Dillon Spain Doubles Down at 2016 Thanksgiving Classic

Dillion Spain celebrates in victory lane for the second night in a row at Southern National Motorsports Park. (Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com)

Dillon Spain celebrates in victory lane for the second night in a row at Southern National Motorsports Park. (Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com)

Lucama, NC – When the bounty comes out you know you have a driver who is on a hot streak. So much so a promoter or track owner is willing to put extra money on the line for someone to beat that driver. For Southern National and the INEX Legends that driver is none other that Dillon Spain. A $300 bounty was put on the driver of the #7 machine giving a grand total of possible winnings up to $700.

Over 18 drivers had 40 circuits around the .400-mile high-banked oval to get the job done. Spain certainly did not make it easy on anyone after qualifying on the pole with a 16.894 (85.237 mph) second lap over Mason Diaz, Alec Webb, Will Bristle and 2016 Dominion Raceway champion Tommy Jackson Jr.

It did not take long for Spain to flex his muscle and jumped out to a commanding lead. Alec Webb made things interesting when he dove under the #91 of Bristle and left him out to dry on the top side, Bristle would eventually fall back in line just outside the top five. Tommy Jackson Jr. looked to turn up the wick in hunt of that $700 pay out just past the halfway point of the feature, trying to use lap cars to his advantage. However, Jackson would run out of laps and would have to settle for a second place finish in the 2016 Thanksgiving Classic.

“Yea we got a lot of laps here so we pretty much knew where to go for the race,” Spain commented in victory lane. “The car was really solid yesterday so it was a great test and tune for today. Going into that second round of practice we broke the trailing arm so that kind of screwed up our afternoon. We got everything back together and put it back where it needs to be and sat on the pole. We had a good run there with Mason the first ten laps, I was excited to be able to get to work with him this weekend.”

We asked Spain what it felt like going into these races knowing he has a bounty on his head and if it changed his strategy at all.

“Honestly I don’t feel like I deserve it,” Sapin commented about the bounty. “We do good but I don’t know if we really deserve a bounty. It is an honor to be able to have tracks think I deserve it though.”


Stancil Products – 40 Laps

1) #7 Dillon Spain
2) #87 Tommy Jackson Jr.
3) #24 Mason Diaz
4) #0 Alex McCollum
5) #5 Alec Webb
6) #91 Will Bristle
7) #10 Justin Mitchell
8) #71 Chris Hildebrand
9) #84 Kyle Beattie
10) #12 Eric Courtney
11) #6 Chris Hammett
12) #88 Zack Brown
13) #76 Brandon Johnston
14) #83 Caleb Day
15) #3 Joseph Sanoske
16) #1 Steven Chapman
17) #63 Kris Kurtz
18) #99 William West

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