Justin Carroll Sets Eye on First Career Late Model Victory at South Boston Summer Classic

Justin CarrollEvery young racers dream is to be that first car across the stripe and have the checkered flag wave in their windshield. Justin Carroll of New Kent, Virginia looks to experience that feeling for the first time in his young career tonight at South Boston Speedway’s most prestigious race of the year.

Entering tonight’s 200-lap event Carroll currently sits fifth in the point’s standings at the speedway. Showing to everyone that he and his team mean business. Carroll has been forced this year to do a bit more traveling than most years, since his home track of Langley Speedway still sits doormat this year after the landowners and longtime operator Bill Mullis could not come to an agreement on a purchasing price for the land. Though the travel can be taxing on the team and the budget, it seems to be doing some good for the #91 team.

“The car wasn’t that bad and we were on 75 lap old tires,” Carroll said between practice sessions yesterday afternoon. “Tomorrows race should be good. I have a fresh motor and have a good feeling about the car after practice today. We weren’t the fastest but we were decent and my car normally gets better later in the race.”

Carroll was one of the ten fastest cars who took part in the all-day open test session at the .400 slightly bank speedway. Overall he felt good about the car and his overall chances despite some of the big names like Lee Pulliam (5x back to back winner, 3x NWAAS Ntl. Champ), Timothy Peters (NASCAR Camping World Truck driver), Peyton Sellers (’05 NWAAS Ntl. Champ). We asked him if running side by side with some of those names was intimidating or made him nervous going into an event this big.

“No not at all it’s nothing but a name,” Carroll explained. “It’s just like running against anyone else. No need to be worried or scared. I am confident I can run with the best of them!”

The 200-lap feature tonight will most certainly be a four tire race opposed to the typical two tire scenario most tracks have been running this season. Meaning each team will be allowed to bolt on four fresh Hooiser racing slicks for your racing pleasure. There will of course be a halfway break where teams will be able to adjust on their machines, we will work on getting you information if teams will be allowed to change two tires or simply just move tires around as soon as we can.

A first win in any drivers career is big, however to win it on a stage like this is a whole new thing. Sometimes the pressure can get to the driver and make for a long day. For Justin Carroll however, they are entering this weekends race with the same confidence and gusto as they have been all season long, and you have seen the results they have been able to put up so far.

“That would be huge,” Carroll said of earning his first career late model win in the biggest event on the tracks schedule. “We always feel like we have a chance to win. We have been pretty good all year long.”

In my past experience with these races one thing that I have learned was to never count anyone out! 200-laps is a long way and a lot of things can happen in between. Focus keeping the nose clean, the body panels on the car and the tires under you and you very well may end up in victory lane at the end of the night.

Final rotating practice is set to get underway at South Boston Speedway at 1:30 PM this afternon and run till 3:30 PM. Cars will then hit the track an hour later for European style qualifying. Make sure to follow along on our Twitter feed for updates throughout the evening. A full schedule of the day’s activities can be found bellowSoBo 200 7.1.16

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