Greg Fernandez Earns First Career Late Model Victory at Southside Speedway This Past Weekend

IMG_7237Every kid in the sports community grows up and wants to be a winner. You participate in your sport with all intentions of holding onto that trophy at the end of. Well, that dream finally came true this past weekend at Southside Speedway, located just south of Richmond. Greg Fernandez, who started his racing career back in 2004, was not only able to add ‘Race Winner’ to his resume, but can now call himself a Late Model Stock Car winner.

Fernandez, who qualified third earlier in the afternoon during time trials, started on the outside pole by the virtue of the redraw. A few late race cautions played in the benefit of Fernandez who was able to hold Dodson to the high side and steal a win from one of the most dominate drivers around Southside. We caught up with Fernandez in the week following to chat about his victory.

Greg Fernandez started his journey into Late Model Stock racing after getting bit by the racing bug so to speak back in 2005 after being awarded a chance to drive a back up car for Sonny Allen. “I was helping Sonny Allen on his car back in ’04,” Fernandez told us. “Helped him for two years rather and was awarded with a race in a back up car.” That’s all it took for Fernandez who later went out and bought himself his very own Late Model. He would compete in the 2006 season as a rookie at Southside Speedway and eventually earn Rookie of the Year honors.

Photo: Jennifer Allen/Sara Kay Speed Shots

Fernandez celebrates big in victory lane after first career win. (Photo: Jennifer Allen/Sara Kay Speed Shots)

“It was just really special,” Fernandez said. “Really hard to describe, all I ever wanted was to win a race for my mother. I lost my mom last year so it was very emotional. It felt great to see all my guys faces who have stuck with me for years with limited success. It was a big win for a lot of people, very popular win too, probably 100 people in victory lane photos, probable didnt know half of them. We have finished second numerous times but never won, it’s so hard to best Chris Dodson, we are a super low budget team but was able to get the job done leading every lap”

Any time you end up in victory lane in this sport it’s a special feeling but to beat the best and get your first win is something no driver will forget. “It kept going through my mind that nobody at this place believes we can win this thing now,” Fernandez said when we asked him what was going through his mind on those late resarts with Dodson to his outside. “I wanted to prove them wrong. Almost couldnt believe it myself when we got back out front and held him [Dodson] off, he is a super competitor who hates losing and I respect him for that. He is the best to do it in the last 10 years and it felt good to win.”

Fernandez, along with the rest of the Southside driver will be back in action NEXT Friday night. To help more moments like this happen for this young man and get yourself or your company involved in such a great sport, I encourage you reach out to Greg on Facebook and talk with him, you may be seeing your name in victory lane as well in the next article along with Imperial Plumbing, Griffith Heating & Cooling, Hometown Realty-Matt Cullather, Finer Homes, Jersey Mikes Sub’s, Alpha Forming, Imperial Auto Services, and Centerville Imports.

For more information on Southside Speedway, look them up on Facebook or Follow them on Twitter or check them out on the web –

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