Tommy Jackson Continues Dominance at Southside Speedway

Tommy Jackson, who has won every Legend race so far this year, put the car on the pole in qualifying with a 15.377. However, due to the rules at Southside and Jackson winning two in a row, would be forced to start in the rear. On top of that, Jackson drew a number five, putting David Turner – who actually qualified sixth – on the pole.

Took a few tries to get things rolling as the tower did not like the first two starts. Third time was a charm for the seven-car field as Turner was able to lead lap one of the 25-lap feature. The first of three cautions came early with Matt Dail looping it out of four and collecting rookie Zach Lightfoot – minimal damage to both machines and they were both able to drive away.

This would set up the night’s first cone restart. Allowing Tommy Jackson Jr. to restart the race on the outside of the leaders. That was just about all Jackson needed to get grab the top spot just three laps in. Dail was also able to get back up to third in a hurry after the restart as well. Tell you what, I am not really sure why Dail spun but I think if he hadn’t he would have been able to give Jackson a real run for his money, that how good his car was.

Even two more cautions were not enough to slow Jackson down who would go onto win yet another race this season. Matt Dail & Kevin Yeatts, who both spun out during the race, would finish second and third respectfully. DJ Elzey would finish fourth with David Turner rounding out the top five.

INEX Legends OFFICIAL Results:

P1. #87 Tommy Jackson,Jr.; 25
P2. #07 Matt Dail; 25
P3. #27 Kevin Yeatts; 25
P4. #00 DJ Elzey; 25
P5. #79 David Turner; 25
P6. #7 Zach Lightfoot; 25
P7. #4 Chris Hayes; 24

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