TWR Partners With East Coast Synthetics This Post Season To Bring You The “AMSOIL Slick Move of the Race Award”

East Coast Synthetics Logo

Hampton, VA – With the regular season in the NASCAR Whelen All-American all wrapped up we change gears and focus on some of the bigger races in the “post season.” In addition we are extremely proud to announce our partnership with East Coast Synthetics and the excitement they will bring to the post season as well as the benefits they can offer drivers.

East Coast Synthetics has jumped on board to bring you guys the AMSOIL Slick Move of the Race – honoring one driver who’s bold or timely move either helped them win the race or dramatically improve their finishing position. “It just seemed like a perfect match,” Weekly Racer founder Justin Kern said. “Todd and my self share a very similar interest in short track racing as well as bringing these drivers to the national spot light.” Being able to highlight a driver on his or her move on the track and show their skills is really something this website got its start from. On top of that, helping educate drivers on how the AMSOIL affiliation program works and how it can help everyone involved.

“When I originally got into racing I saw two things,” Filer said. “Some racers had the funding they needed and were not interested in speaking with a small business owner, while others had little funding and were struggling. From a business standpoint, I understood that a potential “marketing partner” would be hesitant to be the first to go with a team. Well, someone has to be first, right?” With the help of Annamarie at Marketing at Full Speed, the East Coast Synthetics Race Team Affiliation Program was developed. This stressed the PARTNERSHIP aspect of it.

As with any other business, Filer certainly was looking for a return on his investment, but it is more than just that. He is very up front with drivers that he will not be the primary partner for any race team, but he wants the racer to use the program to their advantage as well as his company. They get a great performance with top-quality synthetic lubricants and can get financial and product incentives. Racers also use this to help gain additional marketing partners by showing that they are affiliated with a national company with widespread exposure, showing that they can gain sales for business partners thus attracting other partners. Several of his past affiliate racers have been featured by AMSOIL Racing in news articles, which has an international distribution.

We have several testimonials, including the most recent one from modified racer Matt Carter on the East Coast Synthetics Facebook page. “Being with the East Coast Synthetics Race Team Affiliation Program has taught me a lot about AMSOIL and their products. I am a strong believer in their products. The program has also taught me about marketing and ways of going about selling Amsoil products. The program is great for learning ways to market yourself and your racing. I really enjoyed being apart of the affiliation program and hope to be apart of it next year.”

Super Street driver Sammy Gaita won his first Langley Speedway Championship after switching to AMSOIL in 2014. “The East Coast Synthetics Race Team Affiliation Program has been instrumental in our racing each season we’ve been involved with it. Oil is an expense most race teams don’t consider when planning their season’s budget, often times resulting in running substandard lubricants. Being involved in this program has helped us run top notch lubricants at an affordable cost, which results in our drive train lasting longer and needing less work in the off season. We have also been able to obtain free products through the program as well. The engine we ran this season was 6 years old and had been run 4 complete seasons and we won the championship. We will happily be involved next year!”

East Coast Synthetics consider applicants from all levels and forms of racing, not just stockcars, from Quarter Midget’s all the way to Late Model and Modifieds. Hoping to expand this year into boats and Motocross/ATV racing. For more information on the Race Team Affiliation Program and to apply, visit and find out about the entire line of products for racers as well as passenger vehicles, trucks motorcycles, and industrial equipment.

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