Justin Williams Sails to Victory Lane at Virginia Motor Speedway in Pro Late Model Feature

Justin Williams heads into turn one during hot lap qualifying at Virginia Motor Speedway July 15th, 2017. (Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com)

Jamacia, VA – Camden Testerman lead the field of 14 Late Models to the green flag with Davis Lipscombe, Corey Almond, Jarred Powell and Justin Williams behind him. Took two attempts to get things rolling as race control felt the front row got on the throttle just a little too quick. On the second attempt, Davis Lipscombe was able to power around Testerman on the outside and take the lead early while Testerman started to head in the wrong direction.

Lipscombe held onto the point for the first eleven circuits of the 35-lap feature until Justin Williams was able to capitalize on the first restart of the evening. The caution flag waved due to the stalled machine of Tyler Bare in turn four. Bare was able to limp the car down pit road to the attention of his crew. Bare was able to return to the tail end of the field after his crew changed out the flat right rear tire.

When the race went back green the battle for the lead was on. Justin Williams was all over the rear bumper of Lipscombe and eventually makes the pass utilizing the very bottom of the track. That was all the Concord, VA driver needed as he was able to hold off the field on five additional restarts later in the race. With Williams almost in a whole new area code, it left for some exciting racing behind him.

Tyler Bare was certainly one driver to keep an eye on as he worked his way back up to the field. Bare had made it all the way back to the sixth position by lap fifteen just in time for the cautions to start falling his way. Three quick cautions periods in less than two laps helped the Rockbridge Baths native rocket past Davis Lipscombe and take the second position away with his sights set on the lead, however, there was no one in a country mile who had anything for Justin Williams.

Two cautions on lap 30, one involving Nicolan Love in four and a hard Charging Camden Testerman, would set up two more opportunities for Tyler Bare to make something happen for the lead but just could not make it happen. Testerman had been coming on strong in the closing laps but lost in in turn two. We did not see if he had any help. Jarred Powell, however, did make something happen and got around Lipscombe in the closing laps for the fourth position.

Justin Williams in victory lane said that the track was a little different tonight and he found himself needing to actually slow the car down. He went on to mention how he hated to see the problems that Tyler ran into because he knew this was his style of track and wanted to get up there and race with him.



In the Collision One Limited Stock opening 25-lap feature Corey Bradley would lead the field to the green flag and looked poised to head to victory lane. However, Ryan Hutchens had other plans for the Hopewell, VA driver. Hutchens, who started deeper in the field had made his way up to second by lap number six, with the help of some early restarts. Hutchens would spend several laps working over the rear bumper of Bradley before finally taking the lead using the top groove. Hutchens immediately opened a large gap that Bradley was not able to compensate for. The victory was Hutchens second in a row and third on the season which means when racing returns July 29th, he will start no better than eighth.


Pro Late Model Results:

  1. #2 Justin Williams; 35
  2. #30 Tyler Bare; 35
  3. #2* Jarred Powell; 35
  4. #71 Davis Lipscombe; 35
  5. #40 Brent Bordeaux; 35
  6. #66X Matthew Tarbox; 35
  7. #17t Camden Testerman; 35
  8. #5j Darrell Dow; 34
  9. #38 Nicolas Love; 34
  10. #28 carl Vaughn; 34
  11. #16 Brett Adkins; 34
  12. #7a Corey Almond; 22
  13. #47q Matt Quade; DQ – light
  14. #7w Ray Spigale; DQ – light


Limited Stock Results

  1. #14 Ryan Hutchens; 25
  2. #41 Cory Bradley; 25
  3. #10 Ernie Dettbarn; 25
  4. #8 James Givens; 25
  5. #4 Randy Hutchens; 25
  6. #25 Marty Coltrain; 25
  7. #1 Trent Clemans; 25
  8. #38 Caleb Carter; 25
  9. #08 Chad Champion; 9
  10. #14b Brandon Bowler; 1
  11. #26 Stephanie Stallings; 1
  12. #32m Chris Champion; 0
  13. #59 Robbie Hutchens; 0

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