Queen On Track To Emulate 2014 Edition Of Ryan Newman

Brenden Queen - Emulating Ryan Newman Story

Photo: Kelly Bowan (Cameron Bowan Racing)

The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series saw yet another overhaul of the Chase for the Cup format, a system that has been in place since 2004, NASCAR’s version of the playoff system. 2014 saw an introduction to an elimination element of the Chase. Stating that a Win in the regular season guarantees your spot in the play-offs, AND guarantees your advancement once the play-offs were in full swing. A system officials were saying would force teams to fight for wins even harder, certainly making winning a premium in the league.

Well, Ryan Newman, a graduate of Purdue University with a B.S in Engineering, decided to be the outlier in NASCAR’s intricate championship formula. Newman not only made it into the Chase without earning a win in 2014, he was also able to make it to the final Championship round (Harvick, Newman, Hamlin, Logano), where if Harvick had not won, by the way they finished that race, Newman would have been crowned the 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion with his second place finish.

Old Dominion University freshman Brenden Queen, still in fact has a mathematical chance to be the Langley Speedway version of Ryan Newman. Queen, who currently sits third in the LMSC points standing behind Danny Edwards, Jr and brother Greg Edwards, certainly has a legit chance at winning a track championship without winning a single race this season. Now I say that very lightly because a trip to victory lane is something Queen has been striving for all season, though he has come up just a bit short that does not discredit any of his finishes this year but, consistency has kept him where he sits now.

With three races left, assuming track officials do not split the season finale 125-lap feature into twins, all Queen needs to do is make up 5 points on Greg for second, and just 15 points on Danny to be crowned champ. Now, some will say that 15 points over three races is a pretty tall order, however, as we have seen plenty of times in the past, you do not want to count your chickens to soon. Greg Edwards is a prime example of this as he faced issues with the alternator in the second of two races allowing Queen to catch up. Also showing that any driver can have any type of issue, on any given night, taking them out of contention.

Could the cards play out for this young driver and his crew to sneak in there and win a title not having seen victory lane yet in his career? It may very well play out just like the 2014 season where the underdog doesn’t pull off the upset, but let me tell you, boy does it make for an exciting show. Brenden Queen certainly does not have an easy road ahead but it will certainly not come down to the lack of effort, or trust in his talent, his crew, and his crew chief!

Catch Brenden back on the track this weekend, August 29th, at Langley Speedway for Twin 65-lap features. Gates and practice open/start at 2:00 PM EDT, Qualifying set to roll off approx. 4:30 PM EDT, with the first race of the program schedule for a 7:00 PM EDT green flag. Then for the final time of the regular season on September 19th, for what is schedule for a 125-lap season finale feature… as of now anyways!

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