Driver Series S02E21: Canadian Super Late Model Driver Shawn Pierce Making His Dreams Come True

Shawn Pierce
June 24 1980 (35)
Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada
Hometown: Bridgewater
Education: Park View Education Center
Occupation: Michelin Tire

Sponsors: South Shore Speed and Sound, Mirco Computer Atlantic, C & P tack and Appeal, Auto Value, Colin’s Water Treatment, Pleasantville Signs, and Center For Speed.


Like most of our drivers, Shawn Pierce knew from a very young age that he wanted to jump behind the wheel of a racecar! Pierce grew up around the sport, hearing stories about how he was at a racetrack as early as two weeks old! Pierce got behind the wheel of his first racecar back in 1998 after buying a car from a family friend. It was a 1977 Cutlass that was run in the Street Stock division at Moosehead Speedway, which now has been turned into a parking lot.

Pierce would spend about three years in running the Street Stocks division where he never finished outside of the top ten in the points standings. In 2001, he and the crew decided it was time to take the next step in his racing career, they set their sites on the Sportsman division. A class that much resembles a Late Model Stock Car. Pierce would be honored with the Rookie of the Year award that year.

Pierce would eventually make the move up and into a Super Late Model where he currently competes in the Maritime Prostock Tour ( Though 2015 has not been the year Shawn and the crew has hopped for, having solid runs coupled by a few heat race wins makes for some positive light at the end of the tunnel, especially when you are a lower budget team.

Pierce will continue to look for funding for the upcoming 2016 season, who knows with your help behind the race team they may find themselves back in victory lane. Pierce will also continue to co-own an online sim racing community (NASTRACK Sim Racing) – yes we are talking about online racing, some call it a game, others call it a life style – providing an organized, fun, and competitive place for people to race. He will also continue to run for Autism Speaks in honor of his daughter who lives with Austims every day. We had some time to chat with Shawn and get to know him more, click the link below, come on in and get to know this young man!



Start off with something pretty easy. Your favorite color?


Keep the favorite theme going here, what about your favorite food? Or favorite type of food?

Any pasta.

What about food that you absolutely hate?

I like them all!

Do you enjoy going out to the movie theater?

Yes, we take the family to the theater when we can.

What was the last movie you saw in theaters?

The Minions

Street Stock

What about all time favorite movie?

Speed, Days of Thunder, Gone In 60 Seconds.

Do you have any favorite quotes you like to live by or something that helps you focus on the race or your goals?

No, not really.

With the off-season approaching, what kind of things does Shawn like to do when he is away from the racetrack. 

Spend time with the family, and catch up on all the things you put off all summer.

This one is always a favorite, makes you think pretty hard! If you had the choice to take you and one other person to every NASCAR race on the circuit (not having to worry about bills of course) OR have the chance to make your one and only Cup start. What would you pick?

I would take my wife Staci to every cup race on the circuit.

Are you scared of anything? Talking about any phobias, spiders, small spaces, stuff like that?

Not really have a phobia, but I don’t like snakes!

One celebrity you would like to meet?

I have all ready meat a lot of cup drivers. But it would be cool to sit down with Darrel Waltrip and hear some of his racing stories, I was a big fan when I was younger.

Are you team Apple or team Android?


Oh really?

Yea, Team Blackberry.

Do you have any pets?


What kind of pets are they?

Two dogs, Two cats, and a rat.

What are their names, if you don’t mind me asking?

Dog’s names are Liberty and Oscar. Cat’s names are Joey and Storm. The rat is Rascal. I also I have 3 kids – Racesa, Tiyona, Izaiah and my lovely wife Staci. 

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