Andrew Condrey Steals Dominion Stock Victory – Aaron Donnelly Cruises to Victory in UCAR Feature After Top Three Wreck

Andrew Condrey enters turn three during afternoon practice before his victory Saturday night, April 8th, 2017. (Justin Kern/

Thornburg, VA – Michael Munley was the fastest of the seven Dominion Stock cars that showed up for Dominion Raceway’s NWAAS season opener. Posting a time of 18.269 seconds or an average of 78.822 mph. However, with Dominion using an invert rule after qualifying, Munley drew the number four pill in Radley Victory lane. This handed the top spot over the #3 of Gary Burke followed by Richard Powers, and Andrew Condrey. Tommy Smith would keep his position as the fifth starter.

When the green flag waved, Condrey, wasted not time working his way to the front of the field. Giving a huge shot to the rear of Burke, helping him clear the field and to lead lap one. Andrew had other plans however and took the lead from Burke the following lap with a huge move under Burke to take the lead. It took only six of the 35-lap feature for Munley to take the second position and set his sights on the lead. Condrey’s car looked to be pretty good for the first half of the race until he started to get loose on corner exit.

After a couple of wiggles on corner exit, Michael Munley was able to close the more than half second gap that Condrey had created. He would take the lead on lap eighteen and appear to never look back, opening up his on gap in just two laps until he experienced his own problems. Mechanical issues plagued the one car after something let go in the right front of the car causing the tire to be perpendicular to the chassis – his night was finished and handed the lead back to Condrey for the remainder of the race.

Richard Powers would finish second, the same position he took the green flag in, one position ahead of where he qualified. Gary Burke, Barry Beebe, Tommy Smith and Michael Munley would round out the field. David Blankenship, who attempted to qualify earlier in the afternoon, was not able to answer the call to the green flag after blowing a motor on his first-time trial lap.



Twelve UCAR’s made the trip to Thornburg, VA to kick off the 2017 season. Stephen Brady was the fastest car during time trial qualifications posting a time of 19.497 seconds or an average of 73.858 mph. David Gonce and the 2016 division champion Ryan Pritt posted the second and third fastest time respectively. Aaron Donnelly and Don Schumann rounded out the top five. However, because of the invert, Pritt would take the green flag from the pole position.

At the drop of the green flag, Ryan Pritt checked out from the rest of the field leaving a good battle for the second position. Brady, who rolled off third, was able to clear Donnelly from his outside as well as David Gonce to take the second position and attempt to track down Pritt for the lead. Ten laps into the 25-lap feature Brady had not only caught the leader but attempted to make some pretty aggressive passes going into one. Of course, just like in any race, when two cars battle it out it allows for other to catch up.

After a couple of laps of running single file, Stephen Brady looked to attempt another pass low on Pritt as they both dove into turn one, however, this time contact was made between the two and both cars wrecked. To make matters worse, David Gonce, with what looked like nowhere to go as Pritt was coming down the track, made hard contact with the 22 pushing him up to the outside retaining wall. All three cars were done for the night.

After clean up was complete and the green was displayed to the field it was clear sailing for Aaron Donnelly. There were a couple of battles for position behind him but, nothing that he would need to be concerned with. Brandon Coates would eventually work his way up to the second position and it would be where he crossed the line. Second place, however, would not be where he was scored after failing post-race technical inspection. Don Schumann, Derek Hoak, Trey Williams would be the top five finishers


UCAR Results:

1.#31 Aaron Dunnlley; 25
2. #11 Don Schumann; 25
3. #16 Derek Hoak; 25
4. #54 Trey Williams; 25
5. #56 DJ Powell; 25
6. #95 Ricky Franklin; 25
7. #3 Bryan Phipps; 24
8. #22 Ryan Pritt; 11
9. #04 Stephen Brady; 11
10. #09 David Gonce; 11
#68 Brandon Coates; DQ

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