Eleven Races Planned at Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway for August 19th

Hampton, VA – With the summer comes rain and with rain comes canceled races. It seems like Mother Nature was just as excited to see the historic Hampton Roads track open back up this year after its gates were closed back in 2016 because she has made several appearances at the track this year. Little does she know, she tends to put a damper on the weekend’s plans. With the radar looking clear and the chance of the “wet stuff” decreasing as the day goes on, it looks to be a great day to get pack the pits with nine different divisions for eleven races.

Yes, you read that right, all but two of the Langley Speedway division’s (Modified’s and Wing Karts) will compete for points tonight for Bayport Credit Union & Speed Club Center night at the races. The Taylor Waste Services Late Models and Pepsi Grand Stocks will be running twin races. A full race day schedule can be found below as well as the track’s website, http://www.langley-speedway.com. Race Director Shayne Laws had this to say to drivers and teams on his Facebook page earlier this week when the schedule was released about the concern with the extended schedule.

“As everyone has seen we have 11 races. I’ve seen a few post with teams worried about being at the track late,” Laws said. “If we all keep doing the great job we have all year we will be out at a great time. I thought I would share an example of an 8 race card night [which can still be found on his Facebook]. Let’s just keep doing what we do and all will be fine. Thanks and see you all at the races.”

Gates and practice will get under way at the regular time, 2:00 PM EDT. Tickets will be available at the ticket office or online and will remain regular prices, almost two nights worth of racing action for the price of one. The Weekly Racer will, of course, have you covered throughout the night on our Twitter feed (@theweeklyracer) starting with qualifying around 4:30 PM.



Bayport Credit Union & Speed Club Center Night Race Day Schedule

11:00 AM                                       PIT GATES OPEN

2:00 PM                                         GENERAL ADMISSION GATES OPEN

2:00 PM                                         PRACTICE BEGINS

4:15 PM                                         DRIVER’S MEETING

4:30 PM                                         QUALIFYING

5-6:30 PM                                      FAN ZONE STAGE –

6:50 PM                                         INVOCATION BY REV. POTTER / NATIONAL ANTHEM

7:00 PM                                         1ST RACE BEGINS

Practice Order

  1. LMSC – 3 Practice
  2. Grand Stocks – 2 Practices
  3. Super Streets – 2 Practices
  4. Super Trucks – 2 Practices
  5. Pro Six – 2 Practices
  6. UCARs – 2 Practices
  7. Legends – 2 Practices
  8. Bandoleros – 2 Practices

Qualifying Order

  1. Bandoleros
  2. Legends
  3. UCARs
  4. Pro Six
  5. Super Trucks
  6. Super Streets
  7. Grand Stocks
  8. LMSC
  9. Enduros – practice, the starting lineup determine by draw

Race Line Up

  1. Cycle City Corp Bandoleros 15 laps
  2. Taylor Waste Services LMSC 66 laps
  3. Pepsi Grand Stocks 25 laps
  4. Old Skool Video Games Super Streets 40 laps
  5. Cycle City Corp Legends 25 laps
  6. Riverside Paper Pro Six 30 laps
  7. Harris Truck Shop Super Trucks 25 laps
  8. Carroll’s Automotive UCARs 25 laps
  9. Taylor Waste Services LMSC 66 laps
  10. Pepsi Grand Stocks 25 laps
  11. Bojangles Enduros 30 laps

*subject to change

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