Championship Night Tightens Up In The Modified Division Season Finale

IMG_2783Hampton, VA – Break out the record books and white out for this weekend as Balluzzo attempts to win his eighth division title at Langley Speedway, surpassing the great Phill Warren’s record of seven! Now I know some people are going to say it’s a little bit different, Warren won seven titles in the LMSC division where as Balluzzo has seven titles in the Modified division. Even though they are classified under a different tier in the eyes of NASCAR, you cannot underplay the fact that winning that many titles in any division is not note worthy!

One man looking to make sure that does not happen this weekend is Robbie Babb. Now before you go and take words out of context that does not mean I am saying Babb is going to come to Langley Speedway like a bulldozer! I am saying with just seven points – how ironic of a number actually – separating himself and points leader Shawn Balluzzo, it is shapping up to be yet another wild night. This is not something that is new to Babb has he put a halt on Balluzzo’s “drive for five” back in 2013.

After what we will just go head and label a “freak weekend,” and every car in the top five in points found them selves on pit road and out of the car before lap 50, Babb and Balluzzo have one more night to settle the score. “We are approaching this race just like any other,” Babb told The Weekly Racer earlier this week. “If situations arise again we will have to see what happens. We have proven that the 48 cannot out run us on the track. So they have to find other ways to win.”

This whole “down to the wire points race” could have honestly been avoided had Babb competed in all of the races this year. With five wins to Balluzzo’s three, and a full season under his belt, it quite honestly easily could have been a runaway for Babb. “It really wasn’t about the championship until it got personal,” Babb expressed. “We have raced together all year without any issues until he’s in jeopardy of losing the championship. I feel we got turned around in front of the whole Field and I take that personal. He was already experiencing trouble and knew he probably would not have finished the race.”

IMG_2795Either way no matter what happens on the track, as a member of the media, and a true fan of the Modified division, I am beyond excited for this race! We had a moment to catch up with Balluzzo about the interesting event that was called a race and he had this to say when we talked about how Babb felt he got turned. “When he did not go on the restart?” Balluzzo asked. “If he got turned it wasn’t from me, I was 4 feet underneath them in the dirt trying to avoid him.”

The unexpected time off due to the weather may just play in Balluzzo’s favor however. He and the crew have been hard at work prepping for this weekend’s race. “Fresh motor, some fresh suspension, and a new clutch, we’ve done lot of work,” Balluzzo told us earlier this week. “All we have to do is keep doing what we always do and that will take care of it for us. Realistically, by the numbers, all we have to do is finish sixth so I’m not horribly concerned about meeting Robbie right now. He is actually the fastest car out there no doubt about that. It should be good you know I’ll be a good guy!”

Of course, The Weekly Racer will have you covered from the drop of the green flag all the way through the checkered! LIVE coverage will get under way over on our Twitter (@theweeklyracer) roughly around 4:15 PM EDT. We will post the starting five from each of the support divisions, and of course both timed laps for the Mods. There is no doubt tensions are high, and there is a lot on the line here. There is no doubt that both Balluzzo & Babb have incredibly fast machines and their determination to win is like non other! We saw it just a few short weeks ago when the planets all but aligned and Greg Edwards won the Late Model championship. With just 7 points between the two you have to assume this will be one hell of a race!


Race Day Schedule



Practice Order;
Grand Stock
Super Truck


Qualifying Order
Grand Stock
Super Truck

6:55:Invocation by Rev. Potter National Anthem


  • Rhonnda Claiborne Winged Karts 20 laps
  • Carroll’s Automotive UCARS- 25 laps
  • Pepsi Grand Stocks 40 laps
  • B & C Seafood Super Trucks 25 laps
  • Larry King Law Mods – 75 laps
  • Bojangles Enduros – 30 laps
    *Schedule Subject to change*

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