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TWR Partners With East Coast Synthetics This Post Season To Bring You The “AMSOIL Slick Move of the Race Award”

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Hampton, VA – With the regular season in the NASCAR Whelen All-American all wrapped up we change gears and focus on some of the bigger races in the “post season.” In addition we are extremely proud to announce our partnership with East Coast Synthetics and the excitement they will bring to the post season as well as the benefits they can offer drivers.

East Coast Synthetics has jumped on board to bring you guys the AMSOIL Slick Move of the Race – honoring one driver who’s bold or timely move either helped them win the race or dramatically improve their finishing position. “It just seemed like a perfect match,” Weekly Racer founder Justin Kern said. “Todd and my self share a very similar interest in short track racing as well as bringing these drivers to the national spot light.” Being able to highlight a driver on his or her move on the track and show their skills is really something this website got its start from. On top of that, helping educate drivers on how the AMSOIL affiliation program works and how it can help everyone involved.

“When I originally got into racing I saw two things,” Filer said. “Some racers had the funding they needed and were not interested in speaking with a small business owner, while others had little funding and were struggling. From a business standpoint, I understood that a potential “marketing partner” would be hesitant to be the first to go with a team. Well, someone has to be first, right?” With the help of Annamarie at Marketing at Full Speed, the East Coast Synthetics Race Team Affiliation Program was developed. This stressed the PARTNERSHIP aspect of it.

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The Weekly Racer Returns To Martinsville Speedway – Partnering Along With

MDCU300 Turn1
With our rookie stripes off our back this year, The Weekly Racer is heading back to Martinsville Speedway this week for without a doubt the most prestigious Late Model Stock Car races of the year! With changes in the formate, changes in the pay out, changes in the title of the race! You can bet your bottom dollar that it will NOT change the excitement of this race.

With a bit larger staff this year we are really looking forward to bringing just about as close to the racing action as you can get! With that we wanted to have a little fun between everyone and compare some notes so bellow you will find each of our Top 5 To Watch, Sleeper Pick(s), and Bold Pick of the race! In addition we would like to welcome on board East Coast Synthetics who will be sponsoring the AMSOIL Slick Move of the Race – Given out to one driver who we think made the right moves to better his or her position on the track!

In addition, for the second year in a row, we will be teaming up with our friends at to bring you even more comprehensive, lap-by-lap coverage of the most exciting LMSC race in the country. With more boots on the ground that just means more information we can get out to you. We will be LIVE coverage via our Twitter – @theweeklyracer as well as within the CoverIt Live application from Race22 (link to be posted closer to the race).

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Driver Series S02E22: Elysia Potter Racing Towards Her Goal Of Being In NASCAR

ProfileElysia Potter
September 24, 2002 (13)
Newport News, VA
Hometown: Newport News, VA
Hometrack: Langley Speedway
Education: 7th Grader

Sponsors: Champions Against Bullying, Peninsula Town Center, Cains Plumbing, Celano Electric, Kasie Cain Digital Photography, G&G Cycle Works, Greg Merritts Paint, Potters Motorsports, Stillwell Racing, Helping Kids Makes Are Hearts Race, Fiberglass Customs.

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Elysia Potter, the seventh grade student during the week – racecar driver by weekend! Elysia, like a good portion of drivers, found their passion for the sport at a young age. Potter fell in love with racing in her back yard, racing against her little brother Dalton and her good friend and fellow Bando competitor Devon Courtney. From their it was like she knew that she had to get behind the wheel of something.

2011 marked the first year of organized competitive racing for young Elysia. Just 9 years old Potter was competing at Langley Speedway in the Hampton Roads Kart Club (HRKC), a club that provides racers young and old alike a place to safely race their karts. Potter was crowned JR Sportsman of the year in 2014 along with coming in second place in the championship standings in JR1 at the Kart Club.

Elysia pulled “double duty” if you will in 2014 running in the Bandolero division on Saturday nights at Langley Speedway in front of thousands of race fans. She would ultimately finish third in the championship standings as well as earning the Hard Charger award after finishing a race after flipping her car.

One of the biggest accomplishments of Potters young career so far is becoming an ambassador for Champions Against Bullying. This young lady takes extreme pride in preaching to fellow students about the dangers of bullying! Her father even told me she has no problem standing up for someone even if she does not know you! Tell you what, we need more kids, scratch that – kid is not a good word, we need more young people with that mentality. She was also part of the 2015 Drive for Diversity class with Rev Racing – where she finished 13th out of 31 other cars this summer down in Charlotte during the Bojangles Summer Shootout. She hopes to return in 2016 to represent Rev Racing again.

Looking forward to 2016 Potter tells me that Langley Speedway will forever be her home track and she takes great pride and joy at racing there. No matter what kind of night from winning to engine issues she always loves racing there. We also learned she is looking to take her racing up a notch and will be visiting more tracks than just Langley Speedway. One thing I can say after our interview with this young lady is that the passion is there and she is an awesome ambassador for everyone – family, friends, and sponsors alike – that are involved in her racing career. If you are looking to get your name out there I am sure they can make room for you and your company on her car. We also had some time to sit and chat and get to know the Elysia Potter away from the track. I was blown away and very impressed by some of her answers. It was certainly an interview that I enjoyed so I know you guys will love it to. Come on in and get to know this young lady who has just as much if not more passion for the game than anyone I know!

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PASS Events At Southern National Cancelled Due To Rainy Forecast; Will Not Be Rescheduled

PASS South LogoCHARLOTTE, NC (September 23) – Pro All Stars Series (PASS) officials announced late Wednesday that this weekend’s events for the PASS South Super Late Models and PASS Pro Late Models at Southern National Motorsports Park have been cancelled due to weather.  Officials have been monitoring the forecasts for several days and it has continued to deteriorate, with a high probability of heavy rains in excess of 3 inches forecasted for eastern North Carolina.  The events scheduled for this weekend at Southern National Motorsports Park will not be rescheduled.

“In the best interest of our teams and with several different weather outlets predicting heavy rains this weekend, we felt like it was best to go ahead and cancel the events scheduled for Southern National,” said PASS President Tom Mayberry.  “Hopefully, this will allow our teams to cancel hotel reservations and will also give them the opportunity to race elsewhere if they so choose.”

The next PASS South Super Late Model event will be the “Bash At The Beach II” at Myrtle Beach Speedway on Saturday, October 10th.  Entry forms for Myrtle Beach Speedway are currently posted at

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Modified: Top Five In Points Do Not See The Checkered – Sets Up Crazy Season Finale


Hampton, VA – Crazy is an understatement, and wild would have been an upgrade for this weekends 50-lap Larry King Law Modifieds from Langley Speedway. Three of the top five cars in the points found themselves parked by the order of the race director thanks to their silly actions on the racing surface, the other two cars in the top five found their night over before lap 50 after an accident and a parts failure! I am not kidding and couldn’t really make these things up folks I promise. Your top five cars in the point’s standings – Shawn Balluzzo, Robbie Babb, Jon Largena, Evan Horne, and Bobby Gery – never made it to see lap 40.

Points leader Shawn Balluzzo made a statement during qualifying earlier in the afternoon putting down a 16.403 (86.691 MPH) lap, almost two tenths faster than Jon Largena who lined up to his outside. Robbie Babb, who had clutch issues all afternoon, was able to lay a lap down good enough for the third starting spot. Jimmy Humblet and Matt Carter – making his return to Langley Speedway for the first time this season – rounded out the starting five.

Things looked pretty tame at the drop of the green flag. Both Balluzzo and Babb clear the outside machine of Largena. It would take two laps for Babb to get around Balluzzo for the lead and Babb seamed to check out from there, at one point having almost a full second lead. Twenty-nine laps were in the books before things got, well lets just call it strange. Ultimately Bobby Gery was the reason for the caution as he spun the car around in turn four. After getting his car headed in the right direction he left nothing to be guess on who he was angry with and took off after Horne. The two would exchange blows on the backstretch with their vehicles causing Mr. Walker to park both drivers.

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NWAAS: 10-to-go Caution Gets the Boot – Winners Purse Increased

Photo: Justin Kern/

With the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series “regular season” complete, all eyes shift to the unofficial post season. A series of big races, with big payouts, attracting big crowds and even bigger car counts. For years now Martinsville Speedway has played host to on of the most prestigious races in the Late Model Stock Car community. Not only is it one of the largest paying races of the year, the winning driver gets to take home of the famous Martinsville Grandfather clocks!

This year the event has gotten a bit of a face-lift so to speak. A major change in how the race is run that could in fact attract even more teams to make the trip. For those who have never attended the race it is a two-day event. Qualifying on Saturday – heat races, last chance qualifier, and a 200-lap feature on Sunday. The feature would half a break at lap 100 and a mandatory caution with 10 laps to go. – Something that teams, drivers, and fans alike hated.

That has all been changed! 2015 will see somewhat of a new format to the race. Gone are the days of the lap 100 break and 10 to go caution! This year the break will be at lap 150 along with a “blind draw” invert, a format that was used earlier this year during the Denny Hamlin Short Track Showdown race at South Boston. A format that not only allows teams to make adjustments and refuel but should actually create much better racing to the checkered flag!

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Greg Edwards Victorious In Season Finale – Wins Fifth Championship After A Tie Break

Hampton, VA
– It was going to take all but the planets aligning for Greg Edwards to win the track championship this past weekend at Langley Speedway. Edwards entered the weekend ten points behind older brother Danny Edwards, Jr., who had been on fire the last third of the season winning five straight points races in a row to sneak into the points lead. Greg, who had been the man to beat up until June, needed a few things to go in his favor to win the championship; 1) A win, 2) Car count, 3) A hiccup/malfunction from Danny.

Not saying that Greg wished anything bad on his older brother these were just the simple facts if he wanted to win the championship. The motto going into the weekend from the 97.3 The Eagle crew was to go out, win the pole, lead every lap, and win the race – which they did with little to no opposition. Edwards earned the pole earlier in the afternoon after being the only driver to lay down a sub 16-second lap – 15.990 (88.931 MPH) – to be exact! Danny Edwards, Jr., Connor Hall, Nick Smith, and Justin T. Carroll (from Concord, NC) made up the rest of the starting five.

From the drop of the green flag it was very clear, very early that Greg Edwards was not going to be denied the shot to put LaFawnduh – the name that the car earned since she was built – in “The Box.” With step number one completed – Win the Pole – it was time for Edwards to focus on step two – Lead Every Lap. Long story short, we all know that’s what he did, and we are going to credit a large part of that to the man’s ability to get going on restarts. A race that was slowed six times due to cautions made it easy for anyone to “go out on the limb,” take the cone and dive bomb turn one. What’s an easy way to avoid that? Clear the field by the time you get to two, which is just what Edwards did all night. Sometimes even creating a two to three car gap by the time they hit the middle of the backstretch.

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