Brenden Queen With Momentum Going into East Carolina On The Hunt For First Win

Brendan Queen during practice at this years Thanksgiving All-Star Classic. (Photo: Justin Kern/The Weekly Racer)

Just like in your traditional stick and ball sports, momentum is a huge factor on the racing surface. String a few good races together and your driver feels unstoppable behind the wheel. Have mechanical failures and a few wrecks and they are sitting in the shop wondering why in the hell they actually even do this in the first place… Okay that’s probably a bit of an exaggeration but you get my point! Coming off one of the best years in this young drivers young Late Model career, Brenden Queen has been rolling through this post-season with momentum on his side.

Finishing third in points at his home track of Langley Speedway, Brenden Queen entered this season as somewhat of an underdog. That’s not saying the kid cant drive but lets be real with our selves; just eighteen years old, third year in a Late Model Stock Car, and no wins under his belt going up against some of the best in business. Who, not only have been at it as long as he has been alive, but have just about won everything there is to win. Think that has stopped Queen… Nope!

Queen has certainly turned heads this season with his third place finish at one of the toughest short tracks in the region when it comes to competition. Not good enough for you, what about battling for the lead during the Hampton Heat with thirty plus drivers fighting for $10,000 – Queen would ultimately finish 8th. If that is not enough for you, Queen managed a sixth place finish in the Virginia State points and 80th in the entire nation for Div. I.

Driver Brenden Queen has been pretty busy this “post-season” running all of the major trophy races and doing quite well I might add, (Martinsville – 22nd, Myrtle Beach – 6th after qualifying outside pole, Southern National – 10th). Looking to cary that momentum into this weekends Ronnie Barnette Memorial 200 at East Carolina Motor Speedway. “I really felt like when we were at East Carolina before these other two races that it was going start our momentum,” Queen said. “I felt like we really had a fast car. I do think we have some momentum going back, still looking for our first win and I’ve never raced at the track but I feel like I’ve picked up quick at it.”

With no experience around the 3/8-mile tri-oval we asked Brenden how he has adapted to the track. We wanted to know his opinion on some of the trickiest aspects of the speedway and what it was going to take to be fast.

“I like the track a lot. Feels like a drivers track. I talked with my mentor Phil for advice on the line and kind of found one line that works for me,” Queen said. “I feel like turn two is going be tough high or low. If you are low you are being pinched, if your high you get run in the fence. Turn three and four is tight but I think will have more room up off. For sure going to need the man above on our side he will bring the luck along for us. Tire management is also going to be big. You have to be there at the end to have a chance.”

Just last month Queen was able to put down the second fastest unofficial time of the day. Only driver to click off a faster lap was former Limited Late Model track champ Louis White. The game plan this weekend is to go out there set her on the pole. Get out front early to set the pace and have enough tires after the break to run away to the teams first win. There will certainly be enough cars here this weekend who can win, if you don’t have Queen as one of those drivers, well then you should probably rethink your top.

Qualifying for this Saturday’s race will roll off just a few minutes past noon. Green flag set to fly on the support divisions at 1:30 PM EST. Late Model racing will take place after the Bando & UCAR race.

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