Lauren Edgerton Edges Out Kyle Wood in First Career Modified Victory at Southside Speedway

📸 Justin Kern/

📸 Justin Kern/

Midlothian, VA – You can win by the invert and you can tear some stuff up by the invert. This past weekend the invert worked wonders for Lauren Edgerton at Southside Speedway this past weekend. After qualifying fifth on the seven-car field, Edgerton inherited the pole position after Mason Bailey set the fast time earlier in the afternoon but drew the number five pill.

Took two attempts to get the race underway after Thomas Stinson went for a loop down in turns three and four before the field could complete a lap. It would negate the awesome jump that Edgerton got on the rest of the field. Track officials would get everyone slowed down and back in their original starting position for the complete restart. With the slow roll out of four Tyler Davis got a much better start and was able to hang with Edgerton for about three-quarters of a lap.

Credit lap one to Edgerton as Davis started to feel the pressure from Kyle Wood who almost makes it quick work. Stinson took just two laps to get around the double zero making the topside work yet again to his advantage. Now back in the fourth position Davis was left to deal with the top qualifier Mason Bailey, who make it around him as well.

As the laps counted down you could visibly see Edgerton’s car getting tighter on corner exit and it was allowing Wood to close the gap quick. With ten laps on the board the top three were all but bumper-to-bumper, Edgerton doing a great job to hold off a very hard charging Kyle Wood and Thomas Stinson. Mason Bailey, working to give it everything he had to reel in the top three, was now running out of laps and needed either all three to mess up or a caution.

With just six cars on track Bailey didn’t get his yellow, however, he did get his wish when the top two cars got loose coming out of the corner and had to gather the cars back up. Edgerton was the first to step out of line, which of course allowed Wood to catch up. Just as he was looking to capitalize he too slipped out coming out of four. Just what Stinson and Bailey wanted to see right? Well, yes that’s right but neither of them able to capitalize like they wanted to. Kyle Wood did a great making his car wide enough that Stinson could not get around and well Mason Bailey had a slip of his own coming out of two.

With Stinson working as hard as he possibly could on the bumper of Wood, it allowed Edgerton to put some distance between to the two and collect her very first win at Southside Speedway in the Modified division – starting from the pole position none the less. Kyle Wood was able to hold off Stinson and shooting down any chances to make it back-to-back trips to victory lane as well as extend his points lead over Mason Bailey who finished fourth.

“That car has always been tight,” Edgerton said after the race when asked about the car. “I got a new setup to put in it for this season that at least made it drivable. I still can’t get that last bit of tightness out though.” Lauren may have had a little help with the way the car felt though as the track as an interesting tire rule for these large motor Modifieds. The car gets four new tires at the start of the season and then move to a two tire type rule, difference with this two tire rule, you only get them every other race!

Working in the ladder portion of July we start to get into some of the hottest days and nights of the year. With these big motors and small tires we asked if the heat had anything to do with the way the car handled. She actually thought the heat would have helped the car rotate a little more.

“I think the car would have been tight regardless,” said Edgerton. “If anything it would have helped it probably would have had a better right front tire. I had changed a lot after the last race, so I really wanted to see how it would race before I changed anything else.”

Took six years for the Chesterfield native to get that all important win and she told us just how great it felt and what it took to get there.

“It was pretty awesome,” Edgerton proclaimed. “My sixth season at Southside and fourth in the new car so it was time! I had a really good spotter, which always helps. I just didn’t really worry about it, focused on driving, and listened to my spotter.”

Just one car did not make out of the room of doom cleared. The #00 of Tyler Davis who had crossed the line fifth was disqualified after his carburetor failed post race technical inspection. Edgerton’s win will help her climb up the points standing where she entered the weekend fifth – sixteen behind Stinson in fourth and nineteen behind leader Kyle Wood. The Modifieds will return to Southside Speedway with all of the other divisions in two weeks on August 5th.


Modified Results

P1. #7 Lauren Edgerton; 30
P2. #19 Kyle Wood; 30
P3. #4 Thomas Stinson; 30
P4. #05 Mason Bailey; 30
P5. #99 Mike Bedner; 30
P6. #97 Robert Eroh; 5
P7. #00 Tyler Davis; 30 (DQ)

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