NWSMT: George Brunnhoelzl Dominates Return Trip To Langley Speedway


Hampton, VA – Snapping a long streak of bad luck, Brunnhoelzl returns to Langley Speedway in dominating fashion. Things did not look to promising early for the four-time series champion, as they were plagued with tire issues early on in practice. Having issues with three different tires, one with a gouge in the sidewall, the other two issues through the tread of the tires. So what does the team do? Set the fast time during qualifying with a time of 15.100 (94.172 MPH)! Andy Seuss, Jason Myers, Kyle Ebersole and Gary Putnam rounded out the top five.

After only a few warm up laps race control rolled up its sleeves and opened the floodgates! In other words, displayed the green flag to GB3 and the rest of the field and boy did Brunnhoezlz come here this weekend to do business! He and Seuss were in a league of their own; ten laps in the two had built a good five-car lead over third place, mind you GB3 was sporting a seven-car lead himself.

The race saw its first caution after the solo spin from the #12 of Mike Norman. Was a quick caution and no one got hurt, only reason we bring it up was the restart really. Suess, like most of the night was able to hang on pretty tough on that outside line for a half of lap or so before Brunnhoezlz would take sole possession on the lead. Now, we are not sure if Seuss tagged the wall but we noticed him dragging something from the right rear. Race control monitoring the situation too found it to be the catch can. What ever those boys used to bolt that puppy in the car because she was just hanging on for the ride.

Brunnhoelzl, III & Seuss battle for P1 (Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com)

Photo by Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com

With the exception of a few cautions here and there, and this time in the corner that I chose to call the race in, for spins there was some pretty good racing through out the entire field! Points leader Jason Myers was the first car to hit pit road during that bit of a “cautionfest,” – coming down on lap 68 of 150. The following restart was no better, ending with yet another car going around in turn four. With chatter over the radio that teams were worried about not getting another caution decided to hit pit road for some fresh right rear rubber handing the lead over to previous race winner Kyle Ebersole.

It didn’t take long however after the drop of the green flag for both GB3 and Seuss to claw their way back to the front. Ebersole only able to hold onto the lead for eight laps before relinquishing the lead back to Brunnhoelzl, who took it and ran with it! GB3, after working a few green flag laps really started opening the lead back up running solid 15.8’s with Andy Seuss behind him only running 16.0’s! It looked as if GB3 was going to lock this one up and run away with it but a few late race cautions set up some pretty exciting restarts.

The final caution came on lap 143 after Seuss and Measmer look to touch wheels through three and four sending the #74 of Measmer around. The ordeal truly looked to be the product of two drivers digging hard as they can, fighting for the same piece of real estate.

Once the green flag was displayed to the field Seuss gave it one last shot on the outside gunning for the lead. Leading just one lap in the feature, it just was not the right one! Brunnhoelzl was just to good on the bottom and rode out the final two laps to capture his second win at Langley Speedway.

“The car was just on a rail,” Brunnhoelzl said during post race inspection. “It would take a few laps to get it going but once we got a few laps in it would just take off and I was just on cruise control, never hitting full throttle except for restarts. The car was just that good and like always my guys as always knocked off a killer stop and got us out first.”

We asked Brunnhoelzl if that late race caution between Seuss and Measmer had him worried at all seeing’s how the car was clearly better on the long runs.

“Well your always concerned on a restart,” Brunnhoezlz said. “There is always that wild card anything can happen. You can miss a shift, spin the tires, a guy can jump you. I knew that if we could just get a couple laps, get clear of who ever was second I knew we would be fine. Just a case of if I could stay even with the guy through one and two I could clear him down the back stretch and then it was see you later.”

The Whelen Southern Modified Tour returns in two weeks at another Virginia speedway. The historic South Boston Speedway will host the third to final race of the season with the top three separated by just one point! Ryan Preece won both the pole and the race back in April, when the tour made their first of two stops. Head to www.southbostonspeedway.com for more information and ticket prices.



  1. #28 George Brunnhoelzl III; 150
  2. #5 Kyle Ebersole; 150
  3. #11 Andy Seuss; 150
  4. #1 Burt Myers; 150
  5. #4 Jason Myers; 150
  6. #15 Jeremy Gerstner; 150
  7. #74 Bobby Measmer Jr.; 150
  8. #40 Frank Fleming; 150
  9. #79 Joe Ryan Osborne; 150
  10. #43 David Calabrese; 150
  11. #14 Trey Hutchens; 150
  12. #77 Gary Putnam; 148
  13. #99 A.J. Winstead; 145
  14. #12 Mike Norman; 72


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