Driver Series S02E22: Elysia Potter Racing Towards Her Goal Of Being In NASCAR

ProfileElysia Potter
September 24, 2002 (13)
Newport News, VA
Hometown: Newport News, VA
Hometrack: Langley Speedway
Education: 7th Grader

Sponsors: Champions Against Bullying, Peninsula Town Center, Cains Plumbing, Celano Electric, Kasie Cain Digital Photography, G&G Cycle Works, Greg Merritts Paint, Potters Motorsports, Stillwell Racing, Helping Kids Makes Are Hearts Race, Fiberglass Customs.

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Elysia Potter, the seventh grade student during the week – racecar driver by weekend! Elysia, like a good portion of drivers, found their passion for the sport at a young age. Potter fell in love with racing in her back yard, racing against her little brother Dalton and her good friend and fellow Bando competitor Devon Courtney. From their it was like she knew that she had to get behind the wheel of something.

2011 marked the first year of organized competitive racing for young Elysia. Just 9 years old Potter was competing at Langley Speedway in the Hampton Roads Kart Club (HRKC), a club that provides racers young and old alike a place to safely race their karts. Potter was crowned JR Sportsman of the year in 2014 along with coming in second place in the championship standings in JR1 at the Kart Club.

Elysia pulled “double duty” if you will in 2014 running in the Bandolero division on Saturday nights at Langley Speedway in front of thousands of race fans. She would ultimately finish third in the championship standings as well as earning the Hard Charger award after finishing a race after flipping her car.

One of the biggest accomplishments of Potters young career so far is becoming an ambassador for Champions Against Bullying. This young lady takes extreme pride in preaching to fellow students about the dangers of bullying! Her father even told me she has no problem standing up for someone even if she does not know you! Tell you what, we need more kids, scratch that – kid is not a good word, we need more young people with that mentality. She was also part of the 2015 Drive for Diversity class with Rev Racing – where she finished 13th out of 31 other cars this summer down in Charlotte during the Bojangles Summer Shootout. She hopes to return in 2016 to represent Rev Racing again.

Looking forward to 2016 Potter tells me that Langley Speedway will forever be her home track and she takes great pride and joy at racing there. No matter what kind of night from winning to engine issues she always loves racing there. We also learned she is looking to take her racing up a notch and will be visiting more tracks than just Langley Speedway. One thing I can say after our interview with this young lady is that the passion is there and she is an awesome ambassador for everyone – family, friends, and sponsors alike – that are involved in her racing career. If you are looking to get your name out there I am sure they can make room for you and your company on her car. We also had some time to sit and chat and get to know the Elysia Potter away from the track. I was blown away and very impressed by some of her answers. It was certainly an interview that I enjoyed so I know you guys will love it to. Come on in and get to know this young lady who has just as much if not more passion for the game than anyone I know!


Starting with something pretty simple here, what is your favorite food?


What about your least favorite type of food?


When you are away from school, the track, or the garage, what does Elysia Potter like to do for fun?

Swim, ride bikes, play basketball, sing.

I know it may sound like we are calling you young, which we really aren’t but what do you want to be when you grow up?

Any thing that has to do with being at a NASCAR track!


Photo: (Justin Kern/

Do you and your family have any pets?

Yes we do.

What kind and what are their names?

Two dogs. Buddy is a Walker Hound and Shadow is a Brussels Griffon

Do you have a favorite movie? If so, what is it?

The Avengers.

In the racing community, anywhere from local short track up to any of the top three tiers of NASCAR, who do you look up to as a driver?

I like all the drivers, from my very own competitors and up.

Do you pay attention to the traditional “stick & ball” sports?

Not really, I just like to play basketball.


Photo: (Justin Kern/

So, let me just precede this next question with this, for those readers who may not know. On more than one occasion you have sang the National Anthem at Langley Speedway. First off, have you sang at any other track or event?

I have sung the National Anthem for the YMCA basketball banquet, and twice for Monster Jam preshow’s at the Hampton Coliseum.

What do you do to prepare?

I practice in the shower the week of event.

Hey I tend to sing in the shower too, my wife always reminds me later that night not to quit my day job though. So I got to know, does the crowd ever make you nervous?

Not really the crowd. More of me “siking” myself out on the thought of what if I mess up.

If you could take you and your family anywhere in the world for a week long vacation where would you go?  

As long as I am with my whole family it dosnt matter where we go.

Wow, I love that answer! So to wrap things up and in the spirit of school getting back in session, what is your favorite class or subject in school?

I love science.


Photo: (Justin Kern/

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