South Boston Speedway Ready to Kick Off 2016 Season – Opening DAY Scheduled for March 12th

SoBo Pace CarThe wait is finally almost over. Granted racing has one of the shortest off-season in professional sports, to us die hard race fans December to March is the longest four months of our lives. Of course we have the World Series of Asphalt Racing that takes place down in Florida leading up to the Daytona 500 – which one of these years we will be able to go down there for some of it – but for us here in the Mid-Atlantic this is the weekend we have all been waiting for. Of course Myrtle Beach Speedway held its first Ice Breaker 200 where Tommy Lemons, Jr. took home the hardware and locked himself into the big race this coming November.

We now turn all of our attention to South Boston Speedway for the Danville Toyota Late Model Twin 100. Yup, that’s right, two 100-lap Late Model races to kick the 2016 season off right. In addition the Limited Sports Man & Modifieds are scheduled for a 50-lap feature each. The Pure Stocks will run 30 laps and the Hornets will have a 15-lap shootout – 345 action packed laps for your entertainment!

South Boston Speedway, who over this over the off season, made some pretty big announcements in regards to upgrades, rule changes, and major improvements to the speedway itself. We were able to catch up with Cathy Rice, South Boston’s General Manager, and chat with her a little bit about some of the changes and what the fans can expect in 2016.

“We have actually done a lot. We started with the upgrades back in November of last year with the office and a new break room for the employees,” Rice mentioned. “The major upgrade right now would be the grandstands. Right now they are taking all of the wood and putting in aluminum seating throughout the front grandstands which seats approximately 5,000 people.” A major improvement for the fan experience as you no longer have this sense of vertigo or though that you might drop something in-between the old wooden bleachers. Don’t worry though; the speedway will still retain its iconic colored seating through out the grand stands.

We also took some time to talk about the changes that the fans can expect to see on the track. Over the off season South Boston announced they will go to a two and even a one tire rule for the top tiers. In addition changed some things when it comes to the weight and the carbs, even added points for passing to help makes things more interesting.

“Well, as you may know, last year about mid July we hired Lyn Carroll as our race director who has worked with NASCAR many years and people are familiar with him,” Rice explained. “This year we hired Bruce Anderson, who is also a racer, come on board as the drivers liaison which I think that will help because the drivers can go to him and he has that racing relation with them and bring the ideas and concerns to us here at the track to work on increasing car counts.” Rice also made mention to some of the changes with the purse, which now offers $500 just to start the race, in hopes that it attracts more drivers while attempting to take away some of the heavy financial burden that some of these teams have.

South Boston has also move to a two tire system in their Late Model division as Rice explained to us that was one of the biggest concerns these drivers had were the cost of tires and of course the power plants under the hood. “Looking at those two things and something we can do to help was that two tire rule,” said Rice. “We think its going to be a benefit and you will see more cars in the divisions running and a lot more winners this year. I feel it has really gotten more back to the drivers seat”

Rice also reminded us that after the last race of this season in September the track will go under he knife so to speak and get a fresh new layer of pavement – the first time since the ’92-’93 season. “I think you are going to see even more teams come out,” Rice explained. “Everyone is going to want to break that new track record.”


When: Saturday. March 12, 2016
Pit Gates: 10:00 AM
Practice: 11:00 AM
Grandstands: 12:30 PM
Qualifying 1:00 PM
Green Flag: 2:00 PM

Where: South Boston Speedway

What: Danville Toyota Late Model Stock Twin 100

How to Watch: 💻 | 📱 @theweeklyracer

Tickets: General Admission $10 | Kids (7-12) $5 | Kids (6 & Under) FREE

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