Virginia Dirt Kart Association Looking to Kick Off 2016 Campaign at Capital City


Ashland, VA – “Grooming champions since 1984” – the slogan for the VDKA, a six race, Maxxis National qualifier series, for some of the best drivers in the Mid-Atlantic. Running two races at three tracks throughout the state of Virginia and even Elizabeth City, the VDKA brings great competition those drivers as young as five years, to the seasoned veterans hunting the big pay outs.

Mother Nature permitting, we look to kick off the 2016 campaign this weekend as Capital City host a double header. With forecast looking grim, race officials decided to bump the start times up for everything, hoping to get practice underway by 9:00 AM. That pesky R word had other plans. Drivers and crews are forced to take shelter in their trailers and under their tents hoping the weather clears up.

Seventeen classes are on the docket this afternoon for state points, along with eleven PRO classes. A total of 28 classes here today looking to make laps around the 1/4 mile, moderately banked, clay speedway. 20 laps the scheduled distance for all classes once we get underway. Now, with 28 classes and over 500 laps of racing and just two of us, we cannot possibly cover everything. Follow us throughout the day and into the evening on our Twitter feed (@theweeklyracer). We will do our best to keep everyone up to date through out both the points and PRO races.

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