Tommy Sweeney and Mark Frye Split Wins in Physical Grand Stock Twins

Hampton, VA – The Pepsi Grand Stocks had twin 33’s on tap for the night at Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway. Mark Frye was the class of the field in qualifying running a 18.165 second time in the single car qualifying.

Frye started the race off strong clearing Rodney Boyd off the start and leaving him to battle for his second position. Boyd fell to third on the second lap after Tommy Sweeney slid be and it was soon a three way battle for second with Paul Lubno also getting in close. On lap-5 Boyd used the nose of his machine to get Sweeney loose and it sent Sweeney all the way back to fifth as Tim Wilson also was able to get by him. With Frye cruising out front with only an error happening on the halfway mark of the race when he got loose out of four.

The first caution of the race came on lap-23 for Jonathan White spinning out into the entrance of pit road, he wound up parking the car for the race while the caution was out. With the cone out Sweeney decided to go high on Frye and Boyd stayed low. On the restart Sweeney was able to run high but eventually fell in line once he was able to clear Boyd to keep second. A little farther back in the field Lubno and Wilson were racing side by side and Lubno took the position and Shawn Scovel also snuck through. With five laps to go Sweeney was chasing down Frye and caught him on the final lap. Going into turn-1 they make contact for the second caution in the race, Frye got a flat tire and had to go down pit road to replace it.

A green, white, checkered finish was set up with Sweeney down low and Lubno takes the outside route. Sweeney drove too hard into the corner and Boyd was able to get by him on the inside and Tommy quickly recovered. They make contact into turn-3 and Boyd gets sideways and almost saves it but is too damaged to continue. With cars all over the place Sweeney is able to catch the checkers for the win before Lubno. After the race the drivers involved in the incident exchanged some words but cooler minds eventually prevailed and Sweeney was able to celebrate in victory lane.

thumbnail_Mark Frye Grand Stocks Race #2

Credit: King Charles Photography

With it being a twin night the grand stocks get the same invert treatment as everyone else this year under the NASCAR rules. Kevin Morgan would lead the field to the green flag with Boyd to his outside. However, Boyd took a lot of damage in that first race so he elected to fall to the rear. His new position put him right behind Sweeney on the start.

Frye started on the outside and took over the lead on the first lap from Morgan who started falling back through the field. Four laps in and Sweeney was up to second and the leaders were getting ready to lap Boyd. Frye and Sweeney were able to get by Boyd with no incident and Rodney brought it down pit road and parked it as his car was clearly down on speed.

Paul Lubno worked his way into third place by lap-8 and at the same time Sweeney was on the bumper of Frye looking to grab the lead. Three laps later and Lubno caught the top two cars and on the next lap Sweeney tried for the lead but couldn’t complete the move. Lubno ended up giving Tommy a little nudge to take second place from him but it didn’t last long. Sweeney went inside of Lubno but Paul didn’t give up easily giving him a little contact to try and keep him close down the straight, Tommy was able to keep the spot.

Coming to the checkers Mark Frye had over a second on Sweeney for the win. Lubno and Scovel made some decent contact into the final two turns but Lubno held on for a fourth place finish with Wilson finishing ahead of him.

Race 1 Results

  1.  Tommy Sweeney
  2. Paul Lubno
  3. ShawnScovel
  4. Tim Wilson
  5. Mark Frye
  6. Michael Waters
  7. Rodney Boyd -1
  8. Kevin Morgan -4
  9. Jonathan White -12

Race 2 Results

  1. Mark Frye
  2. Tommy Sweeney
  3. Tim Wilson
  4. Paul Lubno
  5. Shawn Scovel
  6. Michael Waters
  7. Kevin Morgan -1
  8. Jonathan White -13
  9. Rodney Boyd -29

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