Woody Howard Wins INEX Legend Feature on Opening Night at Langley Speedway – Cole Bruce Goes Flag to Flag in Bando Race

Woody Howard inherits the lead after a wreck, in turn three, leaves three cars out of the race. Leads flag to flag to capture the win. (Shawn Dulin/TheWeeklyRacer.com)

Hampton, VA – Tommy Jackson Jr. picked began the 2017 season much like he ended the 2016 season – fast. Jackson was the fastest car in time trial qualifying for Saturday night’s Pomoco Night at the Race 25-lap INEX Legends feature. Posting a time of 18.096 or 78.581 mph on average he would lead Cody Carlton (R), Woody Howard, Brian May and Dillon Spain and thirteen other drivers to the green flag in one of the largest Legends races in a few years.

It did not take long for things to get crazy, as half the field was loose coming off turn two. Some drivers were saying after the race there was oil or something all over the track. One car at least looped it around, and was able to continue, while other cars took evasive maneuvers to avoid any damage before the race complete a lap. Just as we thought we were clear and were going to stay green the leaders run into big trouble going into three that saw Tommy Jackson, Dillon Spain, Cody Carlton and Sparky West in the wall. Carlton was the only car able to drive away.

The incident would hand the lead over to Woody Howard and Mason Diaz for the restart. Diaz, who runs primarily in the Legends and Pro Late Model division at Southern National in North Carolina, gave the veteran driver just about all he could handle for all twenty-five laps. Given the experience, Howard had not only in the car, but around the track you have to give a ton of credit to Diaz coming to a new track and running like that for the lead. Brian May and Spencer Saunders both moved up due to the wreckage and tried to hang tough but Howard and Diaz were in a league of their own all night. Howard would go on to win the first race of the season being credited with leading every lap.

“As soon as they drop the flag going into turn one and I noticed there was oil all in the bottom grove,” Howard said in victory lane. “Luckily I was able to straddle it and get below it which gave me a good run off the corner. Hate to see it for Tommy and all those guys, I was really looking forward to racing with them, I mean, they’re tough competition so I might not be sitting had they not wrecked out.”



Cole Bruce celebrates his flag to flag win as Langley Speedway re-opens for the 2017 racing season. (Shawn Dulin/TheWeeklyRacer.com)

Cole Bruce started his 2017 season of very strong in the tracks very first race since re-opening its doors. Setting the fastest time in the eight-car field with a 21.548 second lap of record or 66.976 mph on average. Bruce wasted no time to take the early lead once the green flag was displayed to the field and he never looked back.

Bruce was challenged once towards the end of the race after Bradley Kilby, who started fifth on the grid was able to drive up to the back bumper of Bruce but could not make a pass happen. The most entertaining part of the race was the side-by-side battle for the fourth position between the #3 of Jacob Putman and the #18 of Autumn Weaver. The two would battle door to door for over half the race with Putman gaining the slight advantage on the low line as it was the shorter distance around the almost 4/10-mile flat track.


Cycle City Corp Legends:

1 #14 Woody Howard
2 #24 Mason Diaz
3 #22 Brian May
4 #7 Spencer Saunders
5 #08 Jamie Price
6 #94 Cody Carlton
7 #7 Zach Lightfoot
8 #21 Layne Mckee
9 #33 Colby Flowers
10 #5 Whitt Seay
11 #19 Clayton Parrish
12 #2 Matt Kurz
13 #4 Chris Hayes
14 #31 David Brandt
15 #87 Tommy Jackson Jr
16 #72 Dillion Spain
17 #99 Sparky West
18 #88 Ryan Center


Cycle City Corp Bandos:

1 #31 Cole Bruce
2 #5 Bradley Kilby
3 #14 Conner Jones
4 #3 Jacob Putman
5 #18 Autumn Weaver
6 #48 Wesley Newell
7 #8 Jacob Derrick
8 #22 Wyatt Philyaw

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