Christian Eckes Wins From the Pole at Southern National; Carries Momentum Into Snowball Derby


Lucama, NC – Two weekends and two victories for the Middletown, New York native Christian Eckes. After a thrilling victory over JRM teammate Josh Berry in the Late Model Stock portion of the Myrtle Beach 400, Eckes entered the 2016 Thanksgiving Classic with his Super Late Model

Eckes was the only car in the twelve-car field to lay down a sub 14-second lap to claim the pole Saturday afternoon. That speed clearly transferred into Sunday’s race as Christian set the pace early in the 125-lap feature. Colt James, the red number fifteen in the field was the only car able to really give him a run for his money and keep him honest. Some decent racing took place behind the two but it was clear Eckes and James were the class of the field.

The race was only slowed by two cautions. First, we had an issue with a car on the backstretch. This gave Colt James the shot he needed to get around Eckes and set the pace he wanted to run. The second caution, however, was the #15 of Colt James who lost power and coasted on the racing surface. James was able to get his car down pit road and had to nose his machine into his pit stall.

This gave the control of the race back to Christian Eckes, which was the final nail in the coffin. Have to tip our hat to Jake Crum who gave it all he had on the final restart but just didn’t have enough under him, Eckes was able to drive away from the field to earn his first Super Late Model victory.

“We had a really good car this weekend,”Eckes when we caught up with him in victory lane. “We unloaded really strong and stayed that way. I got a little worried there when Colt passed me, really just sucks for him to have a mechanical issue he had a really good car. I am just really happy for all my guys, we worked really hard for this race and it paid off, I am just really thankful to be here.”

Coming off the victory at Myrtle Beach and now Southern National, Eckes is heading into the Snowball Derby next weekend with two consecutive victories and momentum on his side. “We built a brand new car for the derby so we should have a good shot,” Eckes explained. “The momentum is going to be big for me. This is my first victory in the super, we have just had so much bad luck this year it’s not even funny. To win last week and this week it’s a big sigh of relief you know. Both wins are huge for me and it will pay off heading into the derby.”


UNOFFICIAL Accent Imaging SLM Results

1) #15 Christian Eckes; 125
2) #57 Austin Theriault; 125
3) #8 Tate Folgeman; 125
4) #01 Jake Crum; 125
5) #67 Clay Jones; 125
6) #55 Kevin Floars; 125
7) #25 Michael Faulk; 125
8) #25 Anthony Alfredo; 125
9) #98 Jody Meesmer; 117
10) #15 Colt James; 94 – Engine
11) #7 Tyler Church; 84 – Mechanical
12) #17 Darren Shaw; DNS

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