Chris Johnson Wins Caution Filled Modified Race Thursday Night at Dominion Raceway


Chris Johnson celebrates his victory Thursday night at Dominion Raceway. (Shawn Dulin/

Thornburg, VA – Dominion Raceway continued to be the place to race the IMCA style asphalt mods in Virginia as they drew fourteen cars for a Thursday night race to open up the Richmond race weekend.

Jimmy Humblet turned a 15.582 to land the pole for the 35 lap race. A 4 car invert pill would be pulled putting Michael Johnson out front to begin the race. Coming to the green Johnson’s car didn’t go so the officials waved off the start. They would get the start good on the second attempt but a caution flies before everyone even cleared turn 1. Shawn Balluzzo, Chris Humblet, and Andrew Fortin are all involved and could not get back into the race.

Jimmy Humblet grabbed his first place spot back on the restart and ran out from Michael Johnson. Farther back in the field Robbie Babb who started 8th worked his way under Mike Rudy for third place fourteen laps in. On lap nineteen Tyler Davis went around in turn four eliminating Jimmy’s lead.

Babb took the outside lane on the restart trying to get position ahead of Chris Johnson who worked his way into second. Another caution waves but Chris was able to complete a lap while in first place. The field went green and again another caution came out for Jimmy Humblet spinning with 12 laps to go. At this point the flagman waved the flag combo of yellow and the move over flag to signal that caution laps were being counted the rest of the way. The red flag was also posted to allow for cleanup from Jimmy’s wreck.

The field went green for the final time with seven laps remaining and Chris Johnson jumped to a huge second and a half lead as the laps ticked down giving him the win on the night. In victory lane the Humblet’s and Babb had some choice words for him, with Johnson apologizing to Babb for getting into a corner too hard and creating a problem.


Race Results

1.Chris Johnson
2. Mike Rudy
3. Wayne Hartley
4. Tanner Aman
5. Robert Babb
6. Michael Johnson
7. Tony Fowler
8. Jimmy Humblet
9. Eric Fowlkes
10. Bubba Johnston
11. Chris Humblet
12. Shawn Balluzzo
13. Andrew Fortin
Disqualified: Tyler Davis

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