Driver Series S02E24: While It Was A Unique Way Into The Sport, Scotty Buchanan Enjoys Every Minute In His Enduro

profileScotty Buchanan
July 17, 1974 (41)
Portsmouth, VA
Hometown: Suffolk, VA
Hometrack: Langley Speedway
Occupation: Mechanic – Lipton Tea

Sponsors: Ross Electrical Contractors, Grafik Trendz, Creditmax, and Auto Sales. Of course my demolition derby team DDP.



Everyone has a unique story of how they have ended up where they are now. I actually take pride in being able to bring these stories to you, have to admit, its pretty fun hearing them told. This particular one is no different. Usually we hear how a driver came through the ranks of karts, midgets, their time on dirt, or even converting from racing motocross or something of the sort. This week, I bring you a gentleman by the name of Scotty Buchanan; a father of three: daughters, Courtney and Lindsey, and a son named Zachary.

“When I was a kid my dad was always working on cars on the side,” Buchanan told us. “Me and my middle brother were made to help out. My dad did it all from motor swaps to bodywork and painting cars. Now I make a living working on machinery and my brother is a painter at a local body shop. So I got to give big props to my pops for teaching us at a young age a skill that helped lead to a career.” The interest all started when he started going to the Suffolk Peanut Festival just to spectate. In 1998 the opportunity to compete in one came up and since then Buchanan was hooked.

Okay but this is a “Weekly Racing” website your probably thinking, how in the world does this translate to that, right? Well I am getting there don’t worry! It was in 2006 when Langley Speedway started doing their now annual Day of Destruction – which by the way is tomorrow, perfect timing for this interview if I do say so my self. The following year Buchanan built an enduro car and started competing every year at the Day of Destruction starting in 2007.

A scary moment for Buchanan in 2011 when he broke his foot in one of the derbies after his transmission exploded. One of the inherit risk you take getting behind the wheel in any type of racing, glad to hear it was not more serious than it could have been and he was able to recover. It was actually during that recovery process Buchanan started to get the itch, no not from having his foot in a cast though I am sure there was plenty of that, but the itch to get back to the track.

“I was just getting back walking good and still out of work when Derrick Boggess asked me if I could I come pit for him,” Buchanan tells us. “I was coming to [enduro] races, hanging out in the pits with everyone and the bug really got to me to want to try it. So Derrick had hooked much up with Mr Enduro series himself Larry Drommerhausen and he offered me a car to drive in 2013 and thus my racing career I guess you say took off at Langley.” Which ended up being a pretty decent year for the rookie driver. Buchanan would finish 9th in points, yes these drivers race for the fun and for the points, and ultimately lock up the Rookie of the Year award.

Fast-forward a couple years to 2015 Buchanan, sporting car number 73 in the Bojangels Enduro Division, came into the season with one goal, to get his first win. That he did which he tells us he owes a great deal to Derrick Boggess. “Derrick has helped me step my game up a whole lot these past two year. We rented the track a couple times and made it to numerous Thursday practice sessions,” said Buchanan. “I tell you what man our last 2 race couldn’t have ended up more perfect. The race before his last I got my first win and he finish second and the next race he won and I finished second. Couldn’t ask for a better ending to our last putting in the enduros together.”

Next year there are still a few things up in the air for Buchanan, with Boggess moving up into the Super Truck division next year at Langley Speedway, he really wants to try to make the move along with him. However, he did tell us that he plans on helping his son make his introduction to the Enduro Series. Just like always though we had to send Scotty through the ringer, sat him down in the hot seat, hit him with the rapid fire. I must admit he handled himself admirably. Come on in and meet one of the front running Enduro drivers out at Langley Speedway.


Okay, we will get things rolling a little bit easy here, favorite type of food?

Oh I am always a sucker for some Italian food. One of the many pluses of my girlfriend. She can put it down when it comes to cooking up some Italian food, or anything else she cooks for that matter!

Do you remember the last movie you saw in theaters?

National Lampoon Vacation remake.

If you could go anywhere in the world, all expenses paid, for you and one person. Where would you go?

I would go to Germany.

If you could bring someone along, who would it be?

I would bring my girlfriend.


Anything in particular you would want to do or just explore everything?

The Autobahn for starters, but I would like to see a lot of it. My first car was a VW baeetle and I guess that’s where I got my big interest about Germany. Wolfsburg would be one destination as well. And did I mention I like beer, so October fest would be awesome to say the least. [Laughs]

Well, you actually took the next question right out of my mouth! No worries that’s why you always have a back up. Do you pay much attention to the traditional “stick-n-ball” sports?

Don’t really have to these days with everyone constantly blowing up social media about it. But I will catch a football or basketball game when I can. Don’t really have a favorite football team but I am a loyal Celtics fan!

Growing up did you ever play any type of those sports?

I played rec league baseball and just football and basketball with friends and family, never for a team.

Team Apple or Team Windows?

Windows and Android all the way for me!


Have a favorite quote or saying you like to live by?

I hate hearing; “it is what it is.” “Life is what you make of it” is what I like to go by.

Not a bad thing to live by honestly. Okay, last one before we wrap this up. If NASCAR came to you with an unlimited budget, and unlimited resources to design them a brand new track. What kind of track would you have in mind?

Darlington definitely.

You would model it after Darlington? This is something totally in your hands, you are creating a brand new track.

Got me on this one. Guess on with decent banking and only a mile instead of the typical mile and a half tracks. Love it to have a tricky surface to figure out, just to keep competition all on a more level playing field.

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