Tyler Hughes With Emotional Win at Southern National Motorsports Park

IMG_8640Lucama, NC – You couldn’t have asked for much better weather coming into this weekend in southeastern North Carolina not only for Fathers Day but also for the Schools Out 200 here at Southern National Motorsports Park. Interesting enough, the top two in points here at The Park were not in attendance, of course as we know Bradley McCaskill still recovering from his injuries. Hearing reports that Chapman was at Caraway with NASCAR Sprint Cup crew chief, Matt McCall.

Tyler Matthews set the quick time earlier in the afternoon during European style qualifying with a time of 15.875 (90.709 MPH), Matthews’ first career pole at Southern National. Brenden Queen, Mason Diaz, Tyler Huges, and David Polenz would make up the rest of the starting five.

Took Hughes just ten laps to get his machine around Matthews and take the top spot. It was no looking back from there for Hughes; he was out hunting for trophies. Pretty solid racing would take place behind him as Louis White made a pretty solid charge towards the front while Brenden Queen – who entered the night seventh in the national points, found himself going the wrong through the field.

There was nothing anyone had for Mr. Hughes however who found himself in victory lane and the subject of a seven-car invert. We caught up with Tyler in victory lane.

“We were chasing an electrical issue,” Hughes said in victory lane. “It just kept backfiring. We got the car set up pretty well this morning in practice and only had to make minor tweaks this afternoon. We found some spark plugs who’s electrodes were bent down so it wasn’t going off the right fire. We replaced all the spark plugs and it pulled through during the race when we needed it to.”

Tyler Hughes, out of Maryland, making the trip down to Southern National this fathers day weekend we know it had to of been great to get a win for your father, specially after he has been dealing with colon cancer. We had to ask him how it felt to do that for his father.

“Yea that was just awesome specially with it being fathers day,” Hughes said. “I am just really glad I can get the win for him today especially with his logo on the hood and he is all smiles and that’s all that matters to me. Just hope we can go on and get another win in the second race.”

Tyler told us the car felt just a little free coming off the corners so the team thinks they might tighten the car up a little bit but other than that the car felt pretty good for race number two.


Late Mode Stock Results:

P1 #8 Tyler Hughes; 40
P2 #63 Tyler Matthews; 40
P3 #24 Mason Diaz; 40
P4 #77 Connor Hall; 40
P5 #53 Michael Fose; 40
P6 #7 Louis White; 40
P7 #44 T.J. Barron; 40
P8 #38 Ricky Jones, III; 40
P9 #03 Brenden Queen; 40
P10 #33 David Polenz; 40
P11 #25 Kate Dallenbach; 40
P12 #4 Jonathan Findley; 40
P13 #18 Ronald Renfrow; 40
P14 #15 Omar Jurado; 39
P15 #29 Paul Williamson; 27
P16 #07 Adam Murray; 24
P17 #77 Malik Koonce; 21
P18 #24 Melvin Langley;
P19 #5 Anthony Alfredo; 1

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