Stinson Goes Green to Checkers; Lane Janosik Wins from the Rear


Thomas Stinson speak with Buck Reuss after winning Modified feature at Southside Speedway April 29th, 2016. (Shawn Dulin/

Chesterfield, VA – The modified division the car count still remains low but they still put on a show. Mason Bailey won the pole but a three car invert would put him behind Thomas Stinson for the start of the race and keep Warren Lipford in second. Two time 2016 winner Kyle Wood started from the rear.

“I actually thought the car was gonna be slower next week, I thought I was faster the first two races” Stinson commented after the race. “After about lap 15 we got heat in the tires and it started coming around and pulling away”. Next race they can buy two tires and he thinks the success will continue for him.

Stinson would waste no time in putting a two car lead on the field right off the start. He would keep the lead the entire race with Bailey able to get within a car length at times but could not challenge him for the lead. Kyle Wood was able to get into fourth but it wasn’t a high enough finish to keep him in the season points lead.




Janosik during practice at Southside Speedway. (Shawn Dulin/

Eleven Grand Stocks took time early on the evening and the top eight cars would be within a half second of each other. Lane Janosik in the set his fast time in the first heat of qualifying with a 16.058 second lap beating out James Neely by .063 seconds.

When it came time to race thirteen cars found their way to the front stretch, two of them having to have timing done on paper. Janosik had won the two previous races so he would start at the rear and work his way through the field.

On the second lap of the night the 33 of Dan Rogers who qualified third, and is looking for sponsors, spun around and took a head on hit from another driver in the middle of turns 3 and 4. The red flag would be put out for less than ten minutes to clean up all the mess.

With the cone coming out and a couple cars out of the race or having pitted Janosik was able to improve his position greatly with just one lap technically ran. By lap seven Lane was near enough to Neely to start putting on the pressure.

It would take another handful of laps for the 79 to pass the 77 but once he did it was smooth sailing to the checkers for Lane Janosik’s third win of the year.



Modified Results
1. Thomas Stinson
2. Mason Bailey
3. Warren Lipford
4. Kyle Wood
5. Lauren Edgerton
6. Tyler Davis
7. Mike Bedner

Grand Stock Results
1. Lane Janosik
2. James Neely
3. Ethan Ayers
4. Shannon Smith
5. Shannon Marano
6. David Blankenship
7. David Fontaine
8. Ervin Dickerson
9. Michael Sutphin
10. Mike Lowe
11. Dan Rogers
12. Cameron Walker III
13. Todd Ruggles


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