Boo Boo Dalton Steals a Win at South Boston in Summer Classic

BooBoo DaltonSouth Boston, VA – South Boston Speedway’s limited sportsman points leader Joey Throckmorton would set fast time in qualifying with a 16.234 lap time but started 5th for the 100 lap race.

Brian Pembleton started on the pole and by lap five he was out to a great lead. This left Mike Jones, Roy Peregoy, and Throckmorton to put on a good show for second through fourth. Ross “Boo Boo” Dalton was also putting on a clinic as he started deep in the field.

A couple restarts later and Throckmorton gets by Pembleton with Boo Boo not letting him run away. Eventually Joey would get a good lead built up and it was looking like another dominating performance for the 21 car. Jones and Daniel Moss started to have a good battle for. Moss would stay fifth and a quick Peregoy, who fell back after a pit stop, would race him side by side for about 6 laps but Peregoy could never beat him off the corner enough to take the spot.

With around twenty laps left Throckmorton hit the slow cars and this allowed Dalton to close in a little each lap. With eight laps to go Throckmorton started having problems and his lead quickly shrank from a second to nothing. Dalton made the winning pass with a couple laps remaining and Throckmorton was able to hold on for a third place finish.

Boo Boo Dalton would start one of the best celebrations I’ve ever seen at a short track, burning the tires down all over the turns 1 and 2 and once in victory lane slamming the roof of the car and screaming in joy. A big celebration for a big race at South Boston Speedway.

Limited Sportsman Results:

1.#50 Ross “Boo Boo” Dalton; 100
2. #89 David Latour Jr; 100
3. #21 Joey Throckmorton; 100
4. #71 Brian Pembleton; 100
5. #39 Mikes Jones; 100
6. #58 Daniel Moss; 100
7. #2 Tommy Peregoy;99
8.#19  Bob Davis; 99
9. #24 Colin Garrett; 99
10. #16 Brandon Jones; 98
11. #05 Billy Myers; 30
12. #82 Barry Beggarly Jr.; 5

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