Michael Fose Sweeps East Carolina – Catapults To Top Spot in North Carolina Points

Fose Double Win

📸 Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com

Robersonville, NC – With just about a month left to go in the NWAAS National and State title race, wins are a must and are coming at a premium. Fose, 21 of Jacksonville, North Carolina, put on a clinic two weekends ago at East Carolina Motor Speedway in not only his first Late Model Stock career win but his very first twin sweep. A track that has proven to be a good track for Fose and his career as he earned his first Limited Late Model win back in 2013

Pacing the field earlier in the afternoon with a time of 15.451 to grab the pole position for race number one. There was no looking back for Fose after the drop of the green flag. Ten laps into race number one and Fose had opened up a solid eight-car lead over Thomas Burbage, Louis White, Tyler Matthews and Brenden Queen.

The battle was on for the second and fifth running position with Louis White really being the big mover up to the second position while Thomas Burbage and Tyler Matthews put on a good showing for a couple of laps. No one however had anything for the 54 at the front of the field of ran away with things and earning his first career Late Model victory.

With the qualifying method in place down at East Carolina, your best lap sets the field for race one while your slowest lap sets the field for race two, Michael Fose would only have to give up one spot on the starting grid to where he finished. Giving up that pole position to Virginia driver Justin Carroll.

The nights biggest scare came as the field made there way down the back stretch after Carroll got loose on corner exit and spun his car down the track in front of the entire field coming in hard contact with the inside retaining wall. Luckily for Carroll everyone was able to keep from hitting him and his crew was able to make repairs to the car and get him back on the speedway.

With Carroll heading to the rear of the field the entire inside line moved up one spot handing the lead over the Brenden Queen with Fose to his outside. Took two attempts to get the racing back under green but when that happened Fose again wasted no time getting back to how he was running in the first 40-lap feature. Getting a much better jump than Queen, Fose was able to take the lead on lap and never look back from there.

Michael Fose was able to build himself over a full straightaway lead over the field yet again as guys like Queen and Burbage duked it out for their track position. Tyler Matthews gave everything he had to run down Fose but just did not have enough under him to close the gap. One car that was not able to keep pace in the second race was Thomas Burbage. Falling back lap after lap, Burbage would have to settle for a ninth place finish. We would later learn via social media that Burbage found a bad shock under the car – as stated in our coverage from the night we are no engineers but a bad shock will create an ill handling car.

The two wins were the first for Michael in a Late Model Stock car, not to mention the first sweep of the young mans career. “The car felt awesome,” Fose said in victory lane. “This is really going to help us out in state points. The car was just on a rail. The rain earlier in the day actually kind of helped us out a little bit; the car was a little tight. It washed the rubber off the and actually helped the car out a little bit.”

Practically putting the car on jack stands and not touching a thing Fose found himself back in victory lane after yet another dominating win.

“We didn’t do anything from the first race,” Fose told us. “We kept the car exactly the same. The car was just on a rail, no need to change anything on it.”

Immediately following the race Michael Fose was greeted by a not so happy Justin Carroll who felt Fose jacked him up coming out of two, the drivers had a bit of a discussion before Carroll went on back to his pit. We asked Fose what he saw out of his windshield and what he thought went down.

“The 91 acted like I got into him there,” Fose explained. “I don’t think we really did and that’s what I was telling him. I just have to thank all of my sponsors, Auto Core, John West Engines, JTS Built, Hanging Bodies, and Grafix Unlimited for helping me out.”

The two wins has since catapulted Fose into the top ten (7th) in the national points standings, just behind ECMS points leader Brenden Queen, that will conclude on September 18th. With neither driving competing this past weekend Fose will fall four positions in the nation to eleventh.

The flip side to that, the two wins at East Carolina helped Fose take the top spot in the North Carolina state points. Holding onto just a four-point lead over Queen, the plan is to enter every weekend looking for the trophy at the end of the night.

“It doesn’t really change the plans all to much,” Fose told us this week as we prepared this story. “We come every weekend to win and we are going to keep that attitude. Going between East Carolina and Southern National and just focus on winning and letting the points take care of themselves.”

Fose will be back in action this weekend at East Carolina’s Back to School Bash for a pair of 40-lap features to help put a little more space between he and Queen in the state standings. The Weekly Racer will have you covered yet again this weekend from one of the most action packed venues in the Mid-Atlantic this 2016 season.


Race #1

1.#54 Michael Fose
2. #7 Louis White
3. #63 Tyler Matthews
4. #9 Thomas Burbage
5. #03 Thomas Burbage
6. #91 Justin Carroll
7. #01 Jeff Shiflett
8. #12 Wesley Johnson
9. #29 Paul Williamson
10. #28 Tyler Horne
11. #10 Madyson Mulligan
12. #71 Justin Fuller
13. #54b Gerald Benton
14. #5 Cecil Waller
15. #21 Tyler McLaughlin
16. #77 Jordan Wood
17. #12 Dean Shiflett
18#03b Cameron Bowen


Race #2

1.#54 Michael Fose
2. #63 Tyler Matthews
3. #7 Louis White
4. #03 Brenden Queen
5. #01 Jeff Shiflett
6. #28 Tyler Hughes
7. #10 Madyson Mulligan
8. #9 Thomas Burbage
9. #12 Wesley Johnson
10. #91 Justin Carroll
11. #29 Paul Williamson
12. #71 Justin Fuller
13. #54b Gerald Benton
14. #5 Cecil Waller
15. #21 Tyler McLaughlin
16. #77 Jordan Wood
17. #03b Cameron Bowen
18. #12 Dean Shiflett

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