Driver Series: S02E019 – Cameron Bowen Invites Us Into His Life For A Special Look Around

profileCameron Bowan
Virginia Beach, VA
August 25, 1997 (18)
Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
Hometrack: Langley Speedway
Education: Princess Anne High (Sr.)
Occupation: Mechanic @ Complete Automotive

Sponsors: South Norfolk Trucking, Cameron Chemicals, Avalon Cleaners, Anderson Hauling, and a special thanks to Precision Performance Motorsports.

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2012 marked the beginning of this journey for Cameron Bowen, a journey who’s finish line is somewhere in the ranks of the Cup Series garage. Bowen’s first adventure behind the wheel of a Bandolero was at Langley Speedway. Winning Rookie of the Year honors and finished third in points his first year out. Bowen would bring home a win in his Bando the following year during the INEX qualifier along with plenty of top three finishes. “I would of won the championship,” Bowen said during our interview. “Had car issues and couldn’t race the last race so we ended up finishing third again.” Bowen has also competed up towards the front at other tracks in the region like Southern National & Orange County.

After that the Bowens set their eyes on Late Model Stock racing as that was Cameron’s dream after all – stock car racing. “My Dad went down to North Carolina and bought an old Late Model,” Bowen said. “We practiced it for a couple months and figured out we didn’t know much at all about Late Models and the car was very outdated.” They met local Xfinity team owner Rick Gdovic during an open practice one night and from then on he at the PPM team has helped Cameron on his Rookie of the Year contending season. “We’ve have solid finishes all year and a great car,” Bowen expressed. “I’d also like to thank Shawn Ballouzzo as he’s been one of my mentors ever since Bando’s!”

Bowen talked more about the difficulties from jumping right from a Bando to a Late Model citing mostly car control and learning how to drive the car in general. “A Bando, especially at Langley, are just like the cup cars at Daytona,” says Bowen. “You just hold the gas and go, no letting off. Driving a Late Model has to be one of the most fun things I’ve ever done. Every straightway mashing the throttle and then getting on the brake to make sure you keep it down on the line every lap is an amazing feeling, I’m just hoping to master it one day like the greats – Greg Edwards, Shawn Ballouzzo, Mark Wertz , Casey Wyatt, etc – of Langley do!”

With the season all but coming to an end Cameron spoke a bit about this year and what to expect for next year. “I think it’s been a successful season so far,” Bowen proclaimed. “Getting better every race and learning new things. Not to mention making new friends and earning the respect from some of the older drivers. Every week at the track is fun, even when I’m not racing, just going to support Shawn, or Jon Largena and a few other friends!” I did ask for a little sneak peak of what to expect from the Bowen crew next year and was told they are looking to run the full season again at Langley and they have a few other plans in the works depending on sponsorship. Then we got into the fun questions, take a look bellow and we hope you enjoy.


Okay, now that we racked your brain for all your knowledge, lets start out with something easy. What is your favorite color?

Different than most, my favorite color has to be Pruple.

Favorite movie of all time?

Probably the basic “racer” favorite… Days of Thunder. I also love the whole Fast and Furious series.

Do you play video games? Like Xbox or Playstation?

Mainly just iRacing! I’d rather be working on cars with my friends honestly but my computer is out of date currently so I’m trying to find the right computer to run iRacing again without breaking the bank.

Trust me, I know the feeling there. I am on iRacing too and it has its moments where it can be expensive. Do you have a favorite division to run on iRacing?

Anything above Late Models. Before them the other players just wreck too much. [Laughs]


Have a favorite place to go out and eat?

Probably a good seafood place in the Outer Banks call the Black Pelican.

Now see I personally love Barefoot Bernie’s myself but the Pelican is certainly up there. Now, something completely different to think about – Three things you never lease the house without. Other than the obvious stuff like clothes, keys, etc.

That would have to be a necklace that my girlfriend gave me, iPhone and a hair comb!

So those are the three things you don’t leave home without. On the flip side to that, what is one thing you could live without in your life?

I could live without TV, besides NASCAR, I don’t really watch it. Would rather be watching things live.

What would be the perfect vacation spot for you and the family?

I think somewhere like Italy or France. Somewhere with a lot of history.

That would be pretty wicked, I want to travel to Ireland. I think that would be one cool experience to see everything there.

My dad wants to go there too. Mostly for golfing though.

LMSC #19 Cameron Bowen.4

So back in elementary school we all had that moment or moments when we told our parents and teachers what we wanted to be when we grew up. What were you telling your parents and teachers?

In elementary school I wanted to be a NASCAR driver and I told everyone it all the time too! My mom and Dad would always take me to races such as Richmond, Dover, Martinsville and Charlotte. One time they even took me to the Daytona 500 and that was probably one of the best weekends of my childhood, growing up I loved the number 19 of Elliott Sadler, local Virginia driver, he caught my eye with the number 38 Pedigree car as we fed my dogs Pedigree food. I followed him throughout NASCAR and still follow him in the Xfinity today. I met him a few times and even won a raffle and got to bowl with him in Charlotte at an Autism charity event when I was younger. He is probably my biggest racing role model and I hope I can only hope to achieve the same things he did winning multiple races in NASCAR!

Do you have any phobias?

Yea, I have a weird phobia of getting a terminal illness like cancer.

Wow, so you have Carcinophobia, first time meeting anyone with that. Anyways, outside of racing what “traditional” ball and stick sports do you follow the most?

Probably football! Steelers! A tie between that and Tar Heels basketball.

Okay, so last one before we let you go; What is your favorite style of music/band/group

Hip hop/rap. I mainly listen to a little of everything besides that scary screaming music.


Catch Cameron on the track this weekend out at Langley Speedway for Twin 65-Lap features as he attempts to close to gap on the Rookie of the Year race.

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