CARS Tour Event Preview powered by KRC Power Steering: River City QDMA Duels at Dominion pres. VA Is For Lovers – Dominion Raceway 3PM – March 25, 2017

CARS Tour Event Preview powered by KRC Power Steering: River City QDMA Duels at Dominion pres. VA Is For Lovers – Dominion Raceway 3PM – March 25, 2017CARS Tour Event Preview powered by KRC Power Steering: River City QDMA Duels at Dominion pres. VA Is For Lovers – Dominion Raceway 3PM – March 25, 2017

March 21, 2017

 MOORESVILLE, NC — With the first race of the season in the books just two weekends ago competitors on the CARS Tour must quickly turn their cars and attention to a brand new track, one most have never seen, Dominion Raceway. Located 45 minutes due north of famed Richmond Int’l Raceway, the one year old facility is noted by many as the nicest short track facility on the Each Coast. The track features an onsite bar/grill, luxury suite boxes, and a full size live play video/scoring board for the fans. Competitors on the other hand will notice a smooth racing surface that will produce speeds like they won’t experience anywhere else this season and a racing groove that primarily takes place around the bottom of the 4/10 track. Fans and teams alike will see their second new format introduced by the CARS Tour this offseason. Teams will get two chances to earn championship points, and come away with a CARS Tour win, as duel 75 lap races for each division will keep fans and competitors at the edge of their seats, four races for the price of two.

Duels at Dominion pres. by Virginia Is For Lovers NOTES & QUOTES


Track/Location: Dominion Raceway-Thornburg, VA

Track Size: .400-mile

Event Name: Duels at Dominion pres. by Virginia Is For Lovers

Laps/Distance: 75L/30 miles

Event Schedule: 9:55AM-11:30AM Practice, 1:45PM Qualifying, 3:15PM Green: LMSC-SLM-LMSC-SLM

Twitter Handle/Event Hashtag: @CARSTour / @DominionRaceway / #DuelsAtDominion

CARS SLM Tour Pre Entered Drivers: #6 Brandon Setzer, #15 Christian Eckes, #16 Lucas Jones, #16M Chad McCumbee, #34 Nolan Pope, #37 Dan Speeney, #51 Cole Rouse, #56 Gus Dean, #81 Quin Houff, #97 Chase Purdy (10 total)

CARS LMSC Tour Pre Entered Drivers: #08 Deac McCaskill, #2 Myatt Snider, #8A Anthony Alfredo, #8 Trevor Rizzo, #11 Jeff Oakley, #18 Evan Swilling, #22 Grayson Cullather, #28 Chris Hudspeth, #32 Brandon Grosso, #42 Craig Stallard, #44 Justin Johnson, #74 Ronald Hill, #81F Jared Fryer, #88 Chris Davis, #88B Josh Berry, #99 Layne Riggs (17 total)

***Official Entry Deadline: Tuesday, March 21, 2017 at 4PM***

Media Coverage:

-Speed51 ( will provide Trackside Now Live Updates

-The Weekly Racer (

-CARS Tour TV ( – LIVE Broadcast Video Coverage

-CARS Tour Facebook ( / CARS Tour Twitter (@CARSTour)



Bristol March Madness for Supers:

Just as the annual NCAA March Madness tournament heats up, so does the same for Super Late Model drivers this weekend at Dominion Raceway. Just like the conference tournaments around the country lead to automatic berths to the big dance, similar stakes are on the line in the duel format races. One Super Late Model driver will punch their automatic berth ticket and be locked in to the Short Track US Nationals at Bristol Motor Speedway on May 21st when the final checker flag waves Saturday afternoon. The berth will be awarded to the team with the highest average finish between the two duel 75 lap races. Should there be a tie, the tiebreaker will come down to the fastest average of the competitors two qualifying laps. Needless to say in addition to championship points and race wins; a lot is on the line at Dominion.

“I think watching the races at Dominion is going to be an exercise in multi-tasking for our fans. So many drivers will be on different agendas — some wanting to simply win, others wanting to lock-in to Bristol, and some trying to keep from wrecking if they miss the setup. Dominion is a traditional super late model style track. It’s wide, fast, smooth, and has tons of grip, something every driver loves. Add in the best facility on the tour, and we have a perfect recipe for fans to watch in person or through CARS Tour TV. This is going to be an event true race fans will appreciate on so many levels.” Tony Stevens – CARS Tour TV, Announcer

From Dirt to Dominion:

Youngster Brandon Grosso has made the transition this season from the dirt modifieds he grew up racing around his home state of New Jersey to now piloting the #32 Nitro Fish Ultimate Gear Late Model Stock for Marty Snider Racing full time on the CARS Tour circuit. This weekend’s race at the super-fast Dominion Raceway will be as close to home as Grosso will get all season, with his hometown of Belle Meade, New Jersey being four and half hours away. Despite the closeness and fact that the two 75 lap duel races could play into his favor for a rather good outing, Grosso is business as usual seeing this as another opportunity to gain experience around at another fast asphalt oval.

“Even though this is the closest we’ll be to home all season it will be just my dad, my little brother Justin, and my dirt crew chief Mark Blackwell driving down this weekend to the track. My mom and the rest of the family will stay home and tune in on CARS Tour TV. As far as the shorter races this weekend with the duels, I like that. I’m not a fan of having to save tires, so if I’ve got the opportunity to run wide open that would be cool. I’m sure my crew chief, Jeff Caldwell, will debrief me on our strategy this week. I like fast tracks and I like running on the bottom in both dirt and asphalt, even though it can make passing tough. I think that will be same situation this weekend. Overall I’m just looking forward to racing at Dominion for the first time.” – Brandon Grosso – #32 Nitro Fish Ultimate Gear Ford

Improving, Educating, and Researching Deer Management at High Speeds:

Much like the race tires drivers must conserve throughout the two duel races this Saturday afternoon; the River City QDMA is focused on conserving whitetail deer population around the Central Virginia area. Proper education, population management, and a continuing hunting heritage are all ways the River City QDMA uses to keep quality whitetail flourishing in the area. The key to success for any conservation is reaching the right people to hear your message; without question the River City QDMA and the grassroots fan the CARS Tour attracts are perfectly matched for such a partnership.

“QDMA stands for Quality Deer Management Association, and our goal is to educating the hunting public on whitetail deer biology and how we can improve that through advocacy and education at the local and state level. The state of Virginia has some of the most beautiful whitetail deer around; part of our mission is to make sure it stays like that for years to come. The River City brand of the QDMA is excited about partnering with the CARS Tour for their event at Dominion this weekend. We feel like most race fans are hunters too, so what better way to reach the people we are trying to educate about our mission than at the track in our own area.” Jon Ranck – River City QDMA, President

For more information and to stay up with all the latest news and information about the CARS Tour, featuring both Late Model Stock Car and Super Late Model divisions, visit or contact the tour’s office directly at 704-662-9212. Stay social with the tour by “liking” the CARS Tour Facebook page and following along on Twitter @CARSTour. 

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