From the Back to the Front: Queen Earns The Weekly Racer Hard Charger Award

_Queen Hard ChargerYou have your good days, and then you have your bad days. Then you have your good days almost go really bad but all in all after you work on a few things it comes back around to being a pretty good day! This is the idea behind our Hard Charger Award. Our staff evaluates the race, the circumstances thrown your way, and the overall outcome. This award is given out to a driver to commend them on their efforts through out the race. To thank that driver for never giving up on their sponsors, their team, or their fans. We put this out there to show our appreciation from pit road, the sky box, or where ever we may be, that you never gave up!


This weekend we traveled down to our home away from home, East Carolina Motor Speedway, to the 2nd Annual Ronnie Barnette Memorial 200. One of the largest Late Model races of the year for the speedway, and might I add, an event that will continue to grow into a prestigious race for them in the future. Eighteen drivers all fighting for the same thing; bragging rights for the next year as well as a $6,000 pay out. Earning an eighth place-starting position on the grid, Brenden Queen looked to continue riding that wave of success through these “post season” races. This was the plan for Queen Motorsports…


From the drop of the green flag, however, things did not go as the team wanted. You could immediately tell that something was just not right with the car. After setting the second fastest time in practice last month, when the race was originally scheduled and the third fastest time this weekend, one could only imagine the frustration. Queen would be forced to battle through the hornet’s nest so to speak. Making sure to keep the tires under him and the nose clean. A task much easier said than done.

To add fuel to the fire about eighty or so laps into the race the car developed a horrible vibration. Not only did it make it harder for Queen to pilot the car, it actually broke the inside mirror mount causing it to fall down. During the break the team learned the stagger had grew to just about three inches. It was air pressure and a few chassis adjustments; along with two fresh new shoes was the call made before sending Queen out for the final 75 laps.


Taking the green flag well outside of the top ten it was no cakewalk for Queen. With the help of a few cautions, and East Carolina electing to use cone restarts, Queen was able to work his way to a solid fourth place finish. Certainly not what the team was looking for after being so successful in practice but in racing you have to take the cards that were dealt to you. The determination and the drive to never give up is what made us award Brenden Queen The Weekly Racer Hard Charger Award.

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