy Gaita grabs the checkers by almost a second and Landon Abbott grabs the championship by just a couple points.

Sammy Gaita wins in the Super Street Finale
Photo by John Long

Larry King Law Modifieds

Shawn Balluzzo wins his 9th race of the year and 9th modified championship
Photo by John Long

Before the race started Shawn Balluzzo had an insurmountable lead in the points over Bobby Gery, but that didn’t change how Shawn would race at all in the ‘Year of the Buttercup’.

Matt Carter kept up his fast qualifying efforts running a 16.766 second lap to sit on the pole. Balluzzo grabbed second by running a 16.927.

Early on Carter held a big lead over Balluzzo but Shawn closes the gap quickly once they start hitting slower cars nine laps in and this allowed Balluzzo to make his move for the lead. Behind them Andrew Fortin was the fastest car on the track and moved into third place after getting by Danny Harrell.

The race would fly by without incident and it looked like Balluzzo checked out on Carter but in the closing laps he made a valiant effort to try and catch the leader. Slower cars break up his momentum and Balluzzo holds on for his 9th win of the season and his 9th Modified track championship.


Ep. 09 – ValleyStar Credit Union 300 Under the Lights




The guys get you caught up with winners from different divisions throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Champions are crowned at the tracks we talk about. We also talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of the ValleyStar Credit Union 300. The first race run under the new permanent LED light system at Martinsville Speedway. We also take you through the top five Late Model Stock Car drivers in the nation as well as the state champions in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.


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Thomas Burbage Wins Fourth Annual Ronnie Barnett Memorial and East Carolina Motor Speedway Championship.

Thomas Burbage dials in the #9 Oak Ridge Metals machine during the second round of practice at East Carolina Motor Speedway. (Justin Kern/

Robersonville, NC – A typical race season for any driver, in any division, is never easy. Going through the heat of the summer battling other like-minded individuals all gunning for the same thing.  Throw in a broken shoulder towards the end of an already hot and grueling summer and you really have your hands full with a racecar. Thomas Burbage, however, was not going to let that get in the way of his season.

As the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series points came to a close so did the individual track points. For the fourth year in a row, East Carolina Motor Speedway hosted its Ronnie Barnett Memorial race to close out the season. Burbage, from Washington, North Carolina, was the fastest man in town winning his ninth pole of the season needing just one lap to do so. Wesley Johnson, a recent winner at East Carolina under Limited Late Model rules during the 6th Annual Mischa Sell Memorial race, and Maddy Mulligan would qualify in the top three.

Burbage continued his domination of the weekend picking up the victory leading all 50-laps of the feature. Wesley Johnson would work his way around Louis White in the closing laps for a second place finish. Jeff Shiflett would also benefit and earn the final spot on the podium. Burbage’s six wins at East Carolina was enough to allow him to clinch the 2017 Late Model track championship, his second career track title and first under the NASCAR banner, and punch his ticket to Charlotte.

“I definitely want to thank my crew – my racing family,” Burbage told The Weekly Racer. “The guys that 150% made this a reality and definitely my sponsor Oak Ridge Industries and Kevin Boyd for keeping my dream alive.  I want to thank my best friend Chris Smith for busting his tail at the shop by himself while I’ve been injured.  He stepped up and told me that he would do everything in his power to help me win this championship if that’s what I wanted to do and here we are.  Pretty sweet to do it with one arm tied behind your back.”

After he and his wife welcomed their new baby boy into this world Burbage had a freak accident prior to race weekend where he broke his shoulder, grabbing the win at the Ronnie Barnett Memorial along with the championship was just the ending to a wild and crazy year he needed.

Burbage will look to take some time off from the race car to allow his shoulder to fully heal. He told us that he has all intentions to run Carteret in October with the hopes of running the Thanksgiving Classic at Southern National Motorsports Park or even Ace Speedway.

From First Time Winner to Impressive Valley Star Credit Union Debut; Grayson Cullather Reflects on Martinsville

No 22 Grayson Cullather heads down the front stretch at Martinsville Speedway Saturday September 23, 2017 in final practice. (Justin Kern/

The 2017 Valley Star Credit Union 300 has come and gone and in all honesty, it may have been the most hectic, incredible and fan-filled race to date. Eighty-four cars took time in group qualifying the night before on the half-mile paperclip. One of those drivers was 16-year-old Richmond, Virginia native, Grayson Cullather. In just his second full season in Late Model racing, Cullather was coming into the weekend fresh off his very first career win at his home track, Southside Speedway.

Other than the Hampton Heat at Langley Speedway earlier this year, the Valley Star Credit union was just the second race of his young career where he has raced this many laps, with this many cars and it did not seem to phase him. Cullather laid down a 20.530-second lap on Friday night to earn himself a twenty-fifth qualifying position… out of eighty-four cars… in his first attempt at the race. Cullather’s time was just a little over a tenth of a second off the pole.

After the top two times were thrown out by officials, Grayson would official be scored twenty-third on the charts, lining him up seventh in his heat race. He would hold onto a tenth place finish in his heat race, even after getting turned around coming to the checkered flag, to earn the final transfer spot into the big show.

“It was what I expected at the beginning of the weekend and the first twenty-three laps of the heat race,” Cullather said. “Those last two laps and coming across the line backward after being turned on purpose, that had to be the most stressful laps I have ever driven. When I made the race I just felt the weight off my shoulders. I just relaxed in the trailer and got plenty of fluids before the feature.”

His efforts were enough to keep him out of the always hectic last chance qualifier and locked him into the thirty-second starting position on the grid. With a total of forty-two cars taking the green flag he really only had one way to go – forward.

“My spotter, Jesse Vaughn, just took the race as it came,” Cullather explained. “We said that we were just going to ride for the first one hundred fifty laps to see what would happen and just capitalize on the mistakes that other people were making.”

Capitalize on others mistakes and keep the car clean proved to be a good strategy as Cullather found himself in a good position at the halfway break. With cars falling out of the race left and right, Cullather slowly climbed his way up the leaderboard and almost found himself in the top ten after setting a goal of just making the race in his first attempt.

“It gives me confidence,” Cullather said about his twelfth place finish. “Knowing that I can run with some big names. My team was happy I was able to make the show my first time and had the car to be able to pass cars during the race.”

For those who may not know much about this young driver, Grayson comes from Southside Speedway, one of the few tracks in Virginia that do not run the NASCAR banner. NASCAR or not Southside Speedway has seen its fair share of NASCAR legends racing on its surface. It was the original home of the Denny Hamlin Short Track Showdown. Southside’s Late Models, however, run forty lap features on eight-inch tires; this weekend was certainly a test for Cullather.

“It was really hard,” Cullather confessed. “I wasn’t feeling the best before the race as it was. Probably just because of nerves. At the halfway break I actually got sick right before we went back out. After that I felt fine for the rest of the race, it was just nerves.”

With only a couple more races left in 2017, the Thanksgiving Classic at Southern National and Myrtle Beach 400 we asked Grayson if he was going to continue this momentum and give those other two races a shot. Given a long hard season and the effort it goes into pulling off a Martinsville weekend, his answer was very understandable

“We have put some thought into running Southern National or Myrtle Beach,” Cullather told The Weekly Racer, as we were finishing up our interview. “But right now we don’t know what our next race is going to be at this point.”

Thanksgiving Classic to Pay $20,000 to Win with Racing Roulette Format

Late Model Stock Car racing in last year’s Thanksgiving Classic. (Photo credit: Corey Latham/

The 17th running of the Thanksgiving Classic at Southern National Motorsports Park will bring the event back to the forefront of the big races in the Southeast region.

$20,000 will be the top prize for the 200-lap six-tire Late Model Stock Car race. The upped purse comes with a twist which is being referred to as Racing Roulette.

Late Model Stock Car drivers will have the option to race for three different winner’s purses. Escalating from $6,000 to $20,000 depending on the entry fee paid for the event.  Additionally, the halfway point will pay $2,000.

The race’s base purse pays $6,000 to win, the same as it paid last year with a $125 entry fee for the teams.   Teams will have the option to pay an elevated entry fee of $500 for a chance at a $10,000 winner’s purse or gamble it big with a $1,000 entry “fee and win $20,000.

“We wanted to do something different,” said track owner Michael Diaz.  “Everyone is doing the same thing and we wanted to bring a different element to the event and give guys a chance to win some big money without spending a lot more.”

The race is set to pay $650 to start but the upped entry fee of $1,000 will be matched as start money for those who pay the escalated entry fee. Which takes the risk out of putting up the additional money.

“The risk is minimum even if you go for the big money you’re still going to get that money back at the end of the night.  It’s minimum risk, maximum reward. It’d be cool if a guy rolled the dice and won the $20,000.”

The purse throughout the field won’t change from second to start money which begins at 12th position.  That might give even more incentive for guys to roll the dice in Racing Roulette.

Local race fan and businessman Kirk Ipock is helping to make this a marquee event in the Southeast.  His company Solid Rock Carriers are sponsoring the Thanksgiving Classic.

“I’m happy to be sponsoring the Thanksgiving Classic,” Ipock said.  “It’s the biggest race there is at the end of the year and it’s the end of the season.  I like Southern National Motorsports Park and hope to be a part of it next year as well.”

$20,000 is only $5,000 short of the top prize for the LMSC race at Martinsville Speedway making it the second highest paying race in all of Late Model Stock Car racing.

“This should take our race to the next level,” explained Diaz.  “Sometimes it takes a little innovation to get the notoriety of an event back where it needs to be and we think this could be it.  It’ll also be big for the fans who will get to see all the top LMSC drivers in the region go for a big prize.”

Who’s ready to take the Racing Roulette challenge and go for $20,000 in the 17th running of the Thanksgiving Classic?

Timothy Peters Makes History by Winning First Valley Star Credit Union 300 Under New LED Lights

Timothy Peters signs autographs during the on-track meet and greet Saturday afternoon at Martinsville Speedway for the 2017 ValleyStar Credit Union 300 under the lights. (Justin Kern/

Ridgeway, VA – Timothy Peters can now call himself the first race winner under the new LED permanent lights at Martinsville Speedway this past Saturday night. Collecting his second Valley Star Credit Union 300 victory holding off late race charges from both Peyton Sellers and Lee Pulliam.

Peters, a former full-time competitor in the Camping World Truck Series with Red Horse Racing, spent most of the second half of the 200-lap feature battling with Trevor Noles. The two would exchange the lead several times as Noels continued to use the cone to take the outside line on the restarts. Peters put the final nail in the coffin with just about fifteen laps to go. Two former national champions would keep Peters honest, however, in the closing laps mounting a charge for the race lead. There were just not enough laps left on the board. Peters would go on to collect the $25,000 check and famous Grandfather Clock trophy.

Sellers, who discovered an electrical issue on his machine at the lap 175 break, lost second to Pulliam by inches off turn four coming to the checkered. Jake Crum, who started from the pole position and dominated the first 100-laps, wound up in the fourth position after being involved in a caution down in turns three and four. Trevor Noles was able to salvage a fifth-place finish after using the outside groove like a pro in the closing laps.

We caught up with Peters have the race to find out just what this race meant to him and his team.

“It means a lot,” said Peters. “Especially the way the year has been with a little adversity. You just have to stay positive and on top of it. The biggest thing is you just never lose your faith. We come here under the lights and this was special this was history,” Peters said. “Thank you guys [Martinsville Speedway], thank the fans and thank MRN for doing this. There will be multiple winners but there is only going to be one first-time winner, I feel like we made history tonight and what better place to do it than in Barry Nelson, and everyone else at Autos By Nelson backyard.”

It is no secret that Timothy Peters has been on an up and down roller coaster ride since we have all converged on the half-mile paperclip. Peters was involved in a pretty violent wreck coming to the checkered flag then later on the next year had the truck team he was running for shut down mid-season. We asked Peters with all that has happened where does this win rank in his career?

“Winning the race is the icing on the cake,” Peters said. “I love short track racing and I love this race the most out of anything you can think of. When you win at home it’s always special you can ask anybody where they want to win, they want to win at home. They want to win this race. This is very prestigious; it certainly ranks up there with number one. You never get an old feeling of a taste of victory, that’s for sure.”

The finish was Pulliam’s second year in a row finishing in the runner-up position. This coming off on the heels of winning his fourth NASCAR Whelen All-American Series National title. Continuing the trend of national champs not being able to win the race.

“Coming home second at this race means a lot to me,” Pulliam said. “I was just talking to Timothy last week and he was congratulating me for winning the nation. I told him I really hope that we can race for this win at Martinsville and for that clock. It is pretty cool to finish one and two. We just didn’t have enough. We struggled all day yesterday our guys changed stuff all day for qualifying. Just fought and clawed all day to get track position. We had about a third-place car and ended up getting second. Just got to give it to the guys, we have had a shot to win this thing every time we come since 2010. Racing under the lights created a whole new element.”

Pulliam went on to comment that at this point in the year you are so tired and worn out from chasing that national title it just makes winning races hard. He also went on to thank all of his guys, Eddie and Travis Kiker with Kiker Tree Services and his family for making everything possible for him this year and this race.


ValleyStar Credit Union 300 Results

  1. #12 Timothy Peters; 200
  2. #5 Lee Pulliam; 200
  3. #26 Peyton Sellers; 200
  4. #01 Jake Crum; 200
  5. #2 Trevor Noels; 200
  6. #57A Justin T. Carroll; 200
  7. #27 Tommy Lemons Jr.; 200
  8. #17 Stacy Puryear; 200
  9. #2C Brandon Pierce; 200
  10. #02 CE Falk; 200
  11. #25 Derrick Lancaster; 200
  12. #22D Grayson Cullater; 200
  13. #03 Brenden Queen; 200
  14. #2B Myatt Snider; 200
  15. #12A Austin Thaxton; 199
  16. #01A Philip Morris; 198
  17. #2A Dennis Holdren; 198
  18. #4 Annabeth Crum; 192
  19. #15 Kres VanDyke; 188
  20. #57 Eddie Johnson; 179
  21. #24 Mason Diaz; 176
  22. #12B Nick Smith; 171
  23. #88 Josh Berry; 155
  24. #92 Casey Wyatt; 154
  25. #17C Bruan Reedy; 154
  26. #77 Trevor Ward; 153
  27. #8 Thomas Scott; 144
  28. #87 Mike Looney; 122
  29. #16 RD Smith; 122
  30. #4A Timmy Phipps; 113
  31. #21A Travis Swaim; 80
  32. #22 Bobby McCarty; 78
  33. #2D Matt Leicht; 72
  34. #18A Jason York; 61
  35. #50 Jamey Caudill; 57
  36. #77D Blake Stallings; 55
  37. #14 Ryan Repko; 38
  38. #22C Scott Lancaster; 32
  39. #26C Danny Edwards Jr.; 24
  40. #21 Mike Darne; 14
  41. #44 Justin Johnson; 9
  42. #12C Ryan Wilson; 4
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