Abbott Gets First Grand Stock Win; Dodge Leaves the Madness Behind in UCAR


Photo: Shawn Dulin/

Midloathian, VA – Lane Janosik set fast time at Southside Speedway with a 16.410 second lap during their practifying, a spin on euro qualifying. Due to Janosik’s domination he would have to start at the rear of the eleven car field. A four car invert was pulled putting Landon Abbott on the pole.

Abbott and Dan Rogers raced side by side for the opening lap with Rogers eventually falling back in line. Coming to lap five Janosik was already up to 6th place in the field and the caution flag would fly for James Neely helping Rogers spin around out of turn four.

Landon got a great restart coming to the green, he had them locked down tonight, and would leave the battling for the cars behind him. Todd Ruggles came under fire from Janosik who is now up to third place after starting 11th.

Another caution would come out and Janosik would drop to fourth before getting around rookie grand stock driver Ethen Ayers for third and once again chasing down Ruggles for second. Janosik got by and the yellow lights came on for David Blankenship getting turned around.

On the restart Abbott would stay low and Janosik went high. Landon would jump out allowing Janosik to get single file and the entire top four would run bumper to bumper for a lap before Abbott, Janosik, and Rogers would separate from the field. Rogers peaked under Janosik getting a piece of him as well but Lane kept it going straight.

After a quick caution Abbott and Janosik battled side by side trading a couple of laps led. Janosik would fall into line. Coming out of turn 4 Janosik gave one last nudge to Abbott but Landon would hang on for his first win at Southside.


Over in the UCAR division Beejay Anderson benefited from a six car invert to start on the pole. Off the start the field couldn’t separate before the first caution out on lap 2.

On the restart Anderson went backwards falling to fifth place and Michelle Willingham would start to battle Chip Husband for the lead. Willingham was the next driver to fall back allowing Austin Dodge, who passed almost everyone on the high line, started working on the leader. Dodge took the lead on lap 11 and on the fifteenth lap caution would come out for debris on the track.

After taking the green Dodge, Husband, and Michael Chapman would clear the field and complete mayhem would start for fourth through ninth place. Anderson took 4th place from Josh Blankenship after a huge hit into him getting him sideways but the front wheel drive powered car stayed straight. Blankenship would get Cameron Ruggles completely sideways and get by him. Everyone was going three wide, running the apron, beating and banging.

Austin Dodge cruised to a 2+ second victory, able to run free while the havoc went on behind him.


Grand Stock Results

1.Landon Abbott
2. Lane Janosik
3. Dan Rogers
4. James Neely
5. Todd Ruggles
6. Michael Sutphin
7. Ethan Ayers
8. Shannon Smith
9. Ervin Dickerson
10. David Blankenship
11. Mike Lowe

UCAR Results

1.Austin Dodge
2. Chip Husband
3. Beejay Anderson
4. Michael Chapman
5. Josh Blankenship
6. Michelle Willingham
7. Cameron Ruggles
8. Chris Beazley
9. Zachary Lindsey


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