Ryan Matthews Inherits INEX Legend Win at Southside Speedway – Conner Jones Pass on the Outside Proves to be Enough

Ryan Mathews sails into turn one during a round of practice at Southside Speedway. (Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com)

Ryan Mathews sails into turn one during a round of practice at Southside Speedway. (Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com)

Midlothian, VA – Chris Lilly, who entered the weekend third in the INEX Semi-Pro National Points, qualified his machine on the pole of the nine car field with a time of 15.645 (76.694 mph) seconds. Up and coming sensation Cody Carlton was just two-hundredth’s of a second off Lilly’s speed to earn the second starting position. Lilly would eventually draw a two pill after post-qualifying inspection to invert the front row.

After four attempts to get the 25-lap feature underway, Carlton used the bottom to his advantage to get around Lilly to lead the first circuit around the tough Southside Speedway. Cody Carlton and Chris Lilly were clearly the class of the field this past Friday night. How could you tell? Just five laps into the caution filled feature, the front two had a just about a full straightaway lead over the third place car of Ryan Mathews.

Things really started to get interesting as the laps dwindled down and the caution periods picked up. The fifth caution of the night actually worked in favor of Lilly who was able to lead just one lap on the outside, beating Carlton to the line by mere inches. Carlton would rally back to the lead the following lap and again would be slowed by another yellow.

Eventually, race officials started to count yellow flag laps after Carter Wood went for his second spin in two laps in turn two. Interesting enough just four laps later, DJ Elzey and David Turner would tangle in turn four to bring out the last caution of the night and set up a Green, White Checkered finish. Carlton elected to stay on the bottom when the cone was displayed, Chris Lilly, of course, tried his luck to the outside. Carlton again was lights out on the restart and was able to be the first car to the checkered flag. Chris Lilly followed suite just a tenth of a second back, followed by Mathews, Silvestri, and Elzey.

A tired looking Carlton was excited in victory lane thanking car owner John Weaver and all the work they have done on the car after pretty much starting over after an incident at Langley Speedway weeks prior. Carlton and Lilly, however, would not make it out of the tech shed without having their first and second place finishes encumbered – pretty sure that’s a good word to bring down to the short track level. Both drivers were disqualified for failing post-race tech.


Conner Jones was the fastest man in town Friday night at Southside Speedway in the six car Bandolero field. Posting a lap of record at 17.164 seconds. An average of 69.907 mph around the very tight and flat speedway. By the luck of the draw, Jones was forced to start from the third position handing the pole position over to Eddie Slagle. Cole Bruce, posting the second fastest time in qualifying, lucked out and got to keep his starting position on the grid.Took just two attempts to

Took just two attempts to kick off the racing action in the Bando’s, took just one lap for Cole Bruce to get his car wound up on the outside to take the lead from Slagle. Took just two laps for pole sitter Conner Jones to get around Slagle and up to the lead. Taking the hard route around Bruce, Jones made the pass for the lead on the outside coming to lap two and never looked back.The 15-lap feature was only slowed once for a

The 15-lap feature was only slowed once for a spin, in turn four from Layton Harrison. Harrison was on the low side attempting a pass for position and looked to just get loose. He did a great job of keeping the car off the wall and other competitors and was able to rejoin the field, gaining two positions before the checkered flag waved.Jones was rock solid on the restart and was able to hold off Cole Bruce and Franklin Caricofe to earn a trip to victory lane.

Jones was rock solid on the restart and was able to hold off Cole Bruce and Franklin Caricofe to earn a trip to victory lane.


INEX Legends OFFICIAL Results:

  1. #51 Ryan Mathews; 25
  2. #97 Daniel Silvestri; 25
  3. #00 DJ Elzey; 25
  4. #79 David Turner; 25
  5. #31 Carter Wood; 25
  6. #27 Kevin Yeatts; 23
  7. 7 #22 Carter Weedon; 0
  8. #94 Cody Carlton; 25 – DQ
  9. #27 Chris Lilly; 25 – DQ


INEX Bando OFFICIAL Results:

  1. #14 Conner Jones; 15
  2. #31 Cole Bruce; 15
  3. #33 Franklin Caricofe; 15
  4. #43 Layton Harrison; 15
  5. #58 Eddie Slagle; 15
  6. #15 Logan Clark; 15

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