Deac McCaskill Victorious in 2nd Annual Ronnie Burnette Memorial 200

_McCaskill victory lane
Robersonville, NC –
No stranger to victory lane here at the tricky 3/8th mile D-shape oval. McCaskill took the lead from Justin Johnson on lap 172 with a pretty slick cross over move out of turn four that was actually set up as the field came out of turn four on the restart. From that point on it was the veteran in control. McCaskill, in the two short years the track has been under the NASCAR banner has racked up just about a dozen wins around this place. Wrapping up the 2015 season and $6,000 richer sure did make things just a bit better for him and his crew.

“Feels great man. I was a little worried there because we were just a little off in practice,” McCaskill said from victory lane. “Qualified fifth and the car just drove really good. In that first half Justin and the eighty-three car [Bowling] were really strong, they were just beating me with drive off.“ Like any veteran driver McCaskill knew he had plenty of time to make moves and even a break in the racing to make adjustments to the car as needed. With the race starting in daylight but finishing under the lights you knew there were going to be adjustments.

“We made some great calls at the break, I cant think the guys enough,” McCaskill proclaimed. “We really took a gamble and it worked. Which usually doesn’t happen with me, we usually make the wrong call like we did last week at Kenly. This really worked though and allowed us to get off four much better and get up with Justin and then really stretch the lead out.” Stretch the lead out they did. In just under eight laps McCaskill had built himself a pretty comfortable ten-car lead over the new second place machine of Matt Bowling. Then what no leader wants to see late in the race, multiple late race cautions; even worse a Green–White–Checkered finish. “Those last couple of cautions kind of had me worried there,” said McCaskill about the end of the race. “It was really fun there and a good way to end the year.”

McCaskill worked all race to keep track position, as that was one thing he thought was key to not only staying out of trouble but also staying in contention to win. The pace was set pretty early in the race between pole sitter Jeff Oakley and then race leader Justin Johnson. “The pace was really fast but its so cold here if you tried to fall back and save tires you would fall to far back and couldn’t get back to the front,” McCaskill told us. “Track position was really key and I wanted to maintain that. I didn’t feel like I burnt up to much that first section but I felt like we were running mighty hard. It felt like we were out there for three hours. It was just really good calls at the break, it just felt like the old times again.

Finishing off a very successful 2015 campaign in the CARS Tour with a win here tonight sure was something spectacular for Deac, his crew, and all of his sponsors – Ford Racing, Hedgecock Racing, Graphix Unlimited. Not to mention going into this holiday season $6,000 richer. Looking forward to 2016 McCaskill has nothing solid planned out just yet. Told us he really liked the CARS Tour and there ten race schedule citing it really matched up well with what he had going on his life.

Brandon Gdovic, Matt Bowling, Brenden Queen, and Justin Johnson rounded out the top five.



P1. #08 Deac McCaskill; 205
P2. #46 Brandon Gdovic; 205
P3. #83 Matt Bowling; 205
P4. #03 Brenden Queen; 205
P5. #44 Justin Johnson; 205
P6. #7 Dylan Ward; 205
P7. #77 Connor Hall; 205
P8. #7 Michael Hardin; 205
P9. #16 Jeff Oakley; 205
P10. #9 Thomas Burbage; 205
P11. #92 Casey Wyatt; 205
P12. #3 Shelton McNair; 204
P13. #22 Eric Winslow; 204
P14. #8 Brian Whitehurst; 201
P15. #63 Tyler Matthews; 193
P16. #90 Terry Carroll; 178
P17. #7 Louis White; 85
P18. #01 Jeff Shiflett; 68

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