Dominion Raceway Opening Night Largely a Success

Opening Night 4.16.16Thornburg, VA – After the original opening night of racing was canceled at the newest track in the Mid-Atlantic, Dominion Raceway opened its gates to a big crowd and a full pit area. The .4 mile high banked oval was originally slated to open April 9th but the possibility of rain and colder than normal temperatures led to the start to be pushed back a week.

Almost 30 late models would battle for the first win at the new facility in what was supposed to be a 100 lap feature race.  Tyler Hughes from Maryland would end up starting on the pole with a 14.9 (96.664 MPH) second lap, but would start sixth because some tracks still do inverts on headlining races. After a caution about half way through the race Nick Smith would battle him for the lead until the power went out for the entire track. No one knows what lap it happened on for sure because the transponders were not working and there is no info on

The delay led to the race being shortened to 75 laps because of a local curfew. Nick Smith would cross the line first when the checkered flag was waved as he and Hughes were door to door for what they thought was the lead. For whatever reason though, much like the K&N East race during Speedweeks, went over by one lap creating some confusion. After arriving in victory lane he was told Hughes won the race and he would be able to protest it through NASCAR. In a statement released earlier this afternoon from the track there was an error between the flagman, scorers, and race directors after the lap 72 restart that caused the race to go an extra lap.

“The #12 of Nick Smith crossed the finish line with the checkered flag waving and proceeded to victory lane,” Steffi said in the statement. “After discovering our error and going back over scoring, the #8 of Hughes was in first place when they crossed the line on lap 75. I sent word down to the announcer so that fans and competitors would know there was an error and I had declared Hughes the winner.” Officials would also confer with NASCAR on the matter and confirmed per the rule book that they were right in declaring Hughes the winner. Citing that when the required distance has been complete by the lead car, the race distance will be declared “officially complete” regardless of the flag being displayed.

On the matter of the power outage, Dominion Speedway GM, Edwin Pardue, told that a disgruntled contract worker familiar with the facility had simply flipped a switch. “We are pretty sure that the lights were turned off by a contract worker here at the track that was disgruntled,” Pardue said Monday morning. “We did some research on that. It was somebody who had access to the electrical panel within and flipped the switch.This is not a space that the general public could get to, but it had to be somebody who was a contractor and that type of thing. We are in the process now of identifying the person and we’ll go from there.” Pardue did mention if there is evidence of tampering they would follow up with the proper authorities.

In the modifieds division Chris Humblet would take the victory with 2015 South Boston champion Mike Rudy finishing in second and 2015 Southside Speedway champion Chris Johnson taking third. The legends cars had a big field take the green and Mason Diaz would knock out two birds with one stone getting his first career victory in the INEX sanctioned event. Top 10 for each division will be posted below. All the winners for the first races, including the Dominion Stocks and Bandoleros racing next weekend, will have their names put on a hood and displayed in the bar that is part of the facility.


Top 10 Results

Late Model
1. 8 Tyler Hughes
2. 12 Nick Smith
3. 88 Doug Barnes Jr.
4. 22 Adam Brenner
5. 7 Michael Hardin
6. 33 David Polenz
7. 21 Mike Darne
8. 61 JJ Pack
9. 45 Tyler Daniels
10. Eddie Johnson

1. 24 Mason Diaz
2. 18 Alex Pacheco
3. 5 Timmy Phipps
4. 88 Cody Scott
5. 3 Ryan Polenz
6. 22 Brian May
7. 6 Chris Hammett
8. 18 DJ Valente
9. 11 Michael Diaz
10. 44 Barry Kramer

1. 20 Chris Humblet
2. 8 Mike Rudy
3. 36 Chris Johnson
4. 4 Thomas Stinson
5. 10 David Winslow
6. 5 Tony Fowler
7. 5x Andrew Fortin
8. 37 Wayne Hartley
9. 66 Tanner Aman
10. 33 Mark Slye

1. 22 Ryan Pritt
2. 5 Jesse Jones
3. 04 Steve Brady
4. 8 Steve Phipps
5. 06 Mike Sims
6. 64 Mickey Payne
7. 55 EJ Kenny
8. 21 Reid Murphy
9. 15 Blaine Schumann
10. 54 Trey Williams

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