Louis White Find Himself Back in Victory Lane at Southern National Motorsports Park

IMG_8623Lucama, NC“We were sitting around at the shop last night working on the car, changing some stuff to go to East Carolina and practice in the next week or so. About 9:30 we decided we would come over here and race so it was a last minute decision.” Not a bad way to spend your Saturday when you were not really planning on racing to begin with, coming home with a check and some hardware.

It was all but the Louis White show, if it were for not race number one winner Tyler Hughes trying to mix things up early. Making one heck of a cross over move out of two on a early race restart – after Connor Hall went around in turn two – after getting a better jump than the guys in front of him. Hughes would give it all he had on the ensuing second restart but falling just shy of leading a lap and having to fall in line with Louis, where he would spend most of the race.

There was great racing all over the track in the second Late Model feature and final race of the evening with guys like Brenden Queen fighting through the field from around tenth all the way up to third. We also saw a battle pretty much from flag to flag for what seemed to always be the seventh position. Matthews found himself in some heavy racing trying to fight for every point he could earn. Along with the guys like David Polenz and Anthony Alfredo who made real strong runs late in the race.

Had a bit of a scare and what was almost the third caution of the night afterRobert Arch, running the #18 car tonight, went for a ride of his own down the backstretch. The incident happened right behind the tech shed so our vision was obscured. He was able to keep the car rolling, despite the heavy front-end damage and limp the car back to pit road and keep the green flag out on the field.

Even thought Tyler Hughes dominated the first race of the evening he had nothing for the car of Louis White who went on to grab the victory. We caught up with Louis after the race to talk to him.

“The car was pretty good in that second race,” White said in victory lane. “We made some adjustments on the car and changed some tires around and starting up front makes a big difference.”

Coming off of a hard fought sixth place in the first race, White took a good portion of the blame on why the team had to start so far back in the first place.

“We first got here today I was real good,” Louis went on to explain. “When we went out there to qualify the driver screwed up and I had to start in the back. We had to go work our way back up while trying to save some tires for the second race and it worked out pretty good.”

Louis also went on the mention the seven-car invert that put him on the front row was a huge factor in helping him win that second race. Louis has run four races now with friend Bradley McCaskill’s photo on the hood. So far he has won 50% of his races. We asked Louis, as he is on a bit of a hot streak if he will be back here next week for another set of twins, those plans seem to still be up in the air.

“We are not sure just yet where we are going to run,” White told us. “I am going to talk to these guys and see what they want to do. Trying to win that championship down there [East Carolina Motor Speedway] one more time before I call it quits. I would hate to tear the car up and not be able to make that, its up to the guys though.”


Late Model Stock Results

P1 #7 Louis White; 40
P2 #8 Tyler Hughes; 40
P3 #03 Brenden Queen; 40
P4 #54 Michael Fose; 40
P5 #44 T.J. Barron; 40
P6 #24 Mason Diaz; 40
P7 #38 Ricky Jones, III; 40
P8 #5 Anthony Alfredo; 40
P9 #33 David Polenz; 40
P10 #63 Tyler Matthews; 40
P11 #15 Omar Jurado; 40
P12 #77 Malik Koonce; 40
P13 #29 Paul Williamson; 39
P14 #18 Robert Arch; 27
P15 #25 Kate Dallenbach; 22
P16 #77b Connor Hall; 14
P17 #07 Adam Murray; 13
P18 #4 Jonathan Findley; 6
P19 #24 Melvin Langley; 1

*results have not been made official*

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